What is GMO and what does it eat?

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This abbreviation can be deciphered even by a schoolboy, but not everyone can explain its essence. Modified organisms are artificially created by humans using molecular biological methods.

There are major companies in the world that own patents for the production of GM seeds: Monsanto( USA), Syngenta( Switzerland), Bayer Crop Science( Germany).

GMO is used not only in the manufacture of food products, but also in the manufacture of medicines. In addition, running away from negativity, some companies have teamed up with lesser known groups, and GMO trade can be carried out under other brands.

"Monsanto" is trying to become a world leader in the field of growing GM animals. Back in 2005, this company tried to buy a patent for a new breed of pigs with less fat. Around the activities of this manufacturer scandals are constantly arising. For example, in Hungary it was forbidden to grow corn, for fear of pollution of natural species. In Indonesia, the company's employees tried to bribe for refusing to examine cotton.

In Germany, studies were conducted on rats fed GMO corn produced in Monsanto. As a result, weight loss and changes in blood composition in animals were detected. Other experiments have shown that the use of injections for cows with hormones increases the risk of prostate and breast cancer by 500%!

"Syngenta" was also seen in the concealment of the facts of the dangerous effect of its products. The Corporation deliberately changed the results of the examination of harmless and dangerous maize varieties.

Decoding of GMO

Decoding of GMOs( genetically modified organism) - that is, an organism whose genotype was artificially altered by genetic engineering methods. This definition can be applied to plants, animals and microorganisms. Genetic changes, as a rule, are made for scientific or economic purposes. The genetic modification differs by a purposeful change in the genotype of the organism, in contrast to the accidental, characteristic for the natural and artificial mutational process.

Manufacturers using GMO

Greenpeace provided a list of producers using GMOs. It is noteworthy that in different countries they behave absolutely differently, depending on the current legislation. Here are some of them: Kelloggs, Nestlé, Unilever, Hayenz Fuds, Hershis, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Danone, Similak, Cadbury, Mars, Pepsi-Cola.

Which products use GMOs?

Basically, these are confectionery and meat products, which include soy products, as well as canned corn. The bulk of products are imported from abroad: corn, potatoes, soybeans, rapeseed. At us on a table they appear either in the pure state, or in ready products and a children's food.

To the great regret of consumers, it is impossible to detect the presence of GMOs either in taste or in smell. Only the laboratory research can reveal the secret.

The most popular crops with GMOs: wheat, corn, tomatoes, rape, potatoes, beets, strawberries, zucchini, chicory.

Soya can be used in the manufacture of bread, biscuits, margarine, fast food, sweets, chips, ice cream, chocolate, sauces, etc.

About 70% of baby food contains GMOs.

Only with a competent approach, knowing the information, it is possible to minimize the impact of new hazardous technologies.

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What is GMO and what does it eat?
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