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To replace the usual razor came a lot of alternative ways to get rid of unwanted hair. But many still trust the old method, since shaving yourself at home is very easy. To the lack of shaving is the irritation of the skin. You can eliminate the appearance of discomfort if you follow simple rules.

How to avoid the appearance of irritation after shaving

Redness, pimples and itching are permanent companions of most people who prefer shaving machines. How to get rid of irritation after shaving or reduce its manifestation to a minimum? Cosmetologists recommend:

  • After use, the old blade or disposable machine is discarded, as the blunt blade does not shave, but pulls out the hair. A dull dirty razor damages the skin, which leads to irritation and inflammation.
  • Use modern electric shaver. Its shaving elements are protected by a grid, so the risk of irritation is minimized. But the electric shaver is not suitable for depilation of intimate areas, as it causes severe pain.
Dry skin is the enemy of comfortable shaving.
  • Shaving is necessary only after taking a hot shower, because the steamed skin is less prone to irritation. You can simply apply a towel moistened in hot water in the treated area and hold it for several minutes. But you can not stay in the water for long, because the skin from the excess moisture wrinkles and swells, so shaving becomes more complicated.
  • Shaving is important in the direction of hair growth, without having to machine twice in one place. This shave is less neat, but microdamages will be much less. If you shave against the growth of hair, on the skin will appear white formations, similar to acne, blisters or red spots.
  • Apply a shaving brush over the entire surface of the treated area. Creams for shaving are better to buy from the checked up manufacturers as in cheap agents the set of preservatives and stabilizers contains. They can cause severe allergic reactions and intensify irritation. Therefore, before using the cream for the intended purpose, it is better to check if it is allergic to it.
  • After shaving, wash with cool water and apply a detergent for sensitive skin.
  • You can not shave every day! The more you shave, the faster your hair grows. In addition, from frequent shaving, they acquire undesirable rigidity.

How to deal with irritation after shaving - video

How to get rid of irritation after shaving bikini

To prevent the occurrence of itchy pimples, redness and inflammation, the bikini zone should be shaved very carefully.

The skin in the intimate area is extremely delicate, so with any removal of the hair there is a lot of trouble, and irritation after shaving the pubis does not last for several days. To make this procedure as effective and comfortable as possible, if you follow such advice:

  • Do not press on the razor during shaving, the movements should be light and sliding.
  • Change the cassette at the first sign of discomfort, since these are signals that it is dulled.
  • Apply a gentle scrub to avoid violating the acid-base balance in intimate areas. The scrub helps to cleanse the skin in the bikini zone and free it from dead cells.
With very sensitive skin, it is better to do exfoliation on the eve of shaving.
  • Long hairs shorten first with scissors, so it will be easier to perform the shaving procedure.
  • Use a special cream for intimate shaving, but do not use male, as women have a more delicate skin. Very good, if the cream contains moisturizing ingredients. Acquire funds with abundant foam.
  • If you need to urgently remove the hair between your legs, and there is no shaving cream, use the hair conditioner.
  • Slightly stretch the skin to avoid injuring it.
Do not shave bikinis daily, take a breather to avoid irritating pimples.
  • After the procedure, rinse the leftover hair and cream with cold water.
  • Soak the skin with a dry cloth and apply a powder of talcum powder to it.
  • Irritation can cause synthetic materials, so it is preferable to wear underwear made from natural fabrics. Change it daily and avoid rubbing against the skin.

To get rid of skin irritation in the bikini zone, you can:

1. A children's cream of liquid consistency - perfectly soothes and softens the skin.

2. Tea tree oil - accelerates healing even after severe irritation. But many people do not like it because of the sharp smell.

3. Chlorhexidine is an excellent antiseptic and has a high antimicrobial activity.

4. Panthenol - a traditional cream, time-tested, promotes the rapid recovery of skin, it helps with itching.

Chamomile broth is a proven folk remedy that speeds up the healing process. Saturates the skin with vitamins, relieves itching.

5. Hydrocortisone ointment is suitable only for severe cases, regular use will lead to even more irritation.

Folk recipes from irritation in the bikini zone

If you want to get rid of irritation in one day, listen to the advice of traditional medicine.

Method number 1

  1. Take two tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and three percent hydrogen peroxide or a lemon slice. Aspirin rastolkite, pour warm boiled water to the consistency of thick gruel. You can add a spoonful of glycerin.
  2. Apply on the bikini zone, massage.
  3. Then wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide or a slice of lemon. After that, you can start shaving.

Method # 2

Healers also recommend blue clay, which will help quickly get rid of irritation after shaving.

  1. It is diluted with water to a consistency of thick gruel and applied in the bikini zone.
  2. Wrap all with film and put on meltings.
  3. In the morning it is necessary to wash off and grease with a moisturizing cream.

These tips are for girls, but they will also help with problems after shaving the groin in men. This procedure among the stronger sex is less demanded, but often shaving intimate places helps men feel more comfortable, because less sweat, unpleasant smells, etc. appears.

How to get rid of the irritation after shaving your legs

You can use a machine for no more than threetime. If the blades become blunt, shaving becomes problematic, so the probability of irritation increases. To prevent this, before shaving your feet, you should:

  • Make skin peeling. To do this, any cosmetic scrub that will help to remove the dead skin particles of the epidermis, which is very important for high-quality shaving. If desired, scrub can be prepared by yourself. If the skin is not clean enough, irritation will not be avoided.
  • Keep the skin of your feet under a stream of cold water until it gives goose bumps. Hairs are raised and easier to remove. You can use special machines with moisturizing and cooling strips.
  • In order not to harm the skin, wet the blade with the time of shaving.
  • Moisturize the skin of the feet with special products: foams, mousse or gel for shaving your feet. A man's shaving cream is also suitable.

Folk remedies for moisturizing the skin of the legs

The recipe with honey is very effective.

  1. To get rid of irritation urgently, take a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of milled flakes of oats and two drops of essential oil. Instead of cereals, you can take sea salt of fine grind or coffee grounds.
  2. Mix everything in a blender, apply to your feet and massage them.
  3. After the procedure, the scrub should be washed off.

Such vitamin cocktails effectively cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of irritation to a minimum.

You can prepare yourself an aloe cream, as the factory creams usually contain alkali, and even slight skin damage causes severe irritation.

How to prepare a cream from aloe

Crush several fresh aloe leaves in a blender, mix the mixture with any vegetable oil.

Rub a freshly prepared cream into the skin of your feet, massage them. After half an hour, rinse the leftovers with a tissue and rinse with warm water.

Many people write that this is the most effective way and leave only positive reviews about home cream from aloe.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving underarms

Many people complain of constant irritation after shaving under the armpits. They write that even the use of a new machine, foam and deodorants does not help.

Cosmetologists advise when irritating the armpits to use a decoction of mint and chamomile:

1. To do this, take one tablespoon of dry ground grass, pour two glasses of water.

2. Put on a weak fire and bring to a boil, then insist in the thermos for two hours.

3. With a ready-made decoction, moisten the gauze and apply to the damaged skin. Keep until disappeared discomfort.

For shaving underarms it is better to use a female razor with two or three blades, this less traumatizes the skin. Movements should be short, towards the back.

Ingrown hairs are released with a sterile needle before compressing.

After shaving your armpits, use a deodorant to avoid irritation. The deodorant should contain moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E.

So that the skin calms down, hydrogen peroxide will also help. She can wipe the skin before and after shaving.

It will help quickly disinfect and heal wounds of alcohol, for this you can simply wipe the shaved places of armpits with a tampon moistened with alcohol.

How to get rid of the irritation after shaving on the face

Not only women but also men suffer from severe irritation after shaving. More often the itchy irritation on the face at men appears at dry shaving. Therefore, the skin must be moisturized.

For the best effect, skin on the face is better to stretch while shaving.

Cream immediately after shaving can not be applied, because because of this on the face may appear unpleasant pimples-adipes. First you need to wash with cool water or cool the skin with a piece of ice, then apply lotion or oil the skin with cologne.

You can lubricate the skin with a thick cream. To do this, pharmacy ointments "Rescuer" or "Healer" are suitable. They do not clog pores and are quickly absorbed. Many do not like their smell, but, according to people, you can understand that these are the best means to relieve irritation.

You can treat the skin with baby powders, as well as any creams for removing diaper rash in babies. It is better to choose those in which the extract of the sequence is included.

In case of severe inflammation, you can lubricate your face with hydrocortisone ointment, it will cool the skin and relieve inflammation.

How to get rid of the irritation after shaving on the neck

Ingrown hairs on the neck are in many men. They must be plucked with sterilized forceps, and then shaved off.

Many men, to appear at work without irritation on the neck, shave in the evening. Before this, the skin is carefully roasted. The harder the bristles, the longer it takes to steam out.

After applying the foam, wait for about three minutes until the bristles and the skin finally soften.

After finishing the shave, it is necessary to lower the neck under a stream of cold water, this procedure helps to close the pores and prevent dirt from getting into them.

A cream or lotion is required individually. Some of the popular Nivea balm irritation only increases, others complain about Gillette. But most of these balms help.

To resort to hair removal in the salon or shave yourself - the individual solution of each. But shaving is more profitable financially and takes less time.

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