Balayazh on light and dark hair with a photo before and after

Balayage of hair is a variant of hair straightening, which creates a smooth color transition of paint tones across all hair, from roots to ends. This technique of dyeing hair creates the effect of their burning out in the sun. The transition of tones can be smooth or sharp, it all depends on your own preferences. The transition of the tones visually betrays the hair volume. The process of staining is very laborious and expensive, but the result is a magnificent voluminous hairdo.

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    Before / After pictures

    A selection of photos of the balayage of the hair before and after, can enable the girls to determine the right color for hair dyeingand present the final result of the salon procedure.

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    On blonde hair

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    To darkhair

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    The most popular varieties of hair coloring in the style of balage:

    • staining only the tips;
    • staining on clearly delineated borders( very high or very low);
    • staining of the strands in front( near the face);
    • asymmetric staining;
    • full staining( transition from dark to light from roots to ends).
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    Color combinations

    For correct creation of color transitions of a hairdress it is necessary to know how to correctly combine colors:

    • to ladies of summer color type suitable natural ash and hazel nuances;
    • for girls of a winter color-type is worth to stay on bright colors( saturated bright tips of the color of ripe cherries);
    • on the girls of the spring color palage looks more harmonious. Here you can choose copper and wheaten shades, as well as screaming amber and bronze contrasts;
    • autumn girls should choose a variety of coffee beans with coffee or milk or caramel.
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    Here you will find a test how to determine your color appearance appearance
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    The technique of dyeing balaž has several advantages:

    • the duration of the sockshairstyles;
    • hairstyle is suitable for thin and weak hair;
    • versatility and uniqueness of hairstyles( due to color decisions, hair length and individual approach);
    • externally gives volume to thin and rare hair;
    • harmony at any age;
    • does not cut or dry hair;
    • hair after the procedure does not require additional expensive care;
    • perfectly masks gray hair.
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    Despite all the advantages of the procedure, it has several significant disadvantages:

    • with an unsuccessful combination of colors, the result may be unaesthetic;
    • to maintain a hairstyle requires daily hair styling;
    • self-coloration may not be successful( the procedure is complex and time-consuming);
    • daily bumps, hair drying and styling do not pass without a trace for the health of the hair.
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