How to procure underarms for the winter

The mushroom picking season does not last long, but it allows you to make reserves for almost a year. Undercover is a popular mushroom that is often found and is suitable for soups, stews, stewing and frying. You can successfully harvest underarms for the winter, using traditional methods of drying and freezing. But especially they are good in salty and marinated as snacks. Often they are added to vegetable snacks, hodgepodge. Yes, and just fried podberyozoviki perfectly stored in the refrigerator almost throughout the winter, while observing the conditions of canning.

Workpiece billets:

  1. Drying
  2. Freezing
  3. Preserving
  4. Preparing biscuits for the winter
    • Mushroom powder from dried coarse sausage
    • Salad from frying-combs and vegetables
    • Caviar from co-workers

Dried underarms

When drying, the unique chemical composition of the co-workers is kept to a minimum. And the smell and taste of mushrooms only increases in comparison with canned billets. The weight of the finished semi-finished product is about 14% of the initial weight of the mushrooms, which greatly simplifies the storage.

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For drying, the mushrooms are cleaned from the ground, the hat is separated from the stem. If the mushroom is large, then cut it into small strips.

In natural conditions drying will take about a week. Parts of the fungus thread on the thread and hang under the canopy. Mushrooms can be slightly podvyalit in the sun, and then dry in a drying cabinet.

You can dry the coffins immediately in the oven, turning them at 45 degrees, and then drying at 70 degrees. The door of the cabinet must be ajar for better air circulation. It is good for drying mushrooms to use special drying chambers. As a result, the dried billets should be flexible, dry, and have a characteristic fungal odor.

After drying the mushrooms are laid out on dry sterile glass jars and covered with lids. They are stored in fabric bags, film bags, but you need to remember that dry mushrooms absorb the smells and moisture from the air well.

As required, dried mushrooms are soaked for several hours in clean water and then used in cooking recipes. They make a very tasty and nutritious mushroom soup, stew with potatoes, mushroom roe, dumplings.

Ways to freeze underarms

At home, it's easy to procure undercoat in a frozen version, with a refrigerator and a freezer. Frozen product can be stored without loss of quality and used as needed for cooking any dishes.

At the initial stage, the mushrooms are sorted, strong, non-overgrown specimens are selected. Undercoilers are cleaned, washed, cut into the same size pieces. You can freeze raw underarms, boiled or baked in the oven and even fried.

  • In the case of freezing raw mushrooms, they are cleaned, rinsed and excess moisture removed with a towel or paper napkins. Then they spread on a flat substrate and placed in the freezer compartment for 2-3 hours. Frozen mushrooms can be decomposed into containers or compact portions for further storage.
  • The next method is different for the preparation of underarms. Mushrooms are washed and boiled for about 10 minutes. The mushrooms that have been discussed and cooled are laid out in small portions and frozen.
  • You can bake podberezoviki in the oven and freeze. Prepared mushrooms spread on a baking sheet without adding fats and bake until cooked. The mushrooms are allowed to cool, transferred to portions packets and frozen.
  • In another version, fryers are fried until ready in vegetable oil without salt and spices. After the cooling, the fried mushrooms are spread into containers and frozen. In the future, they simply warm up, adding spices and a corresponding side dish to them.

The temperature in the freezer should be -18gr. In this mode, the product is perfectly stored up to six months. Past fungi can be cooked without defrosting. Raw podberezovikov defrost gradually, first in the refrigerator at + 5gr. S and only after at room temperature.

Pickling and pickling of the underarms

Preservation of mushrooms is a reliable way to preserve them. In addition to heat treatment, acetic acid, salt and sugar are used as additional preservatives. The most popular is the method of hot pouring with salt brine or marinade, in which vinegar is added.

Like in other ways of billets, mushrooms are sorted, culling old and having signs of damage. Large cut, small mushrooms can be whole. Mushrooms are washed, boiled for 15 minutes and put in a container prepared for further storage. Prepared in parallel brine or marinade fill the jars and roll up the lids. From the composition of the hot potting, the presence of certain spices in it, the taste of the preform will depend.

It is especially good to sterilize cans and covers. You can store canned mushrooms in the cellar, in the pantry or in the fridge for a fairly long period.

Recipes for harvesting underarms for the winter

Mushroom powder from dried coarse-grained

As a billet designed for a long shelf life, it is possible to make a mushroom powder. You will need:

  • dried mushrooms - 500 g;
  • carnations - 4 pieces;
  • black pepper - 7-10 pieces;
  • ground coriander - 1/2 tsp;
  • bay leaf - 1 piece;
  • salt - 25 g.

Dried mushrooms are ground in a coffee grinder with the addition of rock salt and spread over clean dry jars. To give a taste, the mushroom powder is mixed with the spices that have been ground in a mortar. It is convenient to use as additives at the end of cooking, to give the dish a pleasant mushroom flavor and taste, for making sauces and gravies, egg omelets.

Salad from fryers and vegetables

Delicious and ready-to-eat salad takes on a new taste with the addition of ordinary coarse vegetables. It will require:

  • boiled podberezoviki - 1 kg;
  • onion turner - 0.5 kg;
  • tomatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • carrots - 0.5 kg;
  • vegetable oil - 250 ml;
  • according to taste preferences, salt and spices are added;
  • vinegar 30% - 1 tbsp.
  1. Rice onions are sliced ​​in preheated oil.
  2. Add the carrots and let it brown.
  3. To the onions and carrots add tomatoes and coarse products, which were previously cooked to half cooked.
  4. Vegetable mass with the addition of spices stew for about 45 minutes with regular stirring.
  5. At the very end, vinegar is added.
  6. Salad is decomposed hot in a sterilized container and immediately sealed with boiled lids.
  7. Canned food stored in a cool place.

Caviar from underarms

A hearty and tasty snack can be prepared from some podberezozikov or add russules, honey agarics, champignons. The following components are required:

  • boiled mushrooms - 2 kg;
  • onion turnip - 2 pieces;
  • carrots - 3 pieces;
  • vegetable oil - 400 ml;
  • according to taste preferences, salt and spices are added;
  • vinegar 9% - 1 tbsp.
  1. Prefabbed podberezoviki boil for about 10-12 minutes, tilted on the grate. Allow to drain water.
  2. Mushroom mass is ground in a food processor or meat grinder.
  3. Peeled and finely chopped carrots and onions are fried in vegetable oil. To them add forcemeat from underarms.
  4. Vegetables are salted, peppered and stewed for about an hour with constant stirring.
  5. At the very end, pour vinegar, give the caviar to boil and immediately lay out on small sterile jars.
  6. After cooling, the jars of caviar should be stored in the refrigerator.

Mushrooms - a valuable and useful product, almost free of charge given to man by nature. With its help even simple dishes acquire a refined and unusual taste. To ensure that mushrooms are always at hand, you just need to find time and cook for the winter podberezoviki according to your favorite recipe. They will diversify your table and remind you of summer even in a long cold winter!

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