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The combination of different textures, cheerful colors, natural colors, inlays, outrageous ideas, unexpected shapes, unusual materials - in 2017 women's bags give every fashionista the opportunity to choose what she likes.

Fashionable bags 2017-small clutches, three-dimensional rectangular products, backpack bags, fringed models, mini suitcases, vintage reticule, knitted products, bright contrasting options and one-tone restrained products.

To make a fashionable bag look stylish, it's important to choose it for the image so that it looks harmonious. For example, sports bags should not be taken if you put on a classic dress. Conversely, the classic clutch is unlikely to fit the image in a sporting style.

Colorful overflows

At the same time, fashionable bags in this season often combine several contrasting colors. So, black and white classics are still relevant, but it is proposed to replace the usual squares, rectangles and strips with zebra prints or other non-traditional drawings. But black is in demand less and less. Black bags are still manufactured, but fashion houses give them a small place in their collections.

  • Neutral beige is still relevant. Its shades allow to emphasize the refinement of the image, like restrained people. Plus this color - its excellent compatibility with a variety of shades and styles. This year, beige bags can be made of smooth leather - natural or artificial - or become woven from individual strips of material.
  • Fashionable colors of bags: mint, its shades, bright yellow, red. Many bags this year adorn the Scottish cage. They are placed various cute drawings with a funny story.
  • But bright in the pure form to name bags for spring it does not turn out. Their shades do not refer to bright colors, but a little muffled. For example, orange is found in the tones of a ripe mandarin. And the blue looks like a little haze. Green is mixed with a hint of khaki. Fashion bags this spring are often performed in gray tones. This color this year is very in demand.
  • At the same time, many designers leave from the strictness of ornaments: patterns are placed on bags chaotically, randomly, creating a creative mood.
Combinations of colors are offered different. Interesting this spring are the combination of a bottle with scarlet, blue with a shade of marsala.

The most fashionable color of this year's

Marsala with its various shades is considered one of the recent discoveries of fashion. This color is rich and deep, which allows you to combine it with many other tones. It fits well with ensembles of everyday style, evening, romantic.

Describe this color as a natural wine. According to many designers, it is stylish, as well as versatile. It can be used as an independent color for the manufacture of bags or have on it different ornaments, drawings. Fashionable variations are considered and more vivid or dark marsal shades of bags.

This color is called luxurious, expensive, symbolizing prosperity, confidence, stability, restraint. Experts believe that it is especially suitable for people of mature age. Those who are younger, advise not to get carried away too shades of marsala, and to adopt stylish accessories of this color.

What do fashion handbags make of?

Women's fashion bags this year are made from a variety of materials.

  • So, fur can perfectly fit into the winter image. Its texture is lush or smooth. Such material is always warm and cozy, it is pleasant cold days. Fur is well combined with warm clothes, which have to be worn by residents of our country most of the year.
  • Summer wardrobe is perfectly complemented by fashionable bags made of fabric. In the warm season, bright colors, original shapes are good.

In order to walk into the office, to supplement the classic wardrobe, handbags are offered of restrained elegant colors. Especially popular in this segment are shades of brown, beige. In the evenings, for shopping and walks, handbags of bright colors are good. The most fashionable colors are deep tones of green, saturated blue, muffled yellow.

The skin of a reptile, as always, is fashionable. This bag looks luxuriously stylish. If you choose this option, designers recommend placing an emphasis on the bag, because it is very bright in itself. In order not to distract excessive attention to other details of the ensemble, you should choose clothes and shoes in one tone. Then the image will turn out stylish, elegant and truly royal.

Ladies' handbags made from the skin of crocodile and other reptiles, this year become especially bright. The material is painted in turquoise, blue, orange, crimson. Shades of black, asphalt, brown, too, are present, but they, according to the designers, it is appropriate to use only for the manufacture of pens, pockets, fittings.

There were bags of straw on the catwalks. In full accordance with the retro style, the most famous fashion houses offered their versions of this feminine accessory. These products are especially good in the summer, they are perfectly combined with light dresses, costumes.

Unexpected twist in the design of bags

  1. A very fashionable handbag made of wood or plastic looks very unusual. The solution is quite original. The effect will be accurately produced, because such bags are a unit, this piece goods.
  2. And, maybe you like a handbag in the form of a piano, a book, a heart or a fruit, finally?

    The variety of shapes in this fashionable season is impressive. Bags sew in the form of different animals. Cats, owls, dogs, birds, butterflies - all this becomes a source of inspiration for fashion designers.

  3. Combining seemingly completely incompatible materials in one product today is a good tone. You can find, for example, specimens in which velvet burgundy tone adjoins the "zebra" pattern, and all this complements the print "crow's feet".It turns out very original.

The new trend of

The beginner of this year is bags of strictly geometric shapes. They resemble caskets on which bizarre patterns bloom. Models are decorated with appliqués, other elements.

There are options, very reminiscent in appearance caskets, inlaid with jewels or decorated with intricate patterns. In fact, these bags are like boxes, where it is very convenient to wear different things.

Fashion handbags this year are characterized by a variety of very different details. Actively used thongs, latches, beads, rhinestones, mesh, feathers, fringe.

Hand knitting

It's quite easy to make a fashion bag with your hands this year if you have knitting skills. Knitted accessories are now in trend.

Crochet fashion bags always turn out to be original, unrepeatable.

Bound can be like the whole bag as a whole, and its individual elements.

Fashionable combinations in the image of

Why choose a bag? Once it was believed that the best option - to choose a bag in the tone of shoes and gloves. But these restrictions, too strict, have long been in the past.

Bag now can be anything. This is a completely independent element, which may not even be appropriate in color and texture to the main ensemble.

In a fashion bags from the same fabric as the clothes. Any of the garments can become a companion of a handbag - a dress, a skirt, gloves, a belt, a tippet. Such images are considered luxurious, exquisite.

Today, image-makers offer to choose a handbag of the same tone as the clothes, or a completely different shade. The famous stylists have different opinions on this matter. So, Evelina Khromchenko prefers to wear bags of the same color as the nail polish, lipstick on the lips, belt on the dress or coat. Russell Marsh has another principle: to match the color of the bag to the tone of the frame for glasses.

Fabric handbags are considered one of the latest innovations of the world fashion. They are sewed from a variety of materials. Particularly interesting are fabric bags made of tweed and decorated with three-dimensional embroidery.

About size

Fashion trends in bags are such that it is worth giving preference to medium and small products. This choice is easy to explain: these bags are easy to carry, easy to combine with different things of the wardrobe, relating to different styles.

But very small fashionable handbag of the new season - this is a real firework of designer fantasy. It is made of leather, fabric and even metal. Tiny or more palms, these little handbags become the center of the ensemble. They decorate with stones, hang chains, rings, perform on them ornaments from flowers - flat and three-dimensional.

In the new year, small handbags are no longer as microscopic as they used to be. Convenience still prevailed, and handbag models are now sewn to the size of a medium-sized book.

Bag for every day this year more often acquires a long belt or long handles. It is comfortable. Today it is a fashion trend. Such bags in 2017 are in the collections of all fashion houses in the world.

Multi-layering, which is not the first year is welcomed in clothes, went to the sphere of ladies' handbags. It is fashionable to wear such double and triple handbags. One is big, the second is middle, and the third is quite small. At the same time, those that are smaller can serve as a purse or a housekeeper, to become a cosmetic bag. It looks very feminine and a little lighthearted. I like many ladies very much.

"Male" version of women's bags - diplomats and cases. True, these are not exactly classical models: ladies designers offer bright colors.

Case skin, complement the decor in the form of rings, chains, other elements.

How to wear?

  • One of the favorite accessories for ladies is a mail-bag. It is convenient to carry on your shoulder, but everything inside is placed inside. At the same time, this model is well suited to clothes of different styles.
  • Why not put the bag on your belt? Designers this year decided to offer young girls such interesting models, which are very well complemented by different images. They can be worn with sportswear, with jackets-jackets, soldier's boots. But you can also wear with a light romantic dress.
  • Interest in clutch is not weakening in the new season. Their form can be different. These flat handbags are decorated with stones, embroidery, use bugles. It can be fashion bags with rhinestones.

Traditional application of clutch - in evening ensembles, everyday style. Clutch envelopes are good here. They are made of fur, of cloth, of leather, of various materials of artificial origin. Decorate with inserts of other materials of the same shade. Decorate with rhinestones.

The sizes of clutches vary from miniature( they include only phone and lipstick) to rather large, in which documents of A4 size are placed. The handles of such handbags can be provided, but they may not be. Or they are located directly on the plane of the clutch.

This year on the trendy catwalks came out very unusual clutches.

Some of them are made in the form of a book, a cognac bottle, a jar of perfume. This turns the bag into a toy. Such bags for girls, only adults. It is a wonderful entertainment and an opportunity to show your individuality.

Backpack on the shoulder

Another favorite accessory for women of fashion - a bag-backpack. It is similar to the one worn by the military in the army. Accordingly, in modern ensembles, it is usually used in the style of the military. However, more and more models appear, which take over the main features of the classics.

These bags can be worn with everyday and business clothes. Women's backpacks in many respects are not similar to marching. They no longer have brutal overhead pockets, valves. Designers advise to combine them with everyday and classic clothes. However, do not recommend taking with you if you are wearing something athletic or in a masculine style.

Close "in the spirit" version - a bag-bag. It has not been the first year since the top positions of the most popular models.

Actual vintage

Among the fashion models for the spring are vintage bags. Adorable relics remind of the romance of the sixties of the twentieth century. They are decorated with small straps of metal, add characteristic latches, ornaments. Such bags are more convenient, according to designers, than clutches.

Carrying bag, for example, is a perfect companion for a classic trouser suit. Do you want something more fun? Then at your service attache with bright prints.

Ridicule is usually rectangular. The handle is usually used short. As additional elements, chains and buckles are used. Such bags can be decorated with horseshoes, zippers. The colors of the carpet bags in this season are muffled: shades of burgundy, flesh-colored, tan, rosy-brown and others.

With the reducts, handbags in the form of small suitcases peacefully coexist. These mini-suitcases were very convenient, and attracted the attention of many women of fashion. They are supposed to be worn every day, in the office or just for a walk - depending on the design.

The decoration for these bags is used differently, but they all differ in their versatility. Can be approached to classics, appropriate in a romantic wardrobe.

Fashionable youth bags include many models in the style of the Boho. They are made of natural materials. Colors are also chosen natural. Often these are fabric bags. They decorate in accordance with the canons of style: beads, fringe, pieces of lace. Leather bags with a fringe remind of popular westerns Eastwood. The length of the fringe is large or small. If you complement such an accessory with suede or leather boots, you will get a completely vintage image, fashionable this season.

Virtually no fashion show is complete without retro models.

On the chain

The handbag on the chain is one of the trends of this year. This is a very feminine accessory, characterized by elegance. It is fashionable to wear it with a cocktail dress or with an oversize dress.

In the trend - classic specimens on the chain: quilted small handbags, elegant and cute. Invented by Coco Chanel, they are still relevant. This handbag is good to wear with evening dress. But you can take with you, dressed up in jeans shorts, a spacious shirt, putting on shoes with stilettos.

In the sale appeared bags with chains, which inserted a piece of leather strap. This makes them more comfortable when worn over the shoulder.

Fashionable suitcase

A fashionable bag on wheels that can be taken well with you on travel can also be stylish.

  1. Belgians from Samsonite advised fashionista travel bags-suitcases in the shape of seashells. Now they are fastened with special latches.
  2. Brand from Italy Roncato recently introduced a new collection for women. These suitcases of the Uno Zip Deluxe series look luxurious, very comfortable. The material from which they are made is polycarbonate, it is very durable. Serving such a suitcase on wheels will be able to its owner long and well. To be afraid, that a bag will be scratched during trips, it is not necessary: ​​the special covering reliably protects it from scratches and other mechanical damages. The color of the novelties is brown, champagne.
  3. The German company Rimowa also offered its solutions. Its designers have developed suitcases in bright red and green tones, as well as combined dark green with beige.

Famous brands

Branded fashion bags are offered in various colors and shapes and from a wide variety of materials.

  • Designers of the Italian Paula Cademartori created for the ladies interesting carpets, made in the style of Boho. In the models there is certainly a fringe, which is one of the fashion trends of this season. The design is concise and simple. There are relatively few such bags.
  • Fashion handbags from Dior this year - the unfading classic. These are small fashion bags with short handles. They are encrusted with stones, decorated with other decorative details, complemented by fur brushes. It turns out elegantly, at the same time interesting.

Bag can be selected to the figure. This helps, the stylists are sure, emphasize the dignity and level out those features that would be desirable to make less visible.

  1. So, ladies with voluminous hips are recommended to wear bags in the form of a reticule.
  2. To the wearers of the hourglass-shaped figures, rectangular variants are suitable.
  3. For those with a chest volume exceeding or equal to the volume of the thighs, it is advised to choose a bag in the form of a trapezoid with rounded bottom corners.

Starry handbags

Famous women have their favorite bags. Fashionable bags of stars are very different. Someone prefers traditional elegance, black color. Someone likes knitting accessories.

  • Katie Holmes has a favorite bag of red color, large enough.

  • For Jennifer Aniston, the favorite option was a bag of dark blue hue from Tom Ford.
  • Emma Roberts preferred the brand 3.1 Phillip Lim.
  • Angelina Jolie often has a black Ralph Lauren Bedford Bag. She wears an elegant model with different clothes.
  • Charlize Theron wears a bag from Balenciaga Papier Bag.
  • Elizabeth Olsen chose Chloe Angie.

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