Plants for growing strawberries - with their own hands

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Experiencedthe horticulturist knows that strawberry is a very fastidious plant, which must be planted in a special way to get a good harvest. Planting berry bushes is in August or in September. Which strawberry beds will be ideal, and can you create a fruitful plantation on your own? We tell.

Where to start?

Tell you how to prepare a garden bed for strawberries. This is especially of interest to beginning gardeners. The first thing to do is to choose a site for planting strawberries. It should be quite large, since berry bushes need to be planted at a decent distance from each other. Also, the potential area should not be in the shade, since strawberries need a lot of light for normal growth.

How to prepare beds for planting strawberries:

  1. It is necessary to completely remove large debris, including foliage and branches, sticks.
  2. Next, the entire territory of a potential strawberry patch is worth digging( best at the depth of the spade bayonet).
  3. Then it is necessary to disperse fertilizer( ideally - at least one bucket of humus per 1 square meter of planting).
  4. It remains only to mark the area for beds and strips that separate them from each other.
Planting strawberries is not too cumbersome, because this plant needs space for normal growth. If the horticulturist lands all the bushes back to back, they are likely to die.

You should also make furrows that will separate the beds. In autumn and spring, rainwater will gather in these furrows, reducing the flow of moisture to the strawberry. The plant itself can not be called hygrophilous, because because of the excessive amount of liquid roots of the plant can begin to rot, and in the soil will create the optimal conditions for the development of a variety of parasites.

Experienced gardeners do not recommend planting strawberries too deeply, because in this case it will develop more slowly than necessary, and this will lead to a reduction in yield.

The beds should be on a raised platform. The dividing furrows are made 20-25 centimeters lower than the bed itself. In this case, there is an ideal drainage of rainwater, and the risk of spreading various parasites to the entire crop is markedly reduced.

When collecting strawberries, it is necessary to move accurately on these furrows, trying not to break the integrity of the holes.

The size of the ideal bed and a few more nuances of planting

When the preparation of the strawberry bed is finished, it is necessary to go directly to the planting itself. Here there are certain nuances:

  • the size of an ideal bed should be about 40-50 centimeters;
  • each bush should be planted at a distance of 30-40 centimeters from the others, which will allow the plant to develop normally:
  • the ideal width of the bed is about 20 centimeters, and between each strip of holes should be located groove in a width of 30-40 centimeters;
  • plant strawberries from east to west, so that the amount of sunlight is uniform.

It is necessary to plant strawberries very carefully, trying not to damage the roots. After the planting of all the plants is completed, it is necessary to proceed to watering the beds. Each bush should be watered separately under the root, trying not to touch the leaves. If the grower will irrigate the strawberries from the hose at random, his beds will quickly blot out, and the plant itself can suffer, because now it is very easy to pull it off.

It is very important to observe the optimal distance between all the strawberry bush.
If the plants are located too close, they will begin to develop much more slowly. Also, close proximity will lead to a lightning spread of a variety of diseases. When in the spring the strawberry starts to bloom and start the antennae, the plants will start to tangle among themselves, disrupting organic coexistence.

Beds made with full observance of all distances, weeding much easier. If the plants are located too close to each other, weeding the area will increase the risk of damaging the strawberry itself.

In one place strawberry bushes should grow no more than 3-4 years. After the expiry of this period, the plants must be carefully excavated and transplanted to a new site where the correct bed has already been prepared. If you continue to grow berries in the same area, the harvest will decrease noticeably, besides, the risk of death of strawberry bushes will increase.

German low bed - a convenient way to achieve a high crop

How to make beds for strawberries? This is a question, to which there are several answers. The above described soil preparation system is considered the simplest, but not the most efficient.

The German strawberry and strawberry plantation system has long gained massive popularity, and now many summer residents use it. The essence of this system is that between rows of plants are made not simple furrows with a small depression, but real fences of boards or bricks.

The size of the garden under the strawberry should not be more than 40-80 centimeters. If you make a large marking, leaving at least 80 centimeters, then plants should be planted in two rows.

How to make a comfortable bed:

  • First you need to mark the area, determining where the strawberries and fences will be located.
  • Further, it is necessary to dig a trench 40 cm deep by placing on its bottom products of prolonged decay, for example, wood or old newspapers.
  • The remaining volume must be filled with soil mixed with humus, after which the ground should be evenly smoothed.
  • Now you can plant strawberries in 1 or 2 rows, leaving between the beds furrows of 40-50 centimeters.

In these places after the end of the landing it will be possible to lay out tracks from paving slabs or bricks.

Why the fencing is considered extremely convenient:

  • First, it facilitates access to the plant, because a person can easily move from one track to another, watering strawberries or clearing the soil of weeds.
  • Secondly, the presence of such a fence prevents the spread of a variety of infections on the soil. If one landing was infected with a parasite, then it will not spread to other bushes because of the presence of a fence.
  • Thirdly, in the presence of such fences, the risk is reduced that the bushes will be entangled and entangled about each other, letting the antennae.
Each plant should be planted at a distance of 40 centimeters from the other. This will help increase the yield of strawberry planting.

Watering a plant in a German garden bed is a special way. Do it best with a watering can, in a circle, not allowing root erosion. If a hose is used, it is necessary to water the plants under the root, while winding the rag onto the hose itself. This technique will help to ensure moisture and moisture, and the risk of root erosion is reduced.

If a person watered plants inadvertently, the risk of erosion of the wells and pathways would increase. As a result, instead of a neat garden, there will be a pile of plants mixed with blurry bricks and wood.

The presence of humus in the soil and the optimal amount of fertilizers will significantly increase the productivity of plants. It is believed that in this bed, you can get the largest and best harvest.

Convenient beds for strawberries - video

High German beds from automobile tires

Proper beds for strawberries need not be on the ground. Many gardeners now prefer planting plants in car tires or old barrels. This technology is convenient for several reasons:

  • weed out the plants, as it is to harvest, it becomes easier, since you do not have to bend low to the ground;
  • when growing strawberries in such isolated beds reduces the likelihood that the plant will be infected with parasites;
  • such a garden is much easier to cover with a tent, providing the best conditions for strawberries;
  • similar plantings look much more aesthetic and more accurate.


  1. The first thing to do is to carefully fill the car tire with soil mixed with humus.
  2. Then the soil must be watered - simple or with the addition of potassium permanganate.
  3. Now that the soil is perfectly prepared, you can plant strawberry bushes into it. This is a small landing, because in one tire with the ground can be placed no more than 4-5 bushes. On this preparation of a high strawberry patch ends.
  4. The grower can additionally cover the strawberries with a film, since the bushes will grow much faster, giving a good harvest.

It is believed that when growing strawberries in tires it is necessary to change the soil at least every two years. In this case it will be possible to maintain the yield of the improvised hole at a very high level.

Tubing from pipes

Tier beds for strawberries are now made of the most bizarre and unexpected materials. For example, some gardeners offer to plant strawberries in old wide pipes, pre-filled with soil with humus. The width of the strawberry bed in this case is automatically set by the size of the pipe, and the development of plants occurs without any difficulties.

So, there are the following options for planting strawberries in the pipes:

  • you can completely remove the upper part of the pipe by making an open bed directly in it;
  • make several large holes in the spiral, into which the strawberry will be planted.

The second variant was especially popular, as it is extremely simple and convenient. You can take a plastic or metal pipe of large diameter, make in it along the entire length of a hole 10-12 cm in size at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other. Further in the pipe it is necessary to fill the soil with the necessary fertilizers and start planting strawberries.

Such beautiful beds are simple in manufacture and extremely convenient, because you do not have to worry about the appearance of pests or weeds. When the strawberry starts to grow, it will automatically develop in the space limited by the hole in the pipe, which will facilitate harvesting.

Seed beds from

bags Another way to create beds is to use old strong sacks of sugar or flour. How to arrange strawberry beds in this way, and that it will take:

  1. It is necessary to fill the bag tightly with soil with humus and various fertilizers.
  2. Next, it should be put on its side, making it a few horizontal slits.
  3. They can safely plant strawberries, and the bag itself is better to hang on some wall, where there is always a lot of sun.
  4. Watering of this bed is carried out through the top of the bag, and excess moisture is removed through the bottom.

A gardener can make any number of beds from old bags. They are extremely convenient in daily operation, because the soil receives just as much liquid as needed, and the crop itself is not affected by a variety of parasites. Collecting the crop and weeding strawberries in this bag is also extremely convenient.

Now we use a variety of ways to grow tasty and large strawberries. For these purposes, at least an old bag can be useful, at least a tire - an original flower bed for strawberries. On a good land, and even with the correct location of the holes, the harvest will always be decent.

Vertical bed of a pipe - video

Properly marking a bed, the gardener will provide plants with correct and fast growth. As a result, the harvest will be large, and all the efforts expended will pay off. Related Videos:

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