The Estonian Diet

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Following the basic principles of this diet, you will get rid of an average of one to one and a half kilograms every two days. The duration of the "slimming marathon" will be only 6 days.

Rules for the application of the Estonian diet

Warn immediately: the Estonian diet is included in the category of low-calorie, and therefore, rigid diets. The method will have to be abandoned by those who have any chronic diseases of any organ. Due to the fact that the developed method of losing weight provides for a sharp reduction in the number of calories consumed, it can only be used by healthy people.

Cardinal change of diet can cause various ailments. At the first signs of discomfort( nausea, dizziness, changes in the emotional background, headaches and "flies" in the eyes), the diet should be immediately interrupted and switched to a more sparing diet.

In addition to the main product, which forms the daily menu of the Estonian diet, it is allowed to eat up to five hundred grams of fresh or stewed vegetables( except potatoes).Meals should be at least five, but not more than seven. The food is distributed in such a way that its reception takes place on average every 1.5-2 hours. Attacks of hunger( if they are unbearable) should be removed with acidified water: take a teaspoon of sour fruit juice or berries, for example, a lemon or an apple, on a glass of cold boiled water.

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There are recommended only natural products, and those that are artificial with the content of preservatives and dyes are excluded from the diet. Required abundant drink. Here too, restrictions for drinks with sweeteners and sugar. Drink better simple or mineral( without gases) water and herbal teas.

The menu of the rigid Estonian diet

  1. The first day's diet: hard-boiled eggs( 5-7 pieces).
  2. To eat on the second day of the diet is prescribed fat-free cottage cheese( 500 grams for all meals).
  3. During the next( 3rd) day you should eat only boiled chicken breast( without skin and subcutaneous fat), not more than 700 grams.
  4. The menu of the fourth day will consist of brown brown rice cooked on water. In a dish, you can not add spices or butter. Portion for the whole day - 1 glass of dry cereals, in the finished form it will be much more.
  5. Five-seven large potatoes( in boiled or baked form) will have to be eaten on the fifth day of the diet.
  6. The sixth( and final) day is dedicated to apples of sweet and sour varieties. They can be eaten as much as you want during the day.

When you leave the Estonian diet, you should take into account that you can not attack your favorite dishes and sharply increase the number of calories - otherwise the lost "luggage" in the form of a few kilograms will immediately return. Therefore, following the diet for a week, it is recommended to eat low-fat and only useful foods, fractional.

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