Ginger in sugar

  • Ginger: useful properties and contraindications
  • The healing properties of ginger
  • Ginger in sugar: chemical composition and calorific value
  • Ginger preparation recipes
  • How to store ginger in sugar and how to use

Ginger is not just a fashionable product, but a noble spice with a long history. A few thousand years ago, the Oriental delicacy conquered Ancient Greece and Rome, and since then the fashion for ginger in Europe has not ceased.

In Russia, spicy seasoning was added to drinks and jam, biscuits and cakes, but in the Soviet times spice was undeservedly forgotten. Now she is regaining her positions.

There is a pickled ginger, dried, dried and most unusual dessert - ginger in sugar, the useful properties of which are no less than the fresh product.

Ginger: useful properties and contraindications

Ginger in sugar( or ginger candied fruits) is a delicacy truly unique. That there is only one taste - the specific bitterness and sharpness of the burning seasoning combines with the sweetness of sugar and gives a completely amazing taste.

Ginger in sugar

What is the use?

Useful properties of ginger candied fruits can be listed for a very long time - this sweetness took all the best qualities from a fresh ginger root. How useful is this product?

Burning candied fruits can be easily recommended to all people of mental work - office workers in the period of deadlines and reports, students and schoolchildren.
  • The product activates blood circulation, stimulates brain activity and just very invigorates - fresh ideas after a cup of tea with a slice of sweet ginger will appear by themselves.
  • Also, ginger in sugar activates metabolic processes in the body, helps to regulate digestion, adjust the stool - thus only a few pieces a day are enough.
  • Fresh root is known as a blocker of fat formation, and although these useful qualities are less characteristic of candied fruits, they can be called a dietary dessert. The energy value of sweet ginger lobules, however, is 3-4 times higher than the fresh root( calorie content is 200-300 kcal per 100 g), but it is very difficult to eat such a quantity of the product at a time.
And still sweet dried ginger is an excellent aphrodisiac( such use of a root was known even to ancient Indians).
  • Try to replace the candies for evening tea with your loved one for sweet-burning candied fruits - and your intimate life will certainly play with new colors.
  • In addition, ginger in sugar excellent warms and helps in the early stages of the common cold, tones up and improves immunity.
Useful properties of ginger - information in the video:


There are few products around which there are as many disputes as around this spice, especially ginger candied fruits. Is it possible to ginger with diabetes mellitus, during pregnancy, is it allowed to give such unusual sweets to children, what are the contraindications?

Specialists call strict contraindications, in which ginger is prohibited in any form:

  • ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage;
  • severe renal lesions;
  • heart failure;
  • individual intolerance;
  • stones in the kidney and gallbladder.
You can not eat sweet ginger with type 2 diabetes( ginger tea and fresh root with increased sugar is allowed), there are contraindications and in pregnancy: candied fruits are prohibited in case of threat of miscarriage and in later periods.
  • No contraindications have been identified for the fetus, so the question of whether ginger is pregnant can be answered positively. The only thing - you need to know the measure, 2-3 pieces in full provide the body with all the benefits.
  • Can I give ginger to children? Here doctors do not give an exact answer: strict contra-indications - age is up to 2 years, then you can give candied fruits in a small piece, but only if the kids like their taste. Otherwise, the benefits for children will turn into harm.

The healing properties of ginger

The healing properties of ginger were sung by ancient Chinese and Indian physicians in their treatises, and in the Middle Ages the monks especially appreciated the useful qualities of the ginger root as a tonic and antibacterial agent.

Ginger root

Ginger in sugar after processing has almost all the useful qualities of a fresh root, while keeping it( without losing the healing power) can be no longer longer than a fresh product. What is so unique about the healing properties of ginger, and what helps the spicy root?

Ginger candied fruits:

  • serve as an excellent means of prevention and treatment in the early stages of acute respiratory viral infections( they warm up well and relieve inflammation);
  • help cope with protracted cough, improve the condition with bronchitis and even asthma;
  • relieve heartburn, nausea, help to regulate digestion;
  • removes toxins from the body and traces of heavy metals( residents of megacities just need regular tea with ginger in sugar);
  • increase immunity and support the body during seasonal colds;
In the first months of pregnancy candied fruits help to cope with toxicosis. For women in the most important period of their life - when carrying a baby - a piece of ginger in sugar will be especially useful and will be an excellent remedy for nausea and weakness.
  • have a beneficial effect on the sexual sphere: a sweet-burning dessert improves the male potency and enhances the desire of women;
  • are a good adjuvant for all types of tumors( they can stop the growth of dangerous cells);
  • relieve joint and muscle pain;
  • cleans the blood and prevents the formation of dangerous cholesterol plaques;
  • freshens breath, removes gum tumor and eliminates bleeding. If you have problems with the gums and smell from the mouth, you can also replace the chewing gum with a slice of burning candied fruit, but you should not get involved with such a tool: sugar can damage your teeth.
Ginger candies improve memory and help keep brain activity to the most advanced years.

Ginger in sugar is not just an unusual addition to a cup of tea, but your home prescription for many ailments. How to make ordinary candied fruits a pleasant and effective medicine? With angina and cold, you can simply dissolve a slice of the sweet root several times a day - and the disease will certainly recede.

Ginger in sugar: chemical composition and calorific value

The chemical composition of ginger in sugar is amazing: the burning root contains about 400 different chemical compounds. The composition of the product - and vitamins, and healing elements, and essential oils. ..

Candied ginger lobules

What is unique in the chemical composition of the candied ginger root?

  1. Vitamin B4( choline) has a calming effect, normalizes the processes of metabolism and fat burning, and most importantly - is responsible for the full functioning of the brain, memory and the ability to learn until old age.
  2. Vitamin C invariably stands guard over our immunity, provides vivacity, excellent mood and beauty.
  3. Group B vitamins ensure an uninterrupted metabolism, the health of our nerves, skin, nails and hair.
  4. Useful properties of vitamin PP( nicotinic acid) help to maintain normally all oxidation-reduction processes in tissues, active cell growth, protect against the formation of thrombi and hypertension.
  5. Magnesium, part of the ginger root, helps to accumulate calcium in the bones, cleans the vessels, strengthens their walls.
  6. A record amount of potassium helps strengthen the heart muscle and brain.
    The spice contains more than 400 mg of potassium per 100 g with a daily norm of 3-4 g.
  7. The curative microelement normalizes water-salt metabolism, removes excess fluid from the body, eliminates cardiac and renal edema.

The candied ginger root also includes iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and other elements, fatty acids and warming oils.

Caloric content

The supporters of a healthy lifestyle, beautiful ladies and just lovers of unusual ginger candies invariably care about the question: how many calories are there in this useful treat?

The caloric content of the candied ginger is, of course, many times greater than that of the fresh root. If in the ginger purchased on the market, the calorie content per 100 grams is 80 kcal, then in the sweet one - from 200 to 300 kcal.

The number of calories in the finished product depends on the way of preparation and the sugar dose, which the generous cook put in the candied fruit. In this case, the amount of sugar is even greater than that of marmalade, so dieticians are not advised to take a fancy to the candied root ginger - you can get problems with weight and teeth.

Ginger candies

But we will be honest - to eat 100 grams of ginger candied fruits at a time is rather difficult: a peculiar taste of dessert simply will not allow it. Therefore, the main contraindications for this ginger - this is a strong obesity and concomitant diabetes mellitus, in a regular diet for weight loss, sometimes it is even possible to include candied fruits.

The advantages of such sweet-burning candies can not be counted: they are completely natural, do not contain chemicals, they can not be eaten in large quantities, and the organism after such dessert receives curative vitamins, minerals, and also - excellent digestion and regular stools.

Recipes for ginger

How to eat ginger - when answering this question, even the most experienced culinary experts can get lost.

There are a lot of recipes with a ginger root - candied fruits, teas, jams, and all kinds of warming and diet drinks. Tell you about the most popular.

Candied candied candies "Candied ginger"

For those who are interested in how to make ginger in sugar at home, there is a simple basic recipe. A big plus of home candied fruits is that the amount of sugar can always be varied, reducing and increasing the caloric content of the product to your liking.

Ginger candies, recipe in video:


  • one spine of fresh ginger( 200-250 g),
  • 1,2 glasses of water,
  • one glass of sugar( for syrup),
  • sugar for sprinkling.

Preparation of ginger candied fruits:

  1. Ginger is peeled like a potato, and cut into slices approximately 0.5-0.7 cm thick( can be diced or straws).
  2. Fill with water and cook for about an hour, so that the slices are softened, and the excess viscosity is evaporated.
  3. Cooking syrup: pour sugar on water, stir until completely dissolved and bring to a boil.
  4. Throw the pieces of the future candied fruits into a colander and when the water runs off, shift the ginger into syrup and cook until the slices become transparent.
  5. Let the candied fruits cool down, roll them in sugar and lay them on the parchment until it dries completely( you can dry it in the oven).Then you can store the candied ginger root in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet.

Tea "Ginger with lemon and sugar" - recipe for health from cold and cough

Warm ginger tea has long been known for its healing power, but not everyone knows how to brew tea with ginger correctly.

The most economical way - tea with ginger syrup

It is necessary to take a few teaspoons of burning sweet syrup, which remained after the preparation of candied fruits, add lemon juice, boiling water, if desired - a little honey and brew like ordinary tea.

You can store ready-made ginger-sugar syrup in the refrigerator - up to a week.

Ginger tea with lemon

Classical ginger-lemon tea

For this you need: half a large lemon, a liter of water, 5-10 slices( tea spoons) of sugar and ginger root 4-5 cm.

  1. Ginger needs to be cleaned, grated on a large grater.
  2. Then add to it a lemon( juice or chopped pieces, as for tea), sugar to taste and pour boiling water.
  3. When the drink is boiled, after 5-10 minutes, strain and allow it to cool slightly.

Ginger jam

If you do not like ginger candies, but you want something unusual, try making ginger jam with your own hands. Such a delicacy is ideally combined with citrus, a classic recipe - a jam of ginger with lemon.

For cooking, you need: 200-250 g of fresh ginger root, one large lemon, 2 cups sugar( with a slide).

  1. The spine should be washed, peeled and cut into plastic 2-3 mm thick, lemon - small pieces together with the skin. Mix ginger, sugar and lemon and leave for 30 minutes to allow the sugar to dissolve a little.
  2. Then put the sweet bitter-hot mixture on the fire and cook, stirring, until the slices of ginger become transparent. After the jam boils, you need to boil it for another 5 minutes.
  3. Pour the ginger-lemon jam into the sterilized jars hot and after cooling to clean in the refrigerator. You can store it for up to a year.
Orange-ginger jam, a recipe in the video:

Ginger drink for weight loss

If you strictly follow the figure and are an avid supporter of a healthy diet, then you are ideal for such a drink: yogurt, cinnamon, ginger and red pepper.

Spicy smoothie cleanses the body, stimulates digestion, burns fats and excellently tones - this is the perfect cocktail for breakfast or a light snack.


  • 250 g fat-free kefir,
  • for half a teaspoon of finely grated ginger and ground cinnamon,
  • a pinch of red pepper.

All blend in a blender and pour into a glass. You can not store such a drink even in the refrigerator - you need to drink ginger smoothies immediately after cooking.

How to store ginger in sugar and how to use

Ginger storage time is a mixed question. Here everything depends on the type of the burning root.

Fresh can be stored for up to a month, dried - about six months, marinated can be stored for about a month. The shelf life of ginger candied fruits is up to 3-4 months.
  • To store candied ginger, you first need to choose the right dishes. It is best to store a treat in glass containers or plastic containers.
  • Homemade candied fruits after cooking can be kept at room temperature for three weeks, then it is recommended to clean them in the refrigerator. Store ginger dessert for storage can be left in the kitchen cupboard.

    Ginger in sugar, storage

How is candied ginger?

It would seem that the use of candied fruits - the sphere is very narrow: a snack with tea and instead of chocolate at the computer, but in fact the use of the sweet root is much wider.

Ginger in sugar can be washed down with tea or coffee, added to morning muesli and oatmeal, put biscuits, cottage cheese casserole and simply snack in working office hours: it perfectly quenches thirst, sweetens the tired brain and helps to hold out until lunch.

Rescue a ginger slice and with a sore throat - pharmacy pastilles from cough can be supplemented with burning candied fruits: the effect will come much faster.

Ginger in sugar is difficult to call classic candied fruits - not everyone will appreciate the unusual taste of this delicacy. But the fans of the burning dessert can only be envied: candied ginger fits perfectly into any diet, helps to cope with many ailments, and yet - always improves mood. And most importantly - every candy can prepare candied fruits.

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