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  • Types of auxiliary elements for manicure
  • Features of using stencils on the adhesive basis
  • Stamping: what it is and how to use it
  • Nail stamping - video
  • Stencils with your own hands: nuances of creation and possible problems when using

How often do novice masters come acrossdifficulties in applying even elementary drawings! Sometimes a simple French manicure causes a lot of problems because of the need to create a smooth and beautiful hole. Stencils for nails - the right way in just 5 minutes to achieve optimal design, but they need to be used wisely. All the nuances of using stencils and the features of their independent production will be described below.

Varieties of auxiliary elements for manicure

First we will understand what a manicure stencil is. In fact, this is a special workpiece that helps reproduce on the nails a complex pattern or an unusual design. All that is required of a person is to attach the appropriate tool to the nail and with its help create a unique design. What varieties of stencils for manicure exist?

  1. Self-adhesive options for making holes and French manicure.
  2. Unusual stencils with cut out in them a variety of drawings and complex images.
  3. Stamps that carry the pattern as an impression when applied to the nail( they are also called disk stencils).

In each case, there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, stencils on an adhesive basis are much easier to use, because they only need to attach to the nail, and then carefully remove. However, the proposed drawings are very often disappointing lovers of virtuosic design. Typically, these stencils offer only schematic images of flowers and plants, and to achieve a truly unusual design with their help is not easy.

With the help of disc options, the girl can create a truly inimitable manicure by decorating the entire nail surface with a pattern.
It's just not easy to apply such images, because in this case you need accuracy and accuracy, otherwise the drawing will be smeared.

Now the help of stencils is mostly used by beginners and those people who can not boast of the artist's talents. However, the use of only blanks when creating a manicure is unacceptable, because sooner or later this design will start to look boring.

Features of the use of stencils on the adhesive basis

Despite the fact that such stencils for the design of nails are used to facilitate the life of the master, this does not mean that they can be used without special technique. If a woman starts to thinklessly apply stencils, nothing good from the manicure will not work, and the effective pattern will turn into greased nonsense. Work with adhesive stencils implies the following features:

  • , the stencil must be removed from the substrate immediately before it is applied to the nail, otherwise the base for the drawing will not be fastened;
  • also the lady needs to apply the drawing with the help of sponges, not brushes, because in the second case one can easily blur out the contours of the image;
  • to put a varnish costs in 2, a maximum in 3 layers then it is necessary to wait drying of a varnish and only after that to remove a stencil.

How to use:

  1. The initial stage of creating such a manicure is considered standard: the lady will have to get rid of cuticles, trim the marigold with a nail file, and then apply the lacquer of the desired color. Experts advise to choose bright varnishes, because on them absolutely any picture will look bright.
  2. Next, you need to put on the nail stencil, especially making sure that it does not bubble and does not lag behind in the problem areas near the base of the nail.
  3. It is necessary to apply the drawing neatly, painting only those fragments that, according to the girl, will perfectly decorate her nails. Sometimes on a single stencil there are various pictures depicted, and therefore it will be necessary to cut out the parts of the picture, in order to subsequently glue them to the nail.
You can use a similar stencil for all nails, but remember that the adhesive surface quickly loses its stickiness. That's why re-applying the stencil after a couple of months is unlikely to be rational.

Now a manicure with geometric elements is very popular. In this case, the girl will also be able to use stencils to apply a variety of abstract lines. Such a stencil often takes the form of a regular strip, which is glued to the nail. Next, you need to create a thin or three-dimensional line, circling the outline of the sticker and removing it. To make such a drawing original, a lady will need maximum imagination, so do not be afraid of experiments. Even if the design does not succeed, the lacquer can always be erased, re-engaging in the work.

For French manicure and to create a hole at the base of the nail is usually used stickers in the form of a semicircle. They are neatly applied to the right part of the nail and help to create an absolutely smooth edging of the nail. Additionally, the marigold can be decorated with rhinestones and sequins, but only after the main pattern dries.

Stamping: what it is and how to use it

A very bright version of manicure can be created with the help of disk technology. To apply the pattern in this way, a person will need a special disk, a seal and a small scraper. All this can be purchased at a specialized store, but it will cost a lot. So, how is the drawing applied?

  1. To begin with, it is necessary for a person to paint on the disc the drawing they liked, removing all the surpluses of the varnish with a scraper.
  2. Next it is necessary to attach a seal to the disk, so that an image print appears on it.
  3. Now it remains only to bring the seal to the nail with the already prepared surface and rolling movements to reproduce the picture.
  4. After the image dries, the nail plate will only have to be covered with a finishing coat.
The main advantage of this design is that with the help of printing, a lady can reproduce even the most complex and unusual drawing.

The variety of sets for stamping will help to experiment with the design of plates again and again. However, there is a similar manicure and its shortcomings:

  • First, quite a lot is the set itself. The average price in specialized stores is 1 thousand rubles.
  • Secondly, in order to make the picture look interesting and bright, special acrylic based varnishes may be needed, which also cost a lot.
  • Thirdly, the lady will have to show considerable zeal when drawing a drawing. Sometimes even with full observance of the technology, the images are too greasy and do not suit the most demanding masters.

And yet, this technology is very popular, because with its help you can create a truly realistic drawing that looks very bright. And if the usual screen images often give out their true origin, then the manicure, recreated with the help of disk technology, looks as if it really drew painstakingly.

Stamping nails - video

Stencils with your own hands: the nuances of creation and possible problems when using

In the event that a girl wants to save or show imagination, she can make a stencil for her nails with her own hands. For this, one does not have to work miracles, because the creation of such a "helper" manicure master is a matter of five minutes.

To create a stencil yourself, you will need a regular stationery tape or adhesive tape.

  • If a lady dreams of a beautiful French manicure, she needs to cut a neat hole from one edge of the tape, and then, according to the technology already known to us, stick a sticky stencil to all the nails one at a time. As a result, you will get an excellent manicure, for the creation of which you will have to make minimum efforts.
  • The next option is to create bright geometric patterns. For example, a girl can cut scotch tape into several thin lines, which, if combined together, will imitate the image of a star or an unusual geometric figure. Next, you just need to glue these pieces of tape to the plate in a certain order and paint over the free areas. The resulting manicure will be very bright, but it does not require its creator special skills in reproduction.
  • Stencils can be created from old stickers, cutting them out in a particular form or from simple pieces of paper, which then need to be carefully attached to the plate.
Such a homemade design option will force a woman to show imagination, without spending a single ruble to buy additional materials.

The modern world of manicure is so diverse that a girl can draw anything on her nails without fear of looking ridiculous. If with the reproduction of some images there are difficulties, to help the lady always come special stencils of all sizes and shapes. With their help you can become a virtuoso master, while spending on creating drawings is not more than five minutes and a minimum of funds.

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