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The appearance of each person is individual. But some features allow to unite all persons into large groups. Mainly it is necessary to make a successful make-up, as well as determine the length of hair and hair. In this article we will discuss how to determine the shape of your face correctly and correct its possible shortcomings.

Face types

The following aspects are taken into account when determining the face shape:

  • the horizontal to vertical ratio;
  • the size and shape of the jaw, forehead, chin and cheekbones.

Traditionally, there are 7 typical face configurations. Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

  1. Oval. For this form of face is characterized by slightly prominent cheekbones. The chin is slightly wider than the forehead, tapers gently down.
  2. Round face shape. Width and height are practically the same. Chin smoothly rounded.
  3. An elongated face can be recognized by a high but not very broad forehead, massive cheekbones and an elongated chin.
  4. Heart-shaped( triangular).This type is much like the face of an oval shape. The difference is that the chin looks like an obtuse angle and does not have a smooth rounding. In this case, it is much narrower than the cheekbones and forehead.
  5. Trapezoidal. This form of face is distinguished by a wide lower part and a narrow, usually low forehead.
  6. The square face has a massive lower jaw with sharply defined edges. Cheeks, cheeks and forehead are almost the same size.
  7. Diamond-shaped or diamond-shaped. Women with this type of appearance have a narrow forehead and chin with disproportionate wide cheekbones.

Parameters of an ideal person

Of course, one can not say that one form of a face is good, and the other is unsuccessful. Each has its own merits. Nevertheless, at all times there was a type that, according to the generally accepted opinion, was considered perfect.

Let's designate the criteria that, according to modern ideas, an ideal person must match.

  1. If you divide it into 3 parts:
    • from the hair growth line to the beginning of the eyebrows;
    • from the eyebrows to the base of the nose;
    • from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the chin,

    they will have equal lengths.

  2. The following parts have the same dimensions:
    • eye, if measured horizontally;
    • nose at the base;
    • the distance between the eyes.
  3. If you outline the face on the contour, it should fit into the oval.
  4. The width of the face in the cheekbone area is 2/3 of its height.

How to find out your face shape

To find out what type of person the type is, you will need to take a regular ruler or centimeter, a photo and do some simple calculations. Either do it in front of the mirror:

  • First you need to lay or stab strands so that the face is completely open.
  • Measure the total height of the face from the beginning of the hair to the base of the chin.
  • Divide by 3 the resulting number.
  • Apply a centimeter to the bottom of the nose and calculate the length of the segment from it to the bottom of the chin.
  • Match both numbers.
    • If the second is larger, the face is elongated or square.
    • If the last number is less than the first, the face is round or cordate.
    • If both numbers are the same, then this indicates an oval type.
  • Take a large photograph and mentally relate the image to any geometric figure: an oval, a trapezoid, a triangle, a circle or a square.

Or draw a pencil over the face of the oval and see which parts do not fit into it.

Of course, such a division into types is conditional. Sometimes elements of different forms can be combined. In this case, you should choose for yourself the one that is predominant.

Makeup for different types of face

Make the appearance most attractive will help successfully applied makeup. With its help you can not only disguise the shortcomings and highlight the virtues, but also visually change the shape of the face. How to apply decorative cosmetics on a face of a certain type is described below.

  1. The wearer of an elongated face usually worries about 2 problems - an elongated chin and narrow cheekbones.
    • To visually reduce the chin, its center should be covered with a tonal cream of a darker shade.
    • Visually make the face a little wider will be blush applied directly to the cheekbones. The same purpose will be served by shadows, stretched along the eyelids and near the outer part of the eyes by straight lines.
  2. To visually reduce the width of the round face, you can use the following techniques:
    • Distribute a tonal cream of a darker shade along the entire oval. In this case, the darkest tone should be applied to the lower part of the cheeks and cheekbones.
    • Blush should go along the cheekbones in the direction of the corners of the mouth.
    • You only need to apply the shadows on your eyelids. It is not recommended to feather them near the eyes. From this, the face will appear even wider.
  3. Hide some angularity of a square face will help:
    • Powder or a foundation of a dark shade. They should be applied to all sharply protruding parts.
    • Bright rouge, superimposed on an oblique line from the temples to the corners of the mouth.
    • Shadows covering only the eyelids. You can not go beyond their outline.
  4. With the help of make-up you can correct the shortcomings of the face of the heart shape. The area of ​​the temples and the side of the cheekbones should be covered with a cream of a darker color. This technique will visually narrow the upper part of the face and level the contrast with the sharp chin.
  5. The main problem of the face, in the form of a trapezoid-like shape, is a too heavy chin.
    • To hide this error, it is enough to impose a cream of a darker shade on the lower jaw and the area under the cheekbones.
    • Blush applied to the cheekbones by horizontal strokes, and the shadows blurred near the outer corners of the eyes will make the upper part of the face wider, which will hide the sharp contrast with the lower one.
  6. Applying makeup to the face of a diamond-shaped shape, you should try to visually narrow the prominent cheekbones. For this, powder and blush of a dark shade are applied to this area. Shadows are applied by horizontal strokes.


  1. All haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for oval and elongated faces. The exception, perhaps, is the pony tail, as he will visually lengthen his chin.
  2. Chubby fair sex is recommended to choose a hairstyle just below the chin line. The strands must be perfectly straight or slightly wavy. To make the face even wider will be:
    • straight parting;
    • perm;
    • magnificent beginnings;
    • smooth, tailored hair.
  1. Hide flaws of a square face can be with the help of a long bangs or curvy curls. Any haircuts that cover it on the sides are also suitable. Will make more obvious shortcomings:
    • straight strands long to the shoulders;
    • hair stitched in a tail or knot.
  2. To the heart-shaped face there are long loose hair or haircuts with bangs and a parting. Collecting curls on the vertex or make high hairstyles is not necessary. They will emphasize the sharpness of the chin.
  3. The owner of a person who looks like a trapeze, you can think of long hair or a three-dimensional haircut, the edge of which should not be above the chin. To mask a heavy chin will help the tips of hair, curled inward.
  4. With a diamond face, a haircut with long bangs and an open upper part of the ears is recommended. Stranded strands, as well as a short fringe, highlight all the shortcomings.

The shape of the eyebrows and lips

Attractive eyebrows and lips are an integral part of the image. Let us consider in more detail which form most advantageously emphasizes the dignity of appearance of different types.

  • For an oval face, eyebrows in the shape of a crescent or having a smooth bend are best suited. An interesting solution will be the eyebrows resembling a curved bird's wing.
  • With a round face shape, you can stay on high raised eyebrows, almost centered with a fracture. It should not be too sharp, as this will visually expand the oval. It is best to focus on direct coal. But in no case should not give the eyebrows excessive roundness. The same rule should be followed and with respect to the lips. The emphasis should be on the upper lip.
  • Women with an elongated face should try to correct the eyebrows in such a way that they look like an almost straight line. The tip is short. It should protrude slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye and "look" toward the top of the ear( perhaps slightly higher).With this type of face, eyebrows are also allowed in the form of an arch with a slight bend. To emphasize the shortcomings will be eyebrows in the form of a high arc, and also having a steep kink. One should also not allow the outer ends of the eyebrows to drop. Correcting the lips, you need to visually select their lower part.
  • Curved eyebrows approach the square face. You can experiment with the value of the angle. The greater the value in this case is not the shape, but the width and color. Eyebrows should not be too thin, as it will be disharmonized with a heavy lower jaw. In addition, they can not be painted black, otherwise there will be some "gloominess" and stiffness in the guise. In lip makeup it is recommended to use a lipstick of muffled tones.
  • On the heart-shaped face, long arcuate eyebrows will look perfect. They visually reduce the width of the forehead and soften the sharpness of the chin. Straight lines and too rounded shapes should be avoided. But on the lips is to focus attention. In this case, the lipstick of bright shades and shine will look especially good.
  • To make the oval of the diamond-shaped face softer will help the bow-shaped or having an acute angle of eyebrows. You can experiment with any bends, but from straight lines should be categorically discarded. Lips, as in the previous case, can visually increase the narrower lower part. To do this, use a contour and gloss to give them a rounded shape.
  • For a trapezoid face, both straight-line and fractured eyebrows are suitable. The main thing is that they are not too close to the bridge of the nose. This arrangement will visually enlarge the forehead. Rounded and French eyebrows for this type are not relevant.

Lips need to be compacted. Gloss or pearl lipstick should be applied to their middle part, and the contour should not be used.

As you can see, with such a task as determining the shape of a person, it is not difficult to cope. Knowledge of it will help to eliminate all possible shortcomings of appearance.


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