How to properly use garlic when cooking

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The mention of garlic as a noble culture dates back to ancient times. At first, garlic was used as a guard against evil spirits and a panacea for most diseases. And then experienced cooks learned to apply this valuable culture in their dishes, giving them a rich taste and aroma.

In the process of preparing dishes of different recipes, garlic is processed in different ways. But beginners in the culinary arts make the same mistakes in the work with garlic.

Smaller, even smaller

There are countless ways to grind garlic in the culinary arts. But for some reason, most beginners do not want to experiment and reduce its processing to equipment with a simple knife.

In some cases it is better to grind the garlic with a grater. In the preparation of a number of dishes, for example, sauces, the texture of garlic is no less important, as is its quantity. Because grated garlic, having a lighter texture, it is easier to fit into the overall ensemble of the dish.

For simple flavoring, the dish can be pressed on the side of the tooth with the flat edge of the knife. And the oil, which is added such a denticle, will smell in a special way and have a pronounced taste of garlic.

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Time plus speed

The smaller the garlic, the higher the chance of its burning during the passer process. In this case, beginners should remember a simple rule: the smaller the garlic cut, the less time it takes to pass it.

It is not necessary to add garlic during cooking when most dishes are cooked, it is better to wait until the dish is ready. Adding garlic at the very end of cooking, the cooks provide him with a kind of airbag: thanks to the other ingredients he will not have time to burn. But if the dish initially assumes the presence of a large amount of any liquid, you can try to add garlic immediately.


A mistake for beginners is to cook garlic immediately on high fire. Naturally, with this approach, the likelihood of burning will increase. To start better with the smallest, gradually increasing the temperature.

When baking garlic, there is a certain scheme. The whole garlic head is cut in half, rubbed with oil, then wrapped in a layer of foil. When baking, the main thing to remember is that the temperature in the oven should not exceed 190 degrees.

Semi-finished products?

Experts do not advise buying garlic in pre-prepared form. The aroma and taste of these blanks can not be compared to fresh spices.

For cooking marinades, cooks sometimes use garlic powders. They most of all retain the useful properties of the product.

Correctly using and preparing garlic, and beginners, and for more experienced housewives will be able to prepare delicious and healthy dishes using this fragrant, natural seasoning.

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