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Now the variety of products on the shelves is really impressive. However, the most practical housewives prefer to combine in one dish an excellent taste, aroma and maximum benefit to the body. That's why quail eggs rich in valuable substances, amino acids and vitamins enjoy growing demand in the market.

Almost everyone can afford to consume quail eggs regularly, but not all do it. The reason is simple: people do not know how best to prepare the quail eggs, with which they are optimally combined, which are salads, dishes with quail eggs.

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To know what you can cook from quail eggs and how to create tasty and healthy dishes, read the tips and recipes below. You will give useful eggs to children, to please the original dishes of relatives and friends.

What is the best way to prepare quail eggs? A few nuances of

First of all, it is worth considering the basic principles of preparation of this product. Remember a few important points. The tips will help you to preserve valuable substances, aroma and delicate taste of eggs, their delicate consistency. In addition, you will know exactly how long it takes to cook different dishes with eggs.

Raw, but safe

An interesting fact! It turns out that many specialists, nutritionists and therapists have already noted that the famous quail eggs can be eaten raw. In this case, you will be able to give a dish of raw protein and yolks even to a child.

The whole point is that the quail is practically not susceptible to various infectious diseases, including salmonellosis. It is almost impossible to get salmonella from a raw quail egg.

However, small children with an extremely low resistance of the body still have to give eggs that have already been thermally processed. Many parents start giving the children raw quail eggs in 7-8 years. This is the optimal age.

But precautions should also be taken. Of course, any products can be dangerous. It is important to adhere to some rules, choosing and acquiring eggs.

  • You have to go for groceries to well-known, already established stores on the market. Do not buy quail eggs "from hand", order them from unfamiliar people. Now, individual entrepreneurs have the opportunity to supply products to large retail chains. Their goods pass necessary control, and buyers receive quality guarantees.
Try to weigh the eggs in your hand, compare them with each other. It is better not to take light things. Brilliant eggs, too, is not worth it. They are probably stale. The shell of quality quail eggs is matte.
  • Thoroughly inspect the quail eggs. They should not be scratched, damaged, dyed or chipped. It is necessary to take the testicles carefully and examine them from all sides carefully. Spots will be a little in the way, but you can quickly get used to it.
  • If the box with the eggs is already damaged, this is an occasion to ponder. It is much more practical to find eggs in a whole container.

When you correctly chose quail eggs, examined them and sniffed, did not notice anything suspicious, they can be boldly cooked raw, even for children! There are a lot of recipes for cooking, below we will look at some of the most successful ones.

Boiled quail eggs

Quail eggs are also popular with many. Perhaps this is the most common variant of cooking. However, some people are disappointed with the result if they cook eggs too long. Be sure to remember that these little testicles can not be cooked for a long time! They become ready much faster than chicken eggs.

How to Make Quail Eggs:

  1. First, gently wash them in cool water. Try not to click on the shell. It is very tender, easily damaged.
  2. It is better to put eggs in cold water, but not in boiling water. Due to a sharp temperature drop, the shell can crack.
  3. Make sure that the water completely covers the eggs, otherwise they will not be cooked.
  4. Put a little salt in the water so that the shell does not crack, and the eggs do not leak.
  5. After boiling the water, you need to reduce the heat and record the time.
  6. Now the most important thing.
    Quail eggs need less than chicken! In just one minute you will receive an egg "in a bag", three minutes you have to cook an egg soft-boiled, and for boiling it will be enough for 5 minutes.
    If the eggs are not from a young quail, they can be cooked for 4-4.5 minutes. They will become dense, the yolk will no longer be liquid.
  7. When the eggs are welded, they can be taken out with a noise. A good option is to gently drain the hot water, and then pour all the eggs cold. If you hold the eggs in cold water for a while, they will be perfectly cleaned.

Boiled quail eggs can be added to salads, decorate with their help various dishes, cook with them vegetable stews, soups, original snacks.

Frying quail eggs

Many housewives happily fry quail eggs. From small testicles you can prepare delicious omelettes, make spectacular colored glazuni. Of course, at the time of cooking eggs in fried form, their size will not be reflected.

You can fry an omelet for about 6-10 minutes, make a glaze in 7-8 minutes. Usually the time depends on the frying pan, the size of the burner. Each experienced hostess determines the time on her own. For example, an omelette is simply fried until hardened on one side, and then turned over to fry from the other side.

Why eggs of quail are especially useful, even in fried form? The thing is that these eggs contain a lot of valuable substances, vitamins and amino acids. If you do not cook eggs for too long, they will retain all their useful properties. At the same time, you can cook a bit of a liquid omelet without fear of catching salmonella, as quail is practically not prone to infectious diseases.

Cooking quail eggs. Useful tips and recipes for delicious dishes

Do you want to learn how to prepare quail eggs for children better? We decided to include useful eggs in the daily menu, but would you like to save its variety? Now you can learn interesting recipes for making quail eggs!

Create attractive dishes for children

First of all, the mistresses who have children will think about their children. Not all babies like to eat eggs, at the same time children just need to give them all the time! It is no accident that the Japanese recommend that students have at least two quail eggs a day.

How to cook testicles so that they like children, kids ate them often, always with pleasure? Here are a few simple recipes.

  • The most elementary way to make a dish attractive for children is to take care of its design. Decorate with sandwiches eggs. Eggs can be cut in half, making funny mice, bear cubs, bunnies and elephants with big ears. From small quail eggs it is easy to lay out any beasts, decorate them additionally with other products: carrots, sausage, greens.
  • Light vegetable salads, in which eggs are added, will also appeal to children. Decorate them with figures of carrots, egg white and yolk.
  • It is important to give the children raw quail eggs. They contain the maximum quantity of useful substances, all valuable microelements and vitamins. Many children flatly refuse from the gogol-mogol, whipped raw eggs. Try to offer more successful options. For example, a well-beaten raw quail egg can be mixed with mashed potatoes, add sour cream, a little mayonnaise, and decorate everything with greens. If you serve such puree with tomato juice, your child will definitely like this dish.
  • Stuffed quail eggs - the perfect dish for the whole family. They will conquer all your loved ones, they will be happy to eat the guys. Children better give eggs stuffed with mashed potatoes, crushed vegetable salad, perfectly in harmony with the eggs of broccoli puree.

Your children will taste bright multicolored salads, original sandwiches with animals and unusual mashed potatoes, they will gladly eat stuffed quail eggs. In addition, some children will be happy to clean and eat the usual boiled eggs quail. They are so original, small, colorful!

Some more recipes for useful dishes from eggs

Need to save in eggs a maximum of valuable substances? Then the following simple recipe will work for you:

  1. Take 10 quail eggs.
  2. Gently pour the eggs into a container. To do this, cut off partially the shells from the sharp ends of the eggs.
  3. Whisk eggs with a blender.
  4. Narubite finely greens, divide into inflorescences cabbage broccoli. You can add a few cherry tomatoes. Chop everything in the blender.
  5. Mix eggs with vegetable paste in a blender.
  6. Pour your dish into two cups.

From above, you can decorate it with branches of green, lay out halves of hard-boiled quail eggs.

In this dish, eggs will preserve all their useful properties, they will give your body a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

The popularity of pickled eggs is growing .A liter of marinade is enough for 36 quail eggs. Marinade them can be in a liter jar for 12 hours.

Marinade is very easy to prepare:

  • It is necessary to take 1 liter of water, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar, sugar and salt to taste.
  • To make eggs more spicy, it is necessary to add marinade with six cloves of garlic, put cloves, French mustard, coriander into it.
  • Quail eggs should be hard-boiled, carefully cleaned and folded into a jar.
  • The marinade is cooked for 5 minutes, after which it can be filled with eggs. In 12 hours they will be ready!

Pickled quail eggs are successfully supplemented with salads, garnishes. You can make an independent snack by wrapping the pickled testicles in thin layers of red fish, balyk. These rolls are fixed with toothpicks and served on the table, decorated with greens.

Many immediately conquer the original taste of salad with quail eggs. It is useful, has a pleasant aroma, an excellent bouquet of flavors. You can prepare salad from quail eggs , hard-boiled, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, green onions and lettuce leaves. It is necessary to add cheese of hard varieties, make refueling, use fresh greens.

Recipe for salad with quail eggs:

  1. Cook the shrimps. They need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Quail eggs, hard boiled, then remove the shell. Cut each egg into halves.
  3. The green onions are finely chopped.
  4. Lettuce leaves need to be torn into small pieces.
  5. Cheese grate on a grater
  6. It is better to cut tomatoes into quarters.
  7. Prepare the gas station. To do this, mix the soy sauce, olive oil, pour the lemon juice.
  8. Now you can make a green cushion of onions, lettuce leaves. It should be laid with eggs and prawns mixed with cheese.
  9. Put tomatoes around. Pour salad dressing and decorate with greens.

You can cook a lot of dishes from quail eggs. Remember useful tips, use recipes and diversify your menu - quail eggs will quickly occupy an honorable place in it!

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