Crafts from matches - a simple little house

The most simple and affordable material for creativity, on the right, you can call ordinary matches. Careful work with them helps you to relax, develop patience, imagination, diligence, accuracy and attention. And in talented hands, products from ordinary matches can become original works of art.

  • Required materials
  • Matchbox house without glue

Required materials

In this master class we offer to make a match house without glue.

For the construction of the house you will need:

  • matches - 10 boxes;
  • box for CD discs or sheet of cardboard;
  • coin - 1 or 2 rubles.
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Matchbox house without glue

For beginners instead of a box for discs, it is better to take a thinly rolled piece of plasticine or salt dough as a basis. On this basis it is easier to install vertical matches.

We proceed to collect the product. The scheme of work is quite simple. Take two matches and place them on the base parallel to each other at a distance of two centimeters.

On top of them lay the flooring of eight matches. The distance between the elements should be equal to the thickness of about one match. In this case, all heads should be directed in one direction.

On top of this level make another similar flooring, but match the matches perpendicular to the previous ones.

From the top to the third level, stack four matches in the shape of a well, so that the heads of each match are pointed in different directions.

In the same way, lay six more rows of matches. Watch for heads to look in the same direction. As a result, you should get a "well" of seven rows of four matches.

On top of the well cover with a layer of eight matches, repeating the very first flooring.

Perpendicular to this floor lay six matches. Later, two more will be added to this series.

In the extreme corners of the resulting "lattice" you need to insert vertically four matches. In the photo these places are circled in red circles.

In order to be more convenient to work and the house elements did not accidentally crumble, it is better to put a coin on top of this design and press it firmly with your finger.

When installing vertical matches, make sure that all the matches at the bottom are at the same angles as above. For convenience, you can direct them with a toothpick.
Be extremely careful, because at this stage the house is still fragile enough and can be destroyed by any careless movement. It's not a problem if the matches that lie on top of the car are moving away, a little later everything will fall into place.

Now insert vertical matches around the perimeter of the house, lowering them to the very bottom of the construction, so that the matchheads on top are on the same level.

The coin is no longer needed, get it with tweezers.

Now the house has stable walls, but that it really gets stronger, hand squeeze all its sides. At this stage it can already be taken in hand, it will not collapse, although the design is not yet fully reliable.

Thoroughly squeeze each side of it. The more tightly you squeeze, the stronger it will turn out as a result. Be sure to align all the matches, so that everything is neat and nothing sticks out.

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As a result, turn the product foundation up.

From the outside, start vertically inserting matches upside down, thereby further strengthening the walls.

Then, through the outer walls, start a new, but already horizontal layer of matches. Note that the match heads must intersect alternately, as indicated in the photo.

Four new corners reinforce with matches.

loading. ..

Now, along the entire perimeter of the house, gently raise the top vertical layer of matches by half the height. You can push them from the bottom with another match.

Now add up the attic the way it's done in the photo.

Lay all elements of the top of the roof crosswise. To make it clearer, look at the photo.

When the roof is ready, make a pipe of four matches.

Mark the windows and doors with the help of the back heads, breaking the matches in half, so that they are not visible from the back side.


Well done! Thank you for your help!

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