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Wedding is a very important day for the newlyweds, but they are far from the only participants in the celebration. Parents of young people also take part in the ceremony, and it is usually their congratulations that attract the greatest attention of the guests. What wedding greetings from the groom's mother will be the most sincere and touching, we tell further.

Poetic wishes from the groom's parents

Touching lines from the groom's parents are always pronounced first and usually they are full of sincere emotions. What should be the ideal congratulation in the verses from the mother of the originator of the celebration?

  1. The best length for a similar verse is no more than 8-10 lines.
  2. It's great if parents can write a poem by themselves, without resorting to beautiful, but still banal options from the Internet.
  3. Such lines should include personal details, for example, the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, and so on.
  4. A similar poem should appeal to both the groom and the bride, containing a congratulation for both. Many parents forget that this is a holiday not only for their son, but also for his bride. That is why in the poem it is worth writing about the connection between the newlyweds and about the love towards them both.

Of course, independently to write a poem without having any experience in this matter is not easy, but such works are usually more sincere than those that are thoughtlessly taken from the Internet. A touching congratulation in verse can sound as follows:

"You have entered a marriage today, the union was affixed with love.

Let every year and every day, love become stronger.

And let the family grow, grow stronger, let's forget about you.

You, the children, love you very much, and we will always help you! "

Such congratulations on the wedding, sincere and touching at the same time, hardly anyone will remain indifferent. It is also worth remembering that an ideal poem for a wedding should not take more than a couple of minutes. That's why if parents want to present an impressive verse with parting words, it should be written on a postcard. In this case, pleasant lines will not be forgotten, and for many years they will be able to remind a couple of the happiest day in their life.

Very touching you can say even a rhyme taken from the Internet, if the father and mother of the groom will take turns speaking on the line. In this case, they will emphasize the power of their own feelings, and express their farewell to the newlyweds.

Congratulations in Prose: Advantages and Disadvantages of

Traditionally, congratulations to newlyweds from parents are made into a poetic form, believing that the rhymed lines are much more sincere and expressive. Yes, poetry can really express much more emotion, and this is the main drawback of prosaic congratulations. In addition, it is very difficult to tell about the importance of an event in prose. Thoughts of a person spread and are directed in different directions, and it is very easy to go to excessive ranting.

However, there are more advantages to prosaic greetings than drawbacks, and here are just some of them:

  • in standard prose you can lay much more gentle words, spending on their pronunciation the same amount of time;
  • prose congratulations can exactly come up everyone, which means that it will be a priori sincere;
  • in prose is easier to use epithets, metaphors and various comparisons, because you do not need to think about rhymes;
  • on the background of endless verses sincere words spoken in prose will sound even original, which will only strengthen the impression of them.

The words of the groom's parents must necessarily be sincere and thoughtful.

They need to be carefully selected in advance, pronounced with tact and alignment, so that the newlyweds understand how important today's event is for the older generation.

Ideal congratulations in prose may look like this:

  • It seems that very recently we ourselves have pronounced our oaths of love and loyalty, and now our son is standing at the altar. On this beautiful day, we want to wish that every year you lived is filled with understanding and sincerity of feelings. To mutual respect and passion in your pair are strengthened day by day, and today's wedding was only a prelude, the first act on the way to a really great happiness!

Only 3 offers, but they contain so much tenderness that the newlyweds will be touched. Ideal congratulations in prose should not be more than five sentences, and it is worthwhile to follow the times. Honeymooners sincere wishes should please, and not tire, therefore it is better that their duration does not exceed 3-4 minutes.

Try to make congratulations in prose not just meaningful, but also very beautiful, profound. In this case, the sincerity of all that has been said will make the right impression on the perpetrators of the celebration.

Funny congratulations on the wedding: how not to move from good humor to vulgarity and causticism?

Who said that wedding greetings must necessarily be thoughtful and serious? Many parents choose comic verses for the congratulation of the son and his bride. What should be the ideal comic poem?

  1. He should not offend the dignity of a couple or offend the culprits of the celebration.
  2. A comic poem, like an anecdote, should be short and capacious.
  3. It's great if in addition to humor in such a work there is a place for touching.
  4. Saying such a congratulation is a cheerful, sonorous voice, having previously worked intonation.

It's not easy to come up with a product with humor. Here's a good version of how this verse greeting might look like:

"All the guys, you've hit, because you've become a family now.

One budget, one cares, love farewell, hello claps.

But seriously, we are happy for you, because you are so happy now.

A wonderful way awaits you, and let every day shine with love! "

When writing such a greeting, it is important not to cross the line between humor and insulting causticism. The poem should be nice, in no way offend the bridegroom or bride.

With the help of humor, the groom's parents can tell about the difficulties that await the couple. However, in the finals it is worth summarizing that, despite all the problems, sincere love will still be able to overcome any adversity.

Insults, mate and offensive language should be thrown aside, leaving room only for easy and fervent humor. Usually humorous congratulations are so sweet that they immediately attract everyone's attention, making the one who pronounces them, the real star of the evening!

Worst wishes for young people, or how not to do it

Often the congratulations of young people from parents turn into the most boring part of the evening, and all because of the unpreparedness of the older generation. Before you say a wish, it should be carefully studied, pronounced aloud, and it is desirable and at all to learn by heart. Then the pronunciation of verse or prose will cause far more pleasant emotions.

In what do the cases of congratulation, even the most beautiful, turn into a real nightmare?

  1. If a rhyme or prosaic wish is pronounced for too long, then nothing like yawning and fatigue will be caused by those around them.
  2. If the wish is boring, absolutely not expressing emotions, it also does not lead to anything good.
  3. It should be more careful with the use of evil jokes or obscene words, especially to the bride.
  4. Do not give preference to too complicated poems with incredibly beautiful rhymes, because they immediately understand that a person wrote this greeting not independently.

You can express the full depth of your feelings even with the help of impromptu, but it is better to prepare congratulations in advance. It's great if the groom's parents paint it beautifully or at least write on a postcard. In this case, the card can be presented to the perpetrators of the celebration, allowing them to enjoy beautiful lines in the future. Also the wish can be embroidered on a pillowcase or engraved on a decorative figure.

Well-formed congratulations on the wedding day - this is not some miracle. Anyone can come up with such gentle lines without referring to Internet sources. The only thing that is required of him is to speak sincerely. In this case, the bride and groom will be completely delighted with everything they have heard!

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