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The canons of female beauty are regularly changed. Fashion dictates laws in relation to clothing, footwear, figure, make-up and even eyebrows. Today, when it's natural in nature, it's almost blasphemy to have untrodden, wide "Brezhnevsky" or, on the contrary, plucked up to "thread" eyebrows. How to properly shape this important part of the face, so as not to look vulgar? There are several simple rules, guided by which, you can make a person more attractive, smooth out minor flaws, avoiding unpleasant mistakes.

Ideal eyebrows. How to choose your own version of

Each person in his own way is beautiful. And the emphasis should be on "in its own way."You can not call someone an ideal, and there is no single correct form of eyebrows. To each type of person you need to be able to choose an option, which as a whole will make the image harmonious.

To properly choose the shape of the eyebrows, you must first understand what types they share:

  • The ascending ones are characterized by a slightly raised "tail" located above the inner edge.
  • Straight lines, where both edges are on the same horizontal line, represent a strict line.
  • Arcs with a smooth bend in the center are closest to the ideal and are suitable for any type of face.
  • A distinctive feature of triangular eyebrows is a sharp break at the top point of the central part.
  • At the eyebrows of the dropping shape, the outer edge is lowered, and the inner edge is slightly elevated, so that the face acquires a touchingly sad expression.

    Variations of the shape of the eyebrows

But this is not the main thing. Before you shape the eyebrows, you need to understand the geometry of the face. There are several basic types:

  1. Oval. For this type of face, horizontal straight eyebrows without kinks and bends are most appropriate. You can make small arcs, but not too steep, otherwise your face will seem long. The width of the bands should be moderate so that the person does not take a stern, displeased expression.
  2. Elongated oval. For this type of face is characterized by a heavy chin. To divert attention from such a shortage will be straight eyebrows that visually expand the narrowed oval and give the features softness.
  3. Square. The owners of this face line of cheekbones and chin are straight, heavy. To make the image softer, the eyebrows should be given an arcuate shape with a smooth curve at the top center point. You can make high wide arcs that attract attention. But thin triangular or straight sharp eyebrows on a square face look inappropriate.

    Ideal eyebrow type

  4. Triangle. The optimal option for the face, wide in the forehead and pointed down, will be slightly raised to the outside edge of the eyebrow with a slight smooth bend in the middle.
  5. Diamond. Characteristic features of this type of face are wide cheekbones and straight lines. To balance the geometry, the shape of the eyebrows to a diamond-shaped face should be chosen arcuate, with a soft bend.
  6. Circle. The ideal shape of the eyebrows for a round face - high arcs or triangles with a sharp break. Visually, they slightly lengthen and narrow the circle, turning it into an oval. Harmoniously on this type of face, the ascending arc of the edge with the sharp "tail" also looks. But the rounded shape of the arcs in this case is strictly not recommended.

All about eyebrows - video tutorial

Having defined the shape and type of face, you can proceed to the next stage - to learn how to correctly adjust the eyebrow pattern. Of course, it's easier and better to ask for help from a professional make-up artist who will do everything correctly. But most women prefer to perform this simple procedure at home on their own.

How to pluck your eyebrows?

To achieve perfection, eyebrows are usually plucked, and then painted with a cosmetic pencil. But in order to do it correctly and beautifully, you first need to outline the drawing according to the standard scheme. To make it it is simple by means of straws for cocktails and a black pencil:

  1. The tip of the straw is placed on the center of the nostril from the outside and directed up through the inner corner of the eye. At the intersection of the line with the eyebrow put a pencil point. This is the beginning of the arc.
  2. Without lifting off the wing of the nose, move the straw so as to draw a vector through the center of the eye. At the intersection with the eyebrow make the second mark. This will be the center and the highest breaking point of the arc.
  3. The end of the eyebrow is determined in a similar way: the straw is moved from the center of the nostrils through the outer corner of the eye. At the intersection with the "tail" line put the third, final point.
  4. By connecting all three points neatly with a smooth line, they obtain an arc of the desired shape and length.

    Determination of the shape of the eyebrow

The final touch is the determination of the distance between the inner edges of the eyebrows. It is considered correct when they are separated from each other at a distance of two fingers - no more and no less. If the starting points of the arc, planned according to the standard scheme, are located slightly closer or further from the bridge of the nose, they must be "moved" to the correct position.

Eyebrow correction in the simplest and most common version involves plucking excess hairs with tweezers. The procedure is unpleasant and slightly painful, but almost all women have to master it.

  • To pull out the hairs it was not so painful, it is recommended to steam out the skin before the procedure or, conversely, to "freeze" it by wiping it with ice cubes.
  • Hands before beginning manipulation should be washed, and tweezers( tweezers) disinfected, wiping with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
  • It is recommended to grip the hairs with tweezers as close as possible to the skin, but not at all. This will help reduce pain and tearing with maximum care.

Eyebrow plucking - video

Correction procedure:

  1. It should be started from the outer edge of the arc. Hairs that are located beyond the intended edge of the scheme should be ruthlessly, but neatly pulled out with tweezers - they are not needed.
  2. Then you need to pluck the hairs growing only on the century under the arc, adjusting the shape and width of the strip as you go. The maximum width of the strip should be at the beginning, at the inner edge. Then the arc gradually thinens to the outer tip. But the transition from the beginning to the middle part and the tip should in no case be abrupt.
  3. At the end of the procedure, the skin is necessarily wiped with an antiseptic to remove redness, irritation. For this purpose, any alcohol-containing liquid - lotion, face balm, alcohol, etc., is suitable.

There are a number of rules that must be observed in order to correctly shape the eyebrows at home with the simplest depilation method:

  • The plucking procedure is best performed not with electrical,but in bright natural light.
  • Mirror is desirable to use not ordinary, but with the effect of magnification.
  • Only one hair is required to grasp tweezers or tweezers at a time. Trying to pull out a few hairs at once can result in damage to the delicate skin. Not to mention that it is very painful.
  • To make eyebrows look moderately long and well-groomed, leaving hairs behind the extreme point of the "tail" should not be. But you do not need to pluck too much, because short arches look unnatural.
  • If the eyebrows are naturally thick and wide, you do not need to turn them into strings. From the outside it is very noticeable and does not look at all aesthetically pleasing.
  • You can not pull out the hairs that grow above the upper edge of the arc. First, it is very painful. Secondly, carried away by the process, there is a risk of giving the eyebrows an unnatural look. Thirdly, the arch of the eyebrow can visually fall, because of which the facial expression will change completely.
You can not pull out the hairs only in the middle and the end, leaving the inner part intact. Wide at the base and too thin to the edge of the eyebrows look unnatural.

It is very important to adhere to symmetry when plucking eyebrows. Therefore, in the process of work, it is necessary to compare the intermediate results and, if necessary, carry out an additional correction.

Final rendering of

Not everyone can boast of dark from nature, thick "sable" eyebrows. Most women have to draw them in the process of applying makeup to give them the ideal shape, length, width, color. To do this, you need a cosmetic pencil suitable shade, mascara, a thin brush, shadows, a special comb, butter or eyebrow gel.

  • When choosing a pencil, you need to make sure that its tone is lighter than the natural shade of hairs on the eyebrows, but is darker than the color of the hair on the head. It is necessary not to conduct a fat solid line along the arc, but to apply short thin strokes.
  • Before drawing thin thin sparrows, hairs must be combed against growth. Then in the most thinned places sharpened pencil to put on the skin small strokes. Again, comb your eyebrows, but as the hair grows.
If the natural eyebrow color is too dark, it is better to lighten slightly. Do this with the help of shadows of a golden or cream shade and a cosmetic pencil slightly paler than the natural color of the hairs. The technique of drawing is the same: the comb of the hairs is raised to the inner edge, a short pencil is drawn with a pencil, and then the shadows of the selected shade are applied with a brush. At the end of the procedure, the eyebrows are gently combed.
  • Eyebrows of light color draw, as well as black, but use with this cosmetics in brown, beige and red color scheme. To make the arches more expressive, at the end they are lightly stained with mascara for brown or black lashes.

And, finally, unruly eyebrows with hairs protruding in different directions after plucking and drawing with a pencil need to be smoothed and laid beautifully, fixing the position of the hair with a special gel.


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