Variants of elegant women's evening trouser suits

Until the early twentieth century, trouser suits were an element exclusively of the men's wardrobe. Thanks to Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, trousers began to appear in women's wardrobes. Today it is difficult to find a fashionista who would not have in her wardrobe a couple of stylish trousers or a trouser suit that has not lost its relevance for many years.

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Note the colors and style of the product, regardless of fashion trends, they must be in harmony with the figure, the colorhair and correspond to the event for which the kit is intended.

The color scheme of trouser evening suits is wide enough. For summer evening costumes, it is best to choose a monophonic fabric of gentle pastel tones. In this season, do not lose their relevance beige, denim, mint, pink powder, cream. Always a fashionable and stylish shade of summer costumes is considered to be white, which emphasizes beauty, style, and always looks very elegant, contrasting with tanned skin. Such a women's evening dress can be worn for a wedding or other celebration.

For more formal events, it is best to choose the classic black or gray model. To give such an image of femininity, it is recommended to complete the set with a gently-white lace blouse.

For the autumn season it is recommended to choose a color scheme from warm colors. It can be burgundy, red, olive, dark blue. An excellent addition to this costume will be decorating elements of gold color.

For slender young ladies you can safely choose fabrics in stripes or with other patterns in the style of geometry.

Winter models of trouser suits are most often presented in a gray-black, blue, black-blue color scheme. But with the help of beautiful decorating elements( large buttons, fur inserts, large stitching), you can make any model the last squeak of fashion.

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When choosing the style of a trouser suit, you need to pay attention to how the model sits on the figure.

Today evening trouser suits are presented in different styles, the most popular of which are:

  • Baroque,
  • Gavroche,
  • Victorian,
  • Retro,
  • Casual,
  • Versailles,
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Trouser suits in baroque style are shortened by models of trousers, which are more like a skirt, as well as beautiful jackets. It is in this style, as in no other is appropriate multilayer ruffles and frills. For jackets very often use jacquard fabric, which differs pattern and texture of the original Baroque style. Lapels and pockets, and sometimes the whole surface of jackets are often decorated with beautiful embroidery smooth.

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The Versailles fashion displays the chic of the royal palace of France. In these models, the rate is placed on luxury and brightness, while they are not sewn from bright fabrics. Brightness is achieved due to the finishing material. Modern suits are complemented by beautiful metal fittings, leather straps and hinges. Such a model of a trouser female evening suit will suit both on the prom night, and for other solemn events and meetings.

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Evening suits in the style of gavrosh differ shortened jacket with a turndown collar of interesting shape and elongated trousers with a width of at least 30 cm, completely covering the heel. This style visually slim and stretches the shape.

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For evening costumes in retro style, it is characteristic to use fabrics with floral or pea print, all kinds of cages and stripes, as well as rustic floral motifs. Popular and monochrome models. At the same time styles in retro style often boil down to classical English and French styles.

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The style reflects the trends of a rhythmic city, suits in this style are simple and convenient, without superfluous decor. The bet is made for convenience, and then for beauty, so suits are sewn from natural fabrics. As an ornament there is an interesting cut, for example, deep V-shaped smells or a Basque element. The colors in the framework of natural, the following colors are popular: beige, black, deep blue, emerald, red classic, cherry, pomegranate, pink powder, peach, white, gray.

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Victorian costumes are distinguished by a recognizable shape with an overstated waist. Also in the set there may be extended sleeves according to the type of lanterns and flared down pants. In the style of using only natural fabrics, delicate lace, wool. The palette is muted, matte, pastel.

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Options for complete

For women with excess weight, models of women's evening trouser suits with a long tunic are best suited. The ideal combination is a dark monophonic bottom and a bright tunic that visually conceals wide hips and a slightly protruding belly.

For the summer season, fashion designers advise choosing thin chiffon multi-layer models, adding a few bright accessories to them.

Winning models look like with bright blousons and white trousers. Such options are perfect for celebrations.

In any case, trouser suits for full women should include an elongated top part to hide the flaws of the figure

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