Pencil skirt: what to wear with

  • Skirt patterns according to the figure type
  • Skirt pencil and shoes for it
  • Office and strict style
  • Romantic variants
  • Recommendations for optimal combinations

Skirt pencil is a garment that has long been in fashion. From other models this skirt differs by a straight and strict cut, and also by precise lines. It would seem that such a model should only concern the office style and be combined with business things. But this is not so.

It perfectly co-exists and in kezhual style, it can perfectly look on romantic appointments and social events, and even on a walk it can make the company a free T-shirt and high sneakers. However, in order to use it correctly in other informal styles, it is necessary to know all the subtleties and nuances of such a combination.

Skirt patterns according to the type of figure

The most common and classic version of the pencil skirt is an overstated waistline and a length that reaches strictly to the middle of the knee.

But it should be noted that this option does not fit all the girls, because it divides the figure by three quarters. Owners of full knees should not resort to this particular model, as it accentuates this part of the female body.

Designers constantly modify this wardrobe item, making it more versatile and adjusting for different types:

  • narrowed cut and thin material( silk, satin) are suitable for slender girls with narrow hips;
  • to owners of magnificent hips it is better to stop on a product from a tweed, this material hides volumes a little;
  • non-ideal shape of the legs can be adjusted using a pencil skirt with drape in front and below the knee length;
  • style slightly above the knee of a dense suit fabric - for individuals of low stature.

Very thin girls who want to somehow give weight to their lower body, you should pay attention to models with overhead applications, ruffles on the edge or bulky pockets.

All these tips will help to choose the model of the pencil skirt, which will further emphasize the dignity of the figure and help to hide small flaws.

Pencil skirt and shoes for it

Before you begin to combine this garment with other things from the wardrobe, you need to understand with what shoes you can wear a pencil skirt, and with which one should not.

  • Ideal option are thin shoes. In this case, the outfit is stylish and feminine at the same time.
  • If shoes with a pointed nose, then a note of sexuality is introduced into the image, if it is round or square, then the woman can show some determination and firmness of character.
  • Excellent solution - neat sandals on a low heel.
  • If it comes to high thin heels, then you can use shoes that are equipped with a small platform. With a pencil skirt, such shoes will also look harmonious. By the way, this is the preferred combination of the wife of the famous football player and former participant of the popular girl group Victoria Beckham.
  • Another great solution can be ankle boots. They perfectly coexist with a pencil skirt, interpreting it in a new way. Botillons can be leather, suede and even lacquered.

It is necessary to consider the combination of the material itself and the fabric from which the skirt is made. If she is of velvet, then suede boots should be discarded, otherwise there will be the impression of some excess of softness. The same goes for the satin skirt and lacquered shoes: here already the image, especially its lower part, will be variegated with gloss, which is not very beautiful.

It's best to combine with things that contrast a bit with each other. Ankle boots for such a skirt model must be chosen without all kinds of rivets and spikes. These things are not combined with each other and only talk about bad taste. The last thing I would like to draw attention to is the length of the skirt. It is with ankle boots that this point should be taken into consideration in order not to spoil the proportions of the figure visually. It is best to choose one of the proposed options:

  • slightly inflated model of shoes looks good with a classic pencil skirt;
  • short ankle boots and skirt reaching the calf area;
  • high ankle boots covering the ankles will be appropriate for the product above the knee.

Sometimes you can find quite a non-standard combination, when under a pencil skirt they try to put on athletic shoes.

This option has the right to life, if it comes to a denim skirt with an overstated waist and a short sweater or an easy bike with open shoulders.

But in this case, sports style shoes should be a bit elegant and feminine. For example, snow-white sneakers on lacing with a floral ornament.

Also to this wardrobe item you can choose neat shoes-boats, lacquered, fabric or leather moccasins of black, milk or white color, as well as sandals of not very open type on high stable heels.

But completely abandon should be from rough and massive shoes, Cossacks, as well as from high boots and wide boots - all this is badly combined with a pencil skirt.

Office and strict style

The pencil skirt is one of the best options for creating the image of a business lady. For the daily image, you can choose shirts for men's cut or a simple style blouses of light shades. This top should be tucked into a skirt, only in this case things will look stylish and harmonious together.

For a cold season under a black pencil skirt you can put on a dark blue or chocolate shade of a turtleneck, and on top of it you can also put on a black jacket of a restrained style.

You can use in this version, and a jacket, but it should be a short cut, so that the waist line does not interrupt, but well viewed.

To make the office style not boring, but fashionable, you can use one of the suggested options:

  1. Brown pencil skirt of dense fabric, jacket, fully buttoned, with a small collar and sleeves three-quarters, as well as a small ruffle on the bottom. To this side, you can add a thin string of pearls and black boat shoes.
  2. Gray skirt-pencil with a length just above the knee can be interesting to beat a dressed blouse with lush short sleeves and with a lace inset along the chest line. The blouse can be white, milky or dark red. Do not under any circumstances under the skirt of this shade choose the top in purple tones. The whole image begins to look too pale and pale, creating a feeling of a painful look.
  3. Classic black skirt and the same single-breasted jacket, under the bottom of which is put on a black blouse in white polka-dot. Here, a dark bag, on which a small white silk handkerchief will hang as a decoration, is perfect.

Romantic options

The pencil skirt, complemented by the right top, will help create an image for a date or an evening out. To do this, you can use the product with a long cut on the side or back. But in this case, shoes should always be selected in a tone to the bottom, and not top, so that the image has meaningfulness and completeness.

In this case, transparent or light blouses with ruffles and trim, as well as with such elements as knotted bows or embroidered patterns, can approach. Very delicate and delicate with such a skirt will look like a thin cardigan or jacket, the cuffs and neck of which are decorated with a scattering of rhinestones or beads. But such an upper product should be pritalennym and slightly shortened.

For an evening out, you can choose a pencil skirt with a basque( flounces running along the belt line) or complement it with an original strap with a massive or shiny buckle. In this case, the top should be slightly muted and without unnecessary details.

If it is a smart version, for example, in the summer, then you can choose a pencil skirt of light tones, which in itself already looks festive. It can be trimmed from below with a lace or a strip of brocade braid.

So, a white pencil skirt can be combined with a black or rich scarlet satin blouse, the collar of which is decorated with a brooch made from natural iridescent stones. Attachment is complemented with lacquered clutch, but shoes are better to choose a pointed model.

Recommendations for optimal combinations of

When choosing such a piece of clothing, it is worthwhile to follow several rules, so that the image in the end turned out to be worthy and harmonious. Stylists advise:

  1. The bright bottom of yellow, red or blue color is best combined with a monochrome black or white top, or having a shade that repeats the color of the skirt, but a few tones is lighter. Shoes in this case should have more in common with the top.
  2. Wishing for such a product to wear sneakers, it is necessary to understand that the resulting urban style is not always appropriate.
    In this case, the skirt should be made of simple material( jeans, corduroy, chintz), and as a top you should choose a shirt, loose sweater or jeans shirt.
  3. The skirt-pencil with brutal footwear and massive boots of a man's type is not combined at all. Also, avoid such a combination, such as a pencil skirt and a lush bolero.

These tips will help you decide what to wear with a pencil skirt to look stylish and fashionable.

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