17 years of marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give

  • Traditions of the seventeenth anniversary of the wedding
  • What to give to her husband / wife on the 17th anniversary of the wedding?
  • What to present for the 17th anniversary of the wedding to friends?

Each wedding anniversary becomes an important event for the couple. By the seventeenth anniversary of marriage, a romantic usually remains in the past, but people still sincerely love each other, appreciate the time spent together. How to celebrate 17 years of marriage, and are there any traditions regarding the choice of gifts for this wonderful celebration? We tell.

Traditions of the seventeenth anniversary of the wedding

The first question that arises from the perpetrators of the celebration: what is the name of the 17th wedding anniversary? The name of this celebration is a "pink" or "tin" wedding. The most interesting thing is that the tenth anniversary of a joint life has the same name.

The traditions of the two holidays coincide with one exception: if the 10th anniversary is celebrated on a grand scale, then the seventeenth anniversary is a purely family celebration. In ancient times, people tried to celebrate it alone or in a narrow circle of relatives, without drawing attention to their feelings. What other traditions exist for this holiday?

  1. On this day it is customary to exchange special tin rings that do not have a lot of material value, but, according to the constitution, they must consolidate the already strong feelings of the spouses.
  2. It is also worth decorating the entire house with pink petals on the eve of the holiday, which will help create a touching, romantic atmosphere.
  3. It is a good thing to drink red wine on this day, as it helps to fill the hearts of the heroes of the celebration with love.
  4. This day it is customary to repeat the oaths of fidelity, confirming the seriousness and inviolability of existing feelings.

Usually for 17 years of marriage the romance has time to disappear, and therefore the feelings of the spouses seem not so strong and bright. Correctly organized anniversary will be able to remind the culprits of the triumph that they are connected not only with numerous obligations, but with sincere feelings.

You can hold an informal wedding with the exchange of tin rings. In the process, the spouses will repeat their vows of loyalty and admit to each other in love. Such a touching moment will bring variety to the feast and help the spouses to be assured of their shared happiness.

On the tenth anniversary of the wedding in ancient times, a man had to wear a special tin spoon, which at night should be put under the pillow of his wife. This strange ceremony can be repeated on the seventeenth anniversary. It is believed that he also helps to cement feelings in a couple, connecting it for the rest of his life.

What to give to her husband / wife on the 17th anniversary of the wedding?

Such an important day can not do without solving the burning issue of gifts. What to give to his wife - a question that has a dozen answers, and here are just a few of them:

  • any valuable gift of pink color will perfectly fit into the theme of the holiday, emphasizing the serious attitude of the man to everything that happens;
  • preference can be given to jewelry with pink or red stones, as well as a cute tin jewelry, which will surely bring luck to its owner;
  • a man can choose for his wife any item of wardrobe pink or red, for example, an expensive and beautiful dress for a trip to the restaurant on the anniversary of the wedding;
  • romantic evening, organized for the beloved wife, is the best gift, directly speaking about the feelings of a man.

Anniversary of the wedding is 17 years of a joint life, in which there were problems, and joys, and serious quarrels. That's why a simple bouquet is indispensable here. If a man wants to make a spouse a floral gift, then you should present her 17 chic roses on long legs and with pink buds. Such a symbolic gift will be a wonderful addition to a romantic dinner.

Another wonderful gift is a trip to an exotic country for a romantic getaway. Sometimes in a stream of problems and everyday worries people just do not have time to express their own feelings. Having relaxed at the resort, the spouses will be able to remember what exactly they fell in love with each other many years ago.

Choosing a gift for the second half, it is worth considering the individual's preferences. For example, some women do not like flowers, but adore sweets, which means that caring husbands can buy for them huge cakes on order, decorated in a pink range. Such a dessert will quickly turn into the main decoration of the table.

What men give to such an important and significant day is also a serious question. What gifts will not only be pleasant, but also relevant?

  1. Any items from tin, for example, a set of beer mugs.
  2. You can also choose a gift in connection with the interests of your husband, for example, you can present him with a guitar, fishing tackle or a collector's edition of your favorite book.
  3. The red garment is also an excellent version of the presentation for the beloved spouse.
  4. For a man, you can pick up beautiful cufflinks or a chain made of tin.

Of course, a pink gift for a representative of the stronger sex is not suitable, because many people associate this color with the female beginning. However, a lady can safely buy any gift that corresponds to the interests of the spouse, wrapping it in a pink gift paper. Beautiful books, notebooks, expensive writing instruments or even a rare weapon for a connoisseur - all this can please a loved one on such an important day. Usually for 17 years a woman has time to study all the preferences of a partner, and therefore with a choice of presentation problems she rarely appears.

What to present for the 17th anniversary of the wedding to friends?

It was noted above that 17 years of joint life is a holiday that is better celebrated together. However, if the culprits of the celebration still invite guests, then the question arises about the correct choice of the presentation. What can you give to a married couple on such an important day for them?

  1. Beautiful cutlery made of tin or with pink flowers - symbolic, and most importantly, the right gift.
  2. Present a family couple can be a pink plaid or a chic set of bed linen.
  3. Friends for spouses can organize a romantic trip, allowing them to be alone.
  4. Postcards, paintings and various figures made by yourself - it's a budget, and most importantly, a very touching gift.

If you do not want to give trivial things that are useful in the household, it is worthwhile to show imagination and make a present yourself.

For example, a person can paint a beautiful picture or embroider a congratulation on a purchased pillow. You can also write your own congratulations for the originators of the celebration, having issued it in the form of a beautiful, self-made postcard. Usually such presents are much more pleasant than banal sets of bed linen, because it takes a lot of time to make them.

Money is also a good present. That's only the culprits of the celebration will be much nicer if the guests do not just give cash, but also be able to present it correctly.

The 17th anniversary of the wedding is a major event for any couple, marking the strength of their feelings. Celebrating such a holiday, do not forget that he first of all belongs to the perpetrators of the celebration, and only then to friends and relatives.

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