How to cook frozen cabbage rolls

Frozen semi-finished products are a real treasure for a modern busy housewife. They help very much when you need to quickly prepare a dinner or dinner, and there is almost no time. And then - looked into the freezer, took out and after 20-30 minutes on the table a wonderful dinner.


  1. Advantages of frozen cabbage rolls
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oven Now you can buy not only dumplings or cutlets in frozen form. Recently, frozen cabbage rolls are very popular. The dish is very tasty and nutritious, but difficult to prepare. After all, before preparing the cabbage rolls yourself, you need to do a lot of preparatory work. Frozen semi-finished products can be cooked immediately without defrosting. But you need to know how to do it right.

Advantages of frozen cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls are a satisfied, satisfying dish, which is traditionally prepared from ground meat, rice and cabbage. Other fillings may also be used. Its nutritional value is quite high, and depending on the sauce and meat, the caloric content of the product can be selected for itself.

Frozen cabbage rolls are not only good at the speed of cooking, they will also be an excellent help to a starting hostess who is not sure of her abilities. Prepared this dish, you can not chew for its appearance and taste.

Choosing the right semi-finished products

The best option is to prepare your own semi-finished products, because you are sure of the quality of your meat, cereals and cabbage. You can cook a less fat dish, replacing the pork with beef or chicken. You can also cook pure meat cabbage rolls or vegetables, adjust the amount of cereals and meat.

But an inexperienced hostess or business woman is difficult to do this, due to lack of time and skills. In this regard, many manufacturers took care of their customers and released a line of frozen cabbage rolls. Among their abundance, you need to make the right choice, namely:

  1. If you buy the product for weight, without packaging, do not hesitate to ask about the composition of the meat in cabbage rolls( this is one kind or mixed).
  2. Look at the look of the semi-finished products. Conscientious sellers always store one goose in a cut.
  3. Cabbage should not have too thick a layer. From the purchase of such cabbage rolls it is better to refuse, no matter how much you cook them, the vegetable will still remain crispy. In addition, you pay for cabbage at the price of meat.
  4. The rice should not prevail over the stuffing.
  5. When buying cabbage rolls in a package, pay attention to the expiration date of the goods.

Having made the right choice of frozen cabbage rolls, even an inexperienced mistress can cook quite a decent dish.

How and what to prepare frozen cabbage rolls

Cabbage semi-finished products can be prepared in a variety of ways, using different cooking techniques and sauces. Thus, every day you can eat a new dish or find for yourself something more tasty and special.

Depending on the way of cooking cabbage can be made and dietary dish and dish, which will taste even the most fastidious gourmet. Semi-finished products can be defrosted beforehand or left frozen.

Frozen cabbage rolls on

plate The most common and easy way to prepare frozen cabbage semi-finished products is on the stove. The classic recipe assumes the initial frying of cabbage rolls in a frying pan. To do this, they can be defrosted beforehand or proceed as follows:

  • at the bottom of the frying pan pour a little water and lay out the frozen cabbage rolls;
  • cover and extinguish, periodically turning, until the water evaporates completely;
  • if the cabbage leaves have become soft, and the water still remains, gently drain it and pour the vegetable oil;
  • fry the cabbage rolls until golden brown.

Then fried cabbage rolls are put into a pan and poured over with tomato sauce. The sauce is prepared from tomato paste and water, salted and sweetened to taste, or using conventional twisted tomatoes without pits. To make the dish even tastier and more nutritious, roasted vegetables are added to the cabbage rolls, usually carrots and onions.

A faster method involves immediately quenching. Frozen cabbage rolls are put in a saucepan, poured with tomato sauce and put on slow fire. The cooking time depends on the cabbage. Once it has become soft enough, the dish is ready.

Prepare a semi-finished product in the

multivark Multivarka is a handy device that will allow you to prepare dishes in several ways: baked, boiled and stewed. Before you start making cabbage rolls, you need to take care of the sauce:

  1. Fry the onions and carrots until golden, using the "Baking" or "Frying" program.
  2. Add the tomato paste to the fried vegetables and mix thoroughly.
  3. Dilute the thick mixture with broth or plain warm water. The broth will make the ready dish more saturated to taste.
  4. Sauce to drain and prepare cabbage rolls. The width of the bowl of the multivark is small, so it will take a long time to roast the cabbage rolls. Use semi-finished products directly from the freezer, packing them in a neat little pile in the bowl.
  5. Then stuff the cabbage rolls with the prepared sauce and simmer on the "Quenching" program 1-1.30 hours.

It is even easier to prepare dietary cabbage rolls in a multi-barbecue for a couple.

  1. Put the frozen cabbage rolls in a steaming container.
  2. At the bottom of the bowl, pour water and install a grate with cabbage rolls.
  3. Cook, using the program "On Steam", 40-50 minutes.

It will be very tasty if you serve ready-made cabbage rolls with sour cream mixed with dill and garlic.

Frozen cabbage rolls in the oven

The cooking process in the oven is almost identical to cooking on the stove. Only the dish is not stewed, but baked.

  • If you do not want to pre-cook the sauce in a frying pan, use tomato juice or tomato paste mixed with sour cream and water.
  • When using a non-thawed product, initially prepare it under a foil lid. Thus, cabbage rolls will quickly become soft, and the liquid will evaporate less.
  • You can bake cabbage rolls in a special pottery with a lid. To make the dish richer to taste will help sour cream sauce and fried mushrooms. And the slow languor that the clay product provides will give an unforgettable aroma and surprising softness to simple frozen semi-finished products.

Summing up, we can say that even from the convenience store you can prepare a real culinary masterpiece, if you put a little bit of soul and imagination into your dish. Frozen cabbage rolls to that confirmation.

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