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In the modern world, any girl can take advice from the Internet to recreate the original hairstyle without leavingfrom home. Hairstyles are sideways - an excellent option for those ladies who dream without extra efforts to emphasize the originality of their image. Such styling always looks impressive, no matter how long the girl conjured over their creation.

Options for medium length hair styling

Hairstyles for medium hair on one side - this is a real classic, which is often used by wedding masters and lovers of bright images. This styling can look festive or profitable to emphasize the everyday bow, and everything depends on the girl's imagination.

What are the most popular options for laying sideways? See:

  1. Creating a hairstyle for medium hair, you can finely curl each strand, effectively laying them on the side and fixing with varnish. The result is a simple and effective way of laying.
  2. Looks carelessly scythe on one side of curled hair, which is often created for wedding and evening images.
  3. Tail on the side is another indispensable option, which can often be found in the everyday images of women of different ages.
  4. If a lady dreams of an original hairstyle, then her version is a spectacular bunch made on one side and decorated with flowers.
  5. Perhaps the most simple and spectacular option is the side tail. In order to create it on medium or long hair, you do not need to be an experienced craftsman. To obtain a spectacular tail it is necessary: ​​
    • Carefully comb the curls, shifting them to one side, for example, to the right.
    • Next, with the help of a few rubber bands should intercept the curls.
    • Also a girl can use invisibility, it will also look spectacular and that hairstyle in which the elastic bands will be disguised locks of hair.
  6. If the girl wants her laying on her side looked a little more creative, she needs to pre-brush all the strands, and then grab them with several elastic bands in different places. The result is an externally complex hairstyle, which in fact is created in 5 minutes. At the end of the styling should be generously flavored with varnish, so that the curls lay correctly throughout the day.

Another great option for every day - it's curls, laid on one side. To create such a laying you will need only a hair spray, and a few invisible ones. The first thing to do is to wind each strand of hair on the curling iron, creating the effect of small curls. Such a hairstyle looks even more impressive on long hair, because the larger it is in the end, the better.

When the curls are curled, they must be carefully moved to one side, fixing the hair that has turned out to be invisible. Now it remains only to coat the stove with varnish. To make the image seem brighter, the girl can decorate her hair with a hairpin or a living flower.

Variants of laying on short hair

The small length of the curls does not prevent experienced ladies from creating spectacular hairstyles on one side. Of course, the number of options in this case is noticeably reduced, but among them you can find something original. You can arrange short strands as follows:

  • creating a volume effect on one side, shifting all the strands to the right or left and straightening them;
  • look great and hairstyle in the style of the 20's, for the creation of which the curls are large to curl( to form one big wave), shifting them after the side and fixing with varnish;
  • an interesting hairstyle can be made by finely curling short strands and fastening them on one side with the help of invisible ones.

Some women go even further, creating from short hair the real works of hairdresser's art. For example, you can make an effective styling using a popular device - babetta:

  1. . Such evening hairstyles are created on the side by means of a special roller. It should be placed on the side, evenly wrapping a strand behind the strand on the platen.
  2. After that, it is necessary to smooth any sticking ringlets with foam.
  3. To make your hair look even more festive, you can decorate it with a hairpin with fresh flowers. This styling looks especially impressive in the event that a pair of locks hang hanging freely,
    framing the face. If the girl is a happy owner of a bang, then it should not be filled in the roller, since the styling with it will look even more original.

However, more often than not, women with short hair prefer spectacular hairstyles to the side with numerous curls. Here everything is quite simple:

  1. It is necessary to curl each strand separately.
  2. Move the curls to one side, fixing the especially naughty ones with the help of invisible ones near the top of the head.
  3. Spraying the varnish at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the hair, you can fix the styling, while maintaining its lightness and airiness.

Evening hair on the side

Modern fashionistas are increasingly looking for original solutions for creating evening hairstyles. Side laying here is a significant lead. For example, the standard braid "fishtail" looks daily, but, laid to the right or to the left, it acquires completely new outlines. So, what are the evening hairstyles on the side you can meet most often:

  1. Dozens of variants with braids twisted to one side.
  2. Spectacular hairstyles with skillfully laid curls that organically emphasize the femininity of the image.
  3. Careless side beams that adore Hollywood celebrities.
  4. Stacking with a radical volume and various knots from the hair from below.

It starts with a spectacular evening styling using braids. Hairstyles on medium hair on one side with braids look especially impressive, and here it is important to show your imagination.

  • This can be a common spikelet, woven, say, of six strands. Weave it from left to right. To make the styling look more festive, the tips should be combed, and the elastic band must be hidden behind the decoration of the live flowers. By the way, flowers can be weaved into the hairdo itself, which will only make it even more original.
  • If a lady wants to give her image a lot of ad hoc negligence, she needs to leave some strands free and curl them. The remaining strands should also be shifted to the side and lacquered. They will not get out of the hairstyle, but at the same time create an original sloppy effect.
  • The next popular haircut is the fishtail spit. It is difficult to weave, so you may need someone else's help. The girl should distribute the curls to 6-8 strands and start the weaving according to the scheme. To weave curls better from the middle of their length, so that the roots retain the volume and slight effect of negligence. After this, it remains only to decorate the hairdress at her base with a hairpin and fix it with a mousse. There is also a simpler version of the two strands.

If the girl wants to create an evening styling with a radical volume, she should scratch her curls, and then shift them to one side. Now it remains only to twist the tips by making a tail with a rubber band on the end. Such a hairstyle will look extremely creative and will suit the most courageous girls.

How to weave a braid of 6 strands - video

Laying on a graduate

Usually hairstyles for a graduate girl begin to be chosen long before the most solemn evening, and their choice often falls on the side layings. It's all about their simplicity and effectiveness, which can be achieved without the help of professionals.

The most popular option is a careless bun on the side:

  1. To perform this hairstyle, you need to take a few strands and begin to weave the standard spikelet from left to right. Next, the ends of the hair should be attached with an elastic band. The remaining strands need to be moved to the right side, where they in turn need to be weaved together, using the braid itself.
  2. When all the curls are woven around the tip of the spikelet, the design in the most problematic places should be secured with invisibility.
  3. With the help of a varnish it is possible to fix a hairdress, having decorated it in the final with a decorative element from real flowers or rhinestones.

If the girl does not want to stand out from the crowd, her curls will approach the side of her middle hair:

  1. To create this hairstyle, you need to move all the hair to one side, starting to curl them with a curling iron. Curls should not be too small, otherwise the hair will turn into chaos.
  2. Next, you should fix all the locks at the roots with invisible.
  3. If the volume seems to be insufficient, you can scratch curls at the roots, creating an additional effect of negligence. With this option is very impressive in contrast, looks like a straight fringe.

It is very unusual to look at the high styling made with a roller for babette:

  1. The roller itself should be placed on the right or left and as close as possible to the crown, gradually winding hair on it. However, one strand should be left.
  2. After winding the hair on the roller is completed, the remaining strand is randomly wrapped around the structure of the hair, fixing the tips of the invisible.
  3. The lining must be filled with lacquer to make it look as strict as possible.
    This hairstyle is suitable for those graduates who do not hesitate to fully open their face and are proud of their own appearance.

There are a lot of side lays, and they are very popular with a wide variety of women. Depending on the mood, such laying can look extravagant, bright or severe, but one thing remains unchanged - the female individuality.

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