Lugol is a medicinal and highly effective drug, which today is often prescribed by doctors in the complex treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the oropharynx tissues. Lugol's solution for many years has an excellent local antiseptic effect, and it can be used to treat tonsillitis, tonsillitis or stomatitis.


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Indications for use

Assign Lugol's solution for the following pathologies: lugol for the throat

  • infectious inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa andpharynx( angina, acute and chronic tonsillitis);
  • atrophic rhinitis;
  • purulent otitis media;
  • trophic and varicose ulcers;
  • wounds;
  • infected burns;
  • thermal and chemical burns of 1-2 degrees;
  • prevention and therapy of atherosclerosis;
  • tertiary syphilis.

At what age can

be used? If you read the instructions for use, then use the medicine is allowed from 5 years. The reason is that small children try to swallow the solution as quickly as possible so that the unpleasant taste in the mouth disappears. Iodine, which penetrated the stomach, can lead to irritation of the mucosa, and when introduced into the thyroid gland this adversely affects the child's well-being and health. Thus, the manufacturer recommends the use of Lugol to children only after 5 years.

On video - a lugol for children:

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How to smear the throat

To get the maximum result from the use of the drug in the treatment of sore throat, it is necessary to treat the tonsils with a cotton swab dipped in a solution. For this, it is worth winding the cotton wool on a spoke or finger.

When performing the treatment, it must be observed that the preparation does not penetrate the back wall of the larynx. This will prevent the development of a vomitive reflex. Also, do not put pressure on purulent foci in the tonsils. You can use a solution a little differently. To do this, wet the cotton wool and suck it for 5 minutes. smearing of the throat

At the initial stage of suppurative manifestations of angina, Lugol should be involved after a 3-% solution of per-hydrolyte was applied beforehand to treat affected tonsils. If using Lugol to perform irrigation of the mouth with a spray, you should inhale, and at the time of injection do not breathe. For half an hour after manipulation, you should not drink liquid or eat any food. For a day it is recommended to perform up to 6 procedures of lubrication or irrigation.

Use of a solution with glycerin

lyugol with glycerin

The therapeutic effect of the drug is based on the effect of iodine on pathogenic microorganisms, which affect the development of throat and mouth diseases. In addition, iodine has healing effect, but glycerol - softening.

If your medicine cabinet has a Lugol solution with glycerin in a conventional bottle without a sprayer, then it can be used more efficiently. To do this, wrap the cotton wool on the finger, soak it in the solution and perform the treatment of the oral cavity. There is another option, which is very similar to the one that doctors use in their practice. To do this, you need to take a pencil, wrap the cotton wool, bandage or even toilet paper.

It is clear that before this pencil must be previously washed. And even a cotton wool is better to wind on it while it is wet. Then it will be better fixed and will not crawl. Now the tip of it is dipped in a solution of Lugol with glycerin. At the same time, make sure that after that the solution literally dripped from the pencil. To treat the throat, mainly in the place where the pain is felt.

On the video, can the children take a spray spray:

Do this for a few seconds until the vomiting reflex occurs. If the condition allows, it is necessary to moisten the pencil in the solution one more time and again walk them through the affected areas. It is necessary to do such actions in 3-5 hours, while the inflammatory process will decrease and the pain will disappear. After using the drug, a burning sensation can be felt, but it is not so strong as in the inflammatory process.

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  • Carolina, 43 years old : "Lugol's solution helped me a lot when I was treating angina. I never thought it was so painful. Of course, the doctor prescribed a lot of other drugs for me, but now it was Lugol who came to relieve me. I applied it according to the classical scheme: I wound the cotton wool on my finger and walked along the affected places. Of course, the procedure is not pleasant, but for the sake of relief it is possible and not to suffer this. Within a week the angina receded and it became much easier for me. "
  • Igor, 27 years old: "I used to have angina sometime in my childhood and my mother treated her with Lugol's solution. Then to me very quickly it was possible to stop an inflammation and a pain. When I fell ill with angina last year, I immediately remembered the amazing properties of Lugol's solution. The processing of the tonsils helped me to fulfill my wife, because for me it was excruciating. I performed 3-4 procedures per day. Relief came in a couple of days. I gradually began to eat normal food, the pain began to subside. I managed to completely defeat the disease in 10 days. "
  • Veronica, 35 years old : "My daughter is sick with angina. And although she is 15 years old, this disease for her has become a real test. Because of the pain, she could not eat, talk and drink normally. The doctor prescribed treatment for us, which included Lugol's solution. With his help, we managed to eliminate the inflammation and reduce the pain syndrome. Of course, the processing process is not very calm, but when after the first application of the solution the daughter felt relief, she began to treat the treatment more responsibly. We completely managed to cure the sore throat in 5 days. Of course, after that, my daughter had these unpleasant crusts in her throat, but this is the second question, the main thing is that she began to eat and drink normally without feeling pain. "

Lugol is an effective tool for the treatment of various pathologies of the throat and oral cavity. Suitable for adults and children who are already 5 years old. Get a therapeutic effect from the use of the solution can only be provided that the treatment of the throat occurs on a regular basis. In addition, one Lugol can not cure the disease. It can be used only in combination with basic treatment.