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Naches is relevant at all times, because it helps to create volume even on those ringlets that are completely inclined to it. That's why there are a dozen hairstyles with fleece, each of which is interesting in its own way. Some of these stylings are suitable only for everyday onions, while others look good and in combination with an evening gown or wedding dress. Who are suitable for such experiments with hair, and who should they refrain from? We tell!

Naches for medium and long hair. Fashion hairdos

Most often, when it comes to talking about hair loss on medium hair, hairdressers prefer simple hairstyles with loose hair. They look solemnly, while emphasizing the beauty of a woman's face.

What laying options are most in demand:

  1. Naches on the crown, which is combined with straight or wavy strands is an option for all time, it can often be seen in celebrities on the red carpet.
  2. A bright image can be created with the help of a fleece on the top and high tail.
  3. If a girl wants to make her image stylish and a little careless, she will be satisfied with the option with a fleece along the entire length of the curls.
  4. It looks interesting when the raised roots are combined with pigtails and spikelets.

Such experiments are suitable only for happy owners of hair to the shoulders and below. If a woman wants to create a romantic image that is suitable for going out into the light, then she should think about creating naches in combination with curls.

Romantic image of

  1. For this it is necessary to take a comb with sparse denticles and to comb each hair strand separately only in the root area.
  2. Once this operation is completed, the girl needs to thoroughly comb her hair, sprinkling them with varnish.
  3. Now, when the crown has been raised, giving it a radical volume, it is necessary to move to a wave of hair. Curls should not be too small, and for their creation the usual fuse is ideal.
  4. When all the strands are curled, they need to be carefully laid, creating the effect of a smooth and three-dimensional hairstyle.
  5. Now it remains to cover the lower part of the locks with lacquer and pin it with invisible objects in problem areas.

This hair style is suitable, as they say, and in the feast, and in the world.

With the tail

If the girl needs daily styling, then it's worth thinking about making a tail with a fleece.

  1. Initially, the technique will be the same as in the first case. A comb with sparse denticles and curl lacquer will help to give the crown the right volume.
  2. Next, the girl needs to intercept curls in one or several places, carefully combing the tips.

Such a simple hairstyle will suit absolutely everything, and it is created in 5 minutes without too much effort!

Naches to short curls. Features of the hairdo

How to make a hairstyle with a fleece on short hair? This is a fairly common question, especially among those girls who are used to experimenting with their image.

There are practically no restrictions, after all, beautiful naches can be created and on the shortest curls( in a haircut for a boy), and with an asymmetrical hairstyle, and in the case of a square.

The following options are more organic:

  • combed with square, in which the volume is given only to the crown, and the tips curl outwards;
  • variant with a fleece back, when the maximum volume is observed at the hair growth site, and it decreases noticeably to the occiput;
  • a beautiful hairstyle can be created by simply treating each strand and laying it with a varnish, along the way decorating with an unusual barrette;
  • bold girls with an original sense of style can give preference to the hair on one side with a volume at the roots and slightly curling tips.

Most often, ladies with short curls prefer lay-ups with a nap on the vertex. Especially effectively, this option looks like a hairstyle with a cut of a square or a bean:

  1. With a comb that has rare teeth, a girl can give a volume to each string at the roots, leaving the tips for a while alone.
  2. After this, it is necessary to carefully comb the combed strands and pour them with varnish, so that the top of the head is bulky, but without excessive negligence.
  3. Next, proceed to the twisting of the tips. They can be curled inwards, but the ends seemingly sticking out are much more effective. They should be screwed with a normal comb, while drying with a hair dryer or curling iron.
  4. When all the tips are processed, the curls along the comb line can be intercepted with a wide ribbon, giving the image a retro look. This hairstyle suits ladies of all ages and will ideally fit into a romantic bow.

An excellent variant of experimental styling - it's back to back. It is very simple to perform, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Carefully comb all the strands at the roots, then throw them back. Curls during the procedure should be straight and dry.
  2. When the strands are combed back, they should be secured with invisibility on all sides and covered with varnish.
  3. This hairstyle can be decorated with a small barrette, which only adds extravagance to it.

When choosing this option, it is worth remembering that such a styling completely opens the face of the girl, which means that it will fit exclusively bold and self-confident people.

Wedding and evening styling with a fleece

Nowadays, wedding hairstyles are popular with a fleece on the crown or along the entire length, using braids and wavy strands. Many of these styles fit not only the happy brides, but also graduates, as well as those ladies who are going to go to festive events.

What hairstyles with a fleece look especially solemn:

  • Variants with a nap at the crown and numerous curls, laid in a bun, are ideal for those girls who are not trivial to their own wedding.
  • Another great version of the holiday hairstyle is a spit with a nap on one side, which looks a little bold, but extremely original.
  • Nachesky front with flowing wavy ringlets - an option for fans of the classic romantic image.
  • A high hairstyle with a fleece imitating a babette is an excellent wedding option for girls dreaming of a royal celebration.

Wedding laying with a bunch of

One of the most common hairstyles for a wedding or graduation party is a bunch made of numerous twining strands. To create such a hairstyle it is necessary: ​​

  1. To curl up the curls at the crown and in front of the temples, then proceed to their curl at the tips. It is necessary to take on the curling of fine strands, which afterwards will create a bizarre and slightly untidy bunch.
  2. Locon should be stacked separately in the form of rings. They need to gradually overlap each other. The ends should be fixed with the help of invisible, carefully spraying the hair with varnish in problem areas.
  3. The resultant hairstyle will be very original, and most importantly, emphasize all the beauty and ease of the female image. The lady can decorate her styling with a hairpin or an unusual hair accessory from fresh flowers.

Wedding hairstyle with weaving and fleece

If a girl dreams of an original wedding hairstyle with a fleece on the vertex, then she should turn to the numerous variations of braids.

  1. The first thing you should do when creating such a styling is to carefully comb all the locks from the crown to the tips.
  2. Next, you need to throw all the locks on one side and begin to weave a braid of 6 or 7 strands. It's great if a girl can weave flowers into this complex design as they go along, as they will give romanticism to all the images.
  3. The ends of the curls can be intercepted with an elastic band or a beautiful hair clip, and the hair itself must be filled with lacquer, trying to put the problem spots on the vertex using invisible ones.

Scythe from 6 strands and tapes, video tutorial

At first glance, this is a very simple hairstyle, but it looks extremely solemn, especially if supplemented with a variety of hairpins or rims of flowers. The lady can decorate the crown and crown, because in such an important wedding day for her, she must feel like a queen. The main thing here is not to overdo it with decorative finishing, because the styling itself is original, and the image is easy to omit to comic.

Each hairstyle with a fleece is good in its own way, and regardless of the type of person the lady can choose exactly that style that will fit her perfectly. However, giving preference to such experiments with hair, it is worth remembering that excessive negligence can be detrimental to the beauty of the whole image as a whole.

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