Diet Five tablespoons

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In the name of this diet, in fact, its meaning is laid. While in this mode of eating, you lose extra pounds. But in order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to strictly adhere to certain rules and try to limit oneself in the choice of products at a time.

The essence of this method is to lose weight by reducing the size of the stomach. We will talk about how to do this.

You probably already guessed that your diet will now be defined by five tablespoons. Such a quantity of food, taken not from the ceiling, but carefully calculated by the scientific dietary organization in Europe, - the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians, - will contribute to the weight loss task you set for yourself.

This organization has done a great scientific work on the study of this issue, and the results obtained by them are confirmed by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The diet proved to be effective in that, with its application, your stomach gradually decreases in size and, therefore, requires a much smaller number of products. And, what is very important, this process is painless. By the way, statistical studies on this problem also have their results. It is proved that in most people who are overweight, the stomach size resembles the stomachs of large animals.

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As a result of the research, it was possible to identify all effective approaches to solve this problem and develop principles of harmless treatment. And in the publications published three years ago by Russian gastroenterologists it is confirmed that an enlarged stomach is a direct way to obesity. It only remains to add that according to known scientific data, the volume of the stomach should match the size of your fist, if you want to avoid such a pathology. And five tablespoons, this is the diet that prevents fat formation and stretching the muscle walls of your stomach.

This diet is sufficient, both for thirst quenching, and for the amount of substances your body needs. In this case, I repeat - the accumulation of fat on the walls of your stomach is eliminated, and the energy reserve is sufficient until the next meal. As a result, your stomach gradually decreases in size, like a balloon.

But remember, as in any serious matter, patience and gradualness are necessary.

Do not expect that after a three-day hobby for this diet, you will get the necessary result. Follow the suggested settings to get stable indicators of your well-being. Do not rely on short-term improvements - it is important system and perseverance in achieving the goal. Otherwise, a return to overeating can activate a new process of obesity in a worse version. Note also that if, despite possible weight loss with different diets, your stomach is still of the same size, then we expect the regression to unfavorably.

Know that your body, being a genetically verified natural process, needs a certain set of nutrients that it needs for a full and healthy existence. Therefore, before making a choice in favor of any diet, do not forget that it is able to stretch your stomach, and the result will be imaginary. Using low-calorie foods in a diet, whether vegetable or fruit, you, of course, reduce your weight, but at the same time do not regulate the size of your stomach, which requires more and more food due to lack of nutrients. And it's only necessary for you to stop a certain diet, how weight returns, because a stretched stomach will now ask for more food than before.

Of course, the "5 tablespoons" diet, like any other diet, leads your body to certain changes. The only difference is that when using this diet, you can count on the favorable nature of these changes. Plus, its efficiency is much higher. Having acquired a certain form, sufficient for the healthy existence of your entire organism, your stomach will cease to need excessive food. The size of the stomach is simply not allowed. And this means that your appetite has returned to normal, and with a fully balanced diet. In addition, eating less foods, you, respectively, will begin to lose weight.

Again, this diet is completely harmless and guarantees the absence of hunger within five to six hours. Just do not sharply stop eating. In the beginning, it is not superfluous to consult a doctor who treats you. It is important that the knowledgeable master offers you a suitable dosage. Everything must be achieved in a natural way, without a sharp strain. Health - first of all. It may be that you will not miss enough for the beginning of five spoonfuls. Then you have to start with more and gradually reduce the norm. Avoid discomfort at the initial stage.

Experts say that a diet of five tablespoons can not only reduce the volume of your stomach, but also take care of your overall health. And the weight that you get with this diet, having lost an extra kilogram, will become normal and stable for you after its termination. Speech in this case may well be about the loss of 20-30 kg.

In essence, a five-spoon diet stabilizes the process of your digestion for the better and gives it the right direction. How much you would not lose pounds in the process of diet, in case of its termination your weight will not already change.

And now, actually, the menu itself.

It's simple: Take any food, but not more than five tablespoons at a time. Then break, not less than three hours. And throughout the day you can drink an unlimited amount of liquid.

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