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Usually it is necessary to wait for summer to enjoy delicious berries of strawberries. The harvest season ends very quickly, but we still can not fully enjoy the juicy fruits. If you want to pamper yourself and your relatives with strawberries not only in summer, but also in winter, then it's worth paying attention to the hydroponic method of cultivation. This technique will allow you to enjoy fresh berries all year round, caring for the plant at home. In addition, strawberries on hydroponics retain all of their nutrients and is a completely environmentally friendly and safe product.

What is a hydroponic method?

A distinctive feature of the cultivation of strawberries on hydroponics is the complete absence of a traditional substrate. Instead of the usual soil, various artificially created materials are used that allow the cultivation of a full-fledged culture at home without the use of soil.

For normal and proper development of the root system of strawberries, it is necessary that bushes grow in a special aerated water, air or solid substance. Such a medium is designed for the proper functioning of the entire root system and serves as a remarkable alternative to the traditional substrate.

Hydroponic method requires constant watering with certain solutions, which are prepared based on all the features and needs of a particular plant.

This way of growing strawberries does not require you to invest heavily, while you can easily enjoy the ripe berries all year round without leaving the house.

Choose the appropriate varieties of

At the initial stage, you need to decide on the variety of strawberries. The method of cultivation does not imply any restrictions, so you can safely choose any variety of berries. However, more experienced gardeners still recommend that beginning experimenters give preference to repairing varieties of the plant. It is this kind, in the opinion of the majority, that allows the most abundant harvest.

In addition to repair specialists recommend choosing Dutch varieties, such as Elvira, Korona or Gigantela Maxim.

Such strawberry varieties are ideal for growing hydroponic technology, and when the system is debugged, you can try out any other varieties you like.

Methods of hydroponic growing technology

Hydroponic system for strawberries has several options for growing berries. You can choose the most suitable method by using the following methods:

  • Method with drip irrigation system. In this case, the nutrition of the root system of the plant occurs with the help of special droppers, which are used for the subsequent supply of a certain substance. Instead of the usual soil, you will need coconut, peat or a special mineral substrate. Prepared material is pre-wrapped in an opaque film, then stacked on a pallet that will collect all residues of the solution used. This technology also involves the creation of a vertical system for growing strawberries. To supply the solution in time, a special water pump must be installed.
  • Technology of cultivation N. F. T.( Nutrient Film Technique).To do this, several cups are placed in the tray, into which further seeding will occur. In plastic containers, small holes are made at the bottom so that the roots can germinate and dive into a special layer of nutrients and nutrients. The solution is supplied by the action of a pump that continuously circulates the substance in pipes or hoses.
  • Water method of cultivation. In this case, a nutrient solution is used as a substrate. To begin with, prepare the foam, in which holes are made beforehand. Then put strawberry bushes in these holes, and the foam itself is immersed in the prepared aqueous substrate in such a way that only the root system is in a liquid solution. For the cultivation of strawberries, this technology is considered the least successful, because excessive moisture adversely affects the proper development of the plant.
  • Aeroponics. Technology involves the use of mineral wool, which serves as an alternative to the traditional substrate. However, the root system receives all the necessary nutrients not from the solution, but with the help of an installed fog generator. But the method is not so costly as when using huge areas of land.

Technology of growing strawberries on hydroponics

The whole process of growing at home consists of several mandatory items:

  1. At the initial stage, the grower should choose the suitable strawberry variety.
  2. Then it is necessary to prepare a substratum - a substitute for the usual soil.
  3. Next, they start preparing a nutrient solution that must meet all the requirements of the selected strawberry variety.
  4. At the final stage, we are installing a special system that will supply the solution.

Technology is great not only for growing seedlings. Such a method can be used to pre-germinate the seeds in order to obtain a quality pre-seedbed in the future. In the role of artificial substrate use pre-prepared material, which can be purchased at a specialized store. Experienced gardeners recommend buying coconut fiber, gravel, gravel or expanded clay.

The technology of growing with an artificial substrate is very similar to the greenhouse method and even resembles the usual cultivation of plants in pots. However, the hydroponic technique is characterized by more comfortable conditions of care for the crop and allows obtaining a rather abundant harvest at home.

Once correctly installing the system, in the future it will be possible not to exert an excessive amount of effort, because the automated technology will allow the plant to systematically receive all necessary nutrients and vitamins.

Thus for installation it will not be required a lot of an empty seat, especially if to use vertical technology of cultivation of a strawberry. The method is perfect for beginner gardeners and does not require you to pay more.

The subtleties of growing strawberries in hydroponics

Regardless of which method of cultivation you will most like, for obtaining the best result it is necessary to take into account some important nuances:

  • Special solution with beneficial substances should not fall on the plant itself. In addition, in standing water, it can not grow properly, and the root system will not develop as expected. Therefore, for this technology, a long-standing solution is not suitable.
  • Special attention should be paid to sufficient illumination of the room. The best option will be lighting in 60,000 lumens for 12 hours. For maximum effect, this backlight should sometimes be left for 17-18 hours.
  • A certain amount of space is required for each hive. For proper growth of strawberries, you must choose a vessel with a capacity of at least three liters. If you plan to plant 5 plant bushes, then you will need about 15-18 liters. The distance between the strawberries of medium size should be 15-30 cm. Plants with broader leaves are recommended to be planted even further apart.
  • When choosing a suitable substrate, get a harder material that is good for air. For this purpose, mineral wool, coconut shavings or ordinary expanded clay are perfect.
    For strawberries, such a substrate is ideal, and the root system of the plant receives a sufficient amount of oxygen.
  • The composition of the nutrient solution depends on the stage of berry growth and on the season. For beginners, it is best to seek the help of specialists who will help to select the optimal proportions of all the necessary components. If in doubt, then purchase universal solutions.
  • The method of growing strawberries at home requires an optimal temperature regime. If the room temperature is within acceptable limits, then you can get a lot of delicious berries. At night, the indicators should be around 16-18 degrees. During the day, the temperature can reach up to 24-25 degrees.

Strawberry on hydroponics - video

This way of growing strawberries is very popular, and even beginning gardeners are actively introducing a similar technique at home. Everyone is inclined to the common opinion that it is hydroponic technology that will provide people with tasty fresh fruits and abundant harvest in the future throughout the year. Therefore, in Holland for a long time, this method is grown not only strawberries, but also strawberries, vegetables and other vegetable crops.

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