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In the modern world, overweight is one of the most terrible problems over which dieticians and therapists, cosmetologists and psychotherapists, pharmacists and fitness trainers are fighting.

There are a lot of methods of weight loss, a separate group are methods of express weight loss, when it is vital in a matter of days or even hours to lose a couple of kilograms.

Often, diuretics are used for such "saving" purposes, furosemide for weight loss is recognized as one of the most popular ones.

What is the peculiarity of furosemide for weight loss?

Furosemide is a diuretic diuretic tablets with a rather impressive list of indications: water retention and swelling of a variety of origins: cardiac, hepatic, due to kidney problems, even cerebral edema.

  • The main advantage of the drug - almost instantaneous results when used: after a couple of hours after use, the liquid from the body begins to leave in the most natural way. Patients can run to the toilet every 10-15 minutes, losing up to 2-3 liters of "excess" water per day.

These features of the drug have given rise to fashion for furosemide for the urgent disposal of extra pounds, if one of the reasons for completeness is water retention and swelling.

For many ladies the diuretic has become a real salvation, allowing a day before an important event or party to drop 3-4 kg to climb into your favorite dress.
  • One tablet of furosemide at night after a stormy night in the club gives you the opportunity to avoid swelling of your face and swollen feet in the morning, which means - to look fresh and slim.
However, such methods of obtaining slenderness are not accidental, they have an "express" prefix: they should be used only if there is an urgent need.
  • For all its effectiveness, furosemide is a very powerful medicine, and all its advantages and side effects have long been studied and well known.
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How does furosemide work on extra pounds?

Those who firmly decided to try furosemide for weight loss, you must remember: the diuretic eliminates excess weight, and not from excess fat.

How does furosemide work when it enters the body?

  • Just one tablet, getting inside, starts the process of removing fluid from all tissues, including muscle and fat layer, completely without knowing whether the water is "bad" or not. As a result, muscle and fat cells cringe and decrease in size.
But as soon as the liquid gets back into the body, the original volume returns, and with it the hated overweight.
  • Along with clean water all vitamins, trace elements, including those that are simply vital to a person, are washed away. These are calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium - those substances that are responsible for strong bones, good blood, regular metabolic processes, and most importantly - a healthy heart. Ensure a stable level of all these elements with the help of polyvitamins alone and healthy nutrition is simply impossible: powerful furosemide works much faster than the digestible substances are metabolized.
Like many potent and effective drugs, a diuretic makes the body think that the pills will do everything themselves - which means that all systems, from excretory to cardiovascular, can "rest".As a result, there is a strong addiction.
  • As soon as a person stops drinking furosemide, it becomes more difficult to go to the toilet alone. The result - the strongest edema and almost narcotic dependence on the usual, it would seem, diuretic.

Furosemide - slimming application

In order for a diuretic to really bring the desired effect without harm to health, it is extremely important to remember a few rules on how to take furosemide for weight loss.

  1. Adequately evaluate the situation. Furosemide is not a magic pill for every day, but a remedy for the most extreme cases. Regularly "losing weight" with it is very harmful, but if you need to get rid of 2-3 kilograms and clean swelling before a date or a holiday, you can try.
  2. Ask your therapist. A rare doctor will allow you to use a powerful diuretic as a slimming remedy, but if you suffer from any chronic illnesses, such experiments can be just life-threatening.
    Perfect health is the main condition for using furosemide as a prescription for harmony.
  3. Strictly , observe the dosage of furosemide. To take a diuretic is necessary gradually, with 1 tablet, sometimes you can increase the dose to 2-3 per day. Instructions for the use of furosemide in severe disorders of the heart and liver allow individual choice of dose, with - no more than 4 tablets per day. For weight loss, this dose is strictly forbidden.
  4. Listen to yourself. For whatever purposes you take furosemide - to remove cardiac edema or to throw 2 kg from the abdomen in order to get into the dress - needs to take breaks .After one day of taking a diuretic, take a one-day stop and listen carefully to the body.
    If there is no disturbance of the heart rhythm, the hand-foot does not reduce the spasm, the sight and hearing remain sharp and you are not tormented by wild thirst - in a day or two you can repeat the short course.
    If this is really necessary, of course.
  5. Support the body. If you are going to resort to furosemide, do not forget that along with kilograms of water, valuable substances will evaporate from the body. And although the fluid leaves much faster than the same iron or calcium is absorbed, taking vitamins in parallel is a prerequisite. First of all - potassium preparations, which monitors the uninterrupted operation of the heart. That's why it's always worth to drink potassium-containing asparks and furosemide for weight loss together.

Furosemide for weight loss - how to take?

For many women seeking to lose weight, the important advantage of this dubious burner of extra pounds is the price of furosemide.

Price furosemide

So, how much is this diuretic drug in Russian pharmacies? Everything depends on the way of production and the manufacturer - furosemide is sold in ampoules( solution for injections) from 10 to 40 mg / ml, in tablets, usually 40 mg to 50 pieces per pack.

Run in the price of such a pack of tablets is quite serious - from 12 to 40 rubles. One of the most popular "diuretic" producers - the Bulgarian Sopharma, buy a drug of European production can be in the range of 17-25 rubles.

How to drink furosemide? Dosage of the drug

A powerful diuretic does not tolerate a frivolous approach - so that the medicine has the desired effect, it is important to know how to drink furosemide in order to lose weight.

Days for diuretic-weight-loss experiments are better to choose on weekends or holidays: endless trips to the toilet, every 20-30 minutes, just do not let it work.
  • If the extra weight is not catastrophic and you just need to throw 1-2 kilograms after a stormy night, enough to drink at night 1-2 tablets of a diuretic. Several trips to the toilet interspersed with sleep - and the next morning all swelling will disappear, and the arrow on the scales will show a clear reduction in weight.
  • When the situation is more complicated: water from the body stubbornly does not want to leave, and kilograms of this are rapidly added - the way furosemide should be changed. The optimal dosage in this case - 2 tablets per day, can be increased to 3.

The recipe is this: in the afternoon take 1 or 2 tablets( with a break of 3-4 hours), 1 tablet - at night. Then we arrange a respite to the body in one day, if there are no side effects, you can repeat the one-day course again.

Furosemide for weight loss - reviews of ordinary people

In myriad medical blogs and forums for weight loss there are various opinions about furosemide as a way to throw off excess weight.

Usually they can be clearly divided into 2 groups: positive reviews about a diuretic and sharply negative, with unpleasant details.

Positive feedback

Supporters of furosemide assure: sometimes this drug for weight loss - just a wand-zashchalochka. Usually, these reviews sound like this: "With furosemide I threw off 4 kg for a day!", "I drank 2 tablets at night, ran to the toilet several times, all swelling disappeared in the morning, my belly ceased to stick out," and so on.

Very often furosemide is used to remove swelling from the face, to return swollen legs from the liquid lightness and former harmony, for slimming belly - to look as effective in the evening dress.

The secret of such enthusiasm is very simple: the forum girls, consciously or not, use the basic rules for using a powerful drug: they drink furosemide for one day or only for the night, observe the minimum dosage, and in parallel take potassium preparations - the body simply does not have time to get used to and feel all the harm of the diuretic.

Negative feedback from

  • However, with single use of furosemide, dangerous consequences are possible: individual reports on the network are frightened by the fact that already in the first application of furosemide, girls have convulsions, hearing loss and the strongest arrhythmia.
  • In the most neglected cases the members of the forum admit that they know how much to drink furosemide - no more than 3 consecutive days, but they are no longer able to give it up.

Furosemide for weight loss - reviews of doctors

  • Physicians say that furosemide is an exceptionally powerful diuretic, and indications for its use are, first of all, painful swelling caused by severe chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver and heart: the instruction to tablets says nothing about "Effect.
Opinions of experts about such a radical method of obtaining a slender figure is very categorical: using diuretic furosemide for weight loss is reckless and dangerous.
  • The medicine has a number of serious side effects :
  1. All body systems can be affected: genitourinary, digestive, cardiovascular, even nervous.
  2. Convulsions, dizziness, arrhythmia, confusion, anemia, impaired renal function - all these differently differentiated symptoms can be the result of taking furosemide.
  3. One of the side effects of furosemide may be impotence - so the use of diuretic for weight loss of men is especially dangerous.
Drinking diuretic is allowed only under the strict supervision of a doctor.
  • In addition, furosemide has no effect on the fat burning process - fat cells only contract with loss of water, and then return to their original state.

To lose at the expense of a liquid more than 4-5 kg ​​is very difficult, and most importantly - risky: there is a chance to earn the strongest dehydration. Therefore, doctors' reviews usually call for the use of classic, years-proven methods for weight loss: gymnastics, the correct regime of the day, a balanced diet.

  • If the liquid persistently does not want to leave the body, the root of the problem should be looked for in the diet, for example - in too fatty and salty foods.
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  • Include unsweetened green tea with milk, clean water, watermelons in a day's ration, make an appointment with a specialist - and then you will be able to get rid of excess water, swelling and hated kilogramsmuch safer way.
  • Of course, furosemide is a very powerful and quick-acting remedy, and sometimes it is necessary to use it for weight reduction. For example, when tomorrow is a party, and the bulging belly and swollen legs do not allow you to climb into your favorite dress and look as impressive as at the graduation party or at student parties.
However, the danger of these pills is as strong as the effect of their use, so think several times before drinking them at night.

Do not forget about true friends of a slim figure - sports, walks, clean water and healthy nutrition, and leave furosemide for patients of cardiologists and nephrologists. Related Videos:

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