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Sling is a simple structure made of fabric, which allows you to carry the child from the first months of life and up to two or three years. For many centuries, mothers around the world have used this thing to stay in contact with their child, but not to be distracted from everyday affairs. In recent years slings again gaining frenzied popularity, but many young mothers still have the question of how to wear sling in a safe and convenient manner.

Sling with ring

One of the most popular options is sling on rings. It is a wide and long strip of fabric( about 70 cm wide, about 2 m long) with a lining under the shoulder and a ring. Thanks to the ring, you can adjust the size for yourself and your child as precisely as possible.

  • The advantage of a sling with rings for newborns is, first of all, convenience, the ability to choose a variety of poses. In addition, the benefits include the fact that such a device allows you to easily change the position of the child( from the vertical to the horizontal and vice versa).
  • The drawback, unfortunately, also exists. It consists in the fact that the entire load has only one shoulder and is distributed unevenly. This significantly worries the back, and to wear a grown up child in such a sling becomes very problematic.

How do I put a sling with a ring and place the baby in it?

Wearing a sling with a ring is easy. After practicing a couple of times, you will do it quickly and without any problems. The sewn part of the sling and its ring should be placed on the shoulder, and the tail is brought forward through the back. After this, it remains only to gently pass all the tissue into the ring.

How to wear a sling with a ring, instruction in the video

For each child's age, there is a pose in the sling. To understand how to properly lay the baby, you just need to read the description.

  • One of the most versatile poses is the "cradle".It can be used from the first days of life and up to two years. In this position, the child is lying just like you are on your hands. At the same time he feels his mother, and he is very comfortable. There is an excellent variation of this posture - "cradle from under the arm".It is suitable for breast feeding the baby in the right position.
  • In a small gap between the first and fourth month of life, a child can be worn in a posture "post".It allows you to place the child face to mother even before he learns to sit.
  • When the child can already sit, go to the "kangaroo" pose, in which the crumb does not just sit facing the mother, but also comfortably hanging the legs.
  • With four months, you can also put the baby face forward. So, he can comfortably study the world around him. However, you should not wear it that way for too long( more than one hour in a row), because of the overabundance of information the child may get nervous.
  • Another posture from the fourth month - on the thigh. It is convenient for mom and is suitable for long walks.
  • With half a year and up to three years, try to wear crumbs behind your back. This option will allow you to not be distracted from household chores at all.

Ergonomic Backpack

Ergonomic backpack( or as it is called in the people "slim-backpack") is a convenient, and most importantly, physiologically correct carrying for children from four months to two or three years( depending on the model of the product).In addition, now they are releasing new modern models of backpacks that allow children to be born from birth.

Many people confuse ergonomic backpacks with so-called kangaroo dolls, and for that they are disliked, because kangaroo dolls do not allow to carry the baby correctly. In an ergonomic backpack, the legs of the child are physiologically divorced, and its weight is distributed correctly and safely for the mother's back.

Of course, the backpack will not allow you to put the baby in a horizontal position, but it is still very convenient in many situations. For example, it is much easier for a father to master a backpack than a classic sling-scarf or sling on rings. Backpack straps are arranged exactly the same as for a normal backpack, so that both dads and moms will very quickly sort out with its adjustment.

Sling Scarf

A sling scarf is a huge strip of fabric with which the mother can safely tie the baby to herself in any convenient position. As a rule, the length of this scarf is 3-6 m, and the width - 50-80 cm. Scarves for wearing children of three are of different types:

  1. Classic scarf. Its length is within 4-6 meters. This size allows you to carry the child on two shoulders, thereby maximally correctly distributing its weight and not overloading your back. This option allows you to realize absolutely all the child's poses( the same as in the sling with rings).
  2. Short scarf( nizo).The length is up to 3 meters. Libozo can only be tied to one shoulder. This is a good scarf for newborns with a low weight, since large babies will create an excessive load on one shoulder of the mother.
  3. Scarf of medium length. The length is 3-4 meters. It allows you to carry the baby on two shoulders, using the simplest self winding for this. Due to its compactness, this option is well suited for long trips. However, it should be remembered that this medium-length scarf requires certain usage skills, so it does not fit young inexperienced moms.


Sling-pocket is a wide ring of dense fabric. The diameter of the ring is within 1.5 m, and the width of the used fabric is 45-70 cm. In addition, the tissue is provided with a special pocket-place, which is located under the baby's ass. Such a pocket helps to put the baby in the sling as deep as possible and be sure that his back is securely fixed by one of the sides.

Pockets are worn on one shoulder. In this case, the child can be located both on the mother's thigh and on her side. Adjustment of the pocket occurs by means of several locks on the back( as a rule, these are buttons or hooks).Because of this you will need some time to properly adjust such a sling and adjust it to yourself. It is much easier to sew a sling-pocket to order in the atelier. You will feel that the pocket, sewed to your standards, will sit much more comfortable.

Do not buy ready-made pockets, sewn tightly. Of course, they are made in different sizes, but it is very difficult to choose the right size, because all women are very individual, and the size depends not only on the growth of a woman, but also on her complexion, and even on personal preferences.

The pocket has several advantages over other types of sling:

  • Due to the lack of a ring, the fabric does not loosen and is not pulled back, it does not have to be corrected during a long walk. In addition, the metal ring makes the sling heavier.
  • For the same reason, the pocket is not only light, but also more compact, it is convenient to pack it in a suitcase and take it with you on the road.
  • Compared to a sling-scarf, the pocket is not overloaded with extra nodes that make it bulky enough, and you do not have to understand the ways of tying it.


Kanga is a sling in the form of a large kerchief that came to us from Africa. It is completely in vain that many moms do not consider this option of carrying the child, because it is not only comfortable for the child, but also very interesting in appearance.

Kanga is a huge handkerchief about 150 by 100 cm in size. It can be worn in two ways. At the first method the baby is located behind the mother's back. In this case, the upper corners of the kerchief tied over the chest, and the bottom - under the breast. In the second method, the kerchief is folded and tied on one shoulder, and the child lies in it, as in a cradle.

Sling in the cold season

Autumn and winter are not a reason to refuse to wear a sling. There are many options for how to wear this device even when it's frosty or snowing outside. You can simply dissolve the sling to the maximum and put it on top of your familiar jacket or coat. In this case, the baby will fit perfectly into it in his winter clothes. Do not think that the fabric of the sling will heat the crumbs. Wear it for such a walk just as if you went out for a walk with a stroller.

Choosing winter clothes for a kid for walking in a sling, give preference to overalls without legs. If you take a jumpsuit with a leg, then in the "sitting" position it will press on the child's fingers.

  • If you are the owner of a small sling that can not be worn over a dense coat or jacket, you can put it under your outer clothing and fasten it only halfway so that the baby feels comfortable and breathes normally. In this case, do not forget to warm your breasts so that it does not suffer from frost and wind. To do this, poddete under the jacket a warm scarf or scarf.

A similar way of wearing a sling under outerwear has many advantages. First, you can feed the child without problems. Secondly, you will be sure that the baby is warm, because it will be warmed by the warmth of your body.

  • Now on sale there are several types of special winter clothes for moms and children. One of them is a poncho mom. It has two cutouts for the head - for the mother and for the baby. If you want to wear such a poncho without a child, just fasten the second hole to a special button.
  • However, the most successful winter variant is a slingokurtka. This is such an incredibly functional winter jacket 3 in 1. The first jacket insert is suitable for pregnant women. The second insert is for wearing a sling under the outer clothing. Well, and removing all the inserts, you can wear a slingokurtku, as the most common. Thus, just one thing in your wardrobe is suitable for a variety of situations, and it will not have to be given or sold after the baby grows up.

The main rules of wearing a child in a sling

It is very important not just to know how to carry in a baby's sling, but also how to do it as correctly as possible.

  1. Make sure that the baby is always located in the sling just like you have on your hands, regardless of the pose.
  2. When it comes to a newborn, remember that his face should always be in your field of vision.
  3. The head of very small or sleeping babies should fix the rim or headrest.
  4. Never press your baby's chin too tightly against your chest. So he will not get enough air.
  5. When entering the room or passing through a narrow corridor, cover the head of the crumb with your hands.
  6. Always wear only strong shoes with a sling. This attribute is not combined with high heels.
  7. Do not think that sling( even the best) is a replacement for a car seat. When traveling in a car, he will not give the child proper protection.


Even having figured out all the popular types of sling for wearing babies, young moms often have many more questions about this thing. Let's deal with the most frequent questions and the correct answers to them.

  • I tried to wear a sling, but he did not fit me. What to do?
Do not give up this convenient accessory. Just try other versions of sling, most likely, among them you will find suitable for yourself.
  • How do I know if I carry a baby in a sling correctly?

Try putting the crumb in a sling and attaching it. In the fabric, he should lie exactly as you have on your hands. First check the correctness of the laying near the mirror.

  • How to move a child out of a sling if he fell asleep?

Bring the baby to the bed and gently slip yourself out of the sling, covering the child with a second piece of fabric, like a blanket.

  • Why does the baby start to break out of the sling?

Most often, the reason lies in uncomfortable clothes, which fetters the movement of crumbs or crushes it. In this case, choose sliders that are slightly larger than the desired size. In addition, this behavior of the baby can be explained by other reasons. For example, he may want to go to the toilet.

  • Why does the fabric hurt painfully on the shoulder or neck?

Most likely, you incorrectly placed the sling. Let it pass between the shoulder and neck. It is very important that the tissue is not collected, but it is evenly distributed.

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