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Red color is always in favor with women, because it helps to add any image of a drop of sexuality. Perhaps, it is because of the beauty and passionate overtones of this color that many girls choose red nails, forcing the masters to show fair imagination in their design.

Casual red manicure

Using such a bright color in the design of nails - it's not easy, because a lady needs not only to come up with an interesting decor, but also to fit it into her everyday image. What are the options for everyday manicure will look perfect on the ladies' marigolds, regardless of her age?

  • A red jacket is an excellent variant of manicure, bright and restrained at the same time.
  • Another way to bring this shade into your everyday image is to use it to create a floral ornament or a fashionable animal print.
  • Red nails combined with an unusual, relief pattern, created with a needle, always look original.
  • Manicure, implying a competent combination of matte and glossy red lacquer, is a great way to make any casual image bold.
Nails design with red color, of course, can be created with simple monochrome coloring, but usually ladies prefer a more extravagant image.

For example, a manicure using a needle is popular. Do it carefully, so as not to damage the nail plate.

  1. The first stage of the work is the application of the base, and after that, several nails are painted in red. It is worth remembering that you will have to work with not completely dried lacquer, so it is not worth it to put a red color on all the nails.
  2. As soon as the varnish starts to dry up, the girl should take a needle and start carefully using it on the surface of the plates a variety of patterns and ligature.
  3. Next, it is necessary to dry the marigold and apply a finishing coat of clear varnish on them. The created effect may seem barely noticeable, but it adds a manicure of personality.

How to make a manicure with a needle - video

Red nail polish does not have to cover the whole plate, after all, this color looks spectacular in the context of a jacket. Having painted a bright shade only the tips of the nails, the lady will be able to make her image bold and restrained at the same time, without risking to break out of the office style.

Red and white manicure is a bright option for any occasion.

The combination of red and white is considered a real classic, so a similar game of two colors is actively used in manicure. Here is just a short list of options for how red-white nails can look:

  • using a combination of two colors, you can create a variety of ligatures, putting a white color on red or vice versa;
  • effectively looks like a variety of "pea", with which you can create a chaotic or clearly structured drawing;
  • using the technique of drawing in "one stroke", the lady can create a spectacular floral ornament in which will be combined and any shade of scarlet and his snow-white companion;
  • to complement the red manicure can be with the help of white sequins that will make the image even brighter.

Usually, choosing such a classic combination, women try to show imagination, which means that the main thing that they can be interested in is drawings. Now in the trend of intricate ligatures, a variety of drawings that imitate lace, as well as images of flowers.

To draw a flower on nails, you do not need to be a professional artist, because it is enough to use a thin brush. After the first layer of red lacquer dries, a woman can go on to apply a bitmap pattern with a brush. Having a dot in the form of a flower or a butterfly, a lady will be able to make her manicure extremely original in 5 minutes. In addition, you can decorate the design with rhinestones or glitter.

By the way, sparkles - this is another reliable assistant of the girl in creating a unique manicure. With their help you can get the effect of a jacket on red nails.

  1. This work begins with the standard coloring in the base color. It is not necessary for a girl to give preference to a blood-red, because now in the favor of darker shades, close to the wine.
  2. When the red lacquer dries, the girl needs to draw the fringing with the sparkles on each nail. In this case, the sequins should be applied abundantly, so that they stand out on such a bright background. Usually manicure turns out to be very spectacular and suitable for both the evening out and for the everyday image.
  3. Apply a coat of fixative.

French manicure with sparkles - video

The combination of red and black in the design of nails

Red-black nails are even more common than white and scarlet, and this is due in large part to the fact that the dark manicure looks much more mysterious. With his help, the girl is able to create an extremely sexy image, which is more suitable for an evening out than for everyday life.

What are the most interesting variants of drawings and decorative solutions to look at such a color scheme?

  1. A checkerboard created with a combination of black and red is an original and at the same time an easy way to make your image vivid.
  2. Gradient manicure, in which the red color gently turns into black, is another original design variant.
  3. Manicure with three-dimensional colors combined with two such bright colors will also look interesting.
  4. Manicure in the technique of craquelure, which simulates cracking of varnish, and from under it the second, brighter layer is seen, enjoys great popularity among lovers of creative nails.

Most often, the nails are decorated with a pattern for lace, in which the black nails are painted with intricate lines on the red nails. This combination is ideal for the fatal beauty, who loves to be in the spotlight. Also, a lady can depict on her nails unusual flowers and plants, traces of cats' feet, an imitation of animal coloring.

Now a very popular manicure, in which the red varnish is applied drawings of leopard spots. This design looks original, even though it is very common among women of different ages.

Gradient manicure is an option for girls who are not afraid of experiments and complex tasks.

  1. With this painting, the red nail polish is applied to the lower part of the nail approximately to the middle of the plate.
  2. Next, the girl needs to apply a layer of black lacquer, which will go from the middle of the plate and to its end.
  3. When both varnishes begin to dry out, you need to take a small sponge and lightly touch it to the surface of the varnish in several places. Using a sponge, you can blur the border between two layers of varnish, making the design unusual.

A similar effect can be created even when the plate is divided into horizontal, rather than horizontal, transitions of colors. It is not easy to work with such a design, because precision is required, but usually the result is worth the effort.

The combination of gold and red in the nail design

Very often, ladies turn to the third classic variant - a combination of red and gold.

Such a manicure is especially relevant in the run-up to the New Year, because with the help of golden varnishes you can create a thematic design, drawing a variety of snowflakes, trees and so on.

Red-golden scale can be used to create a manicure and in the following combinations:

  • red color as the main plus geometric pattern in the form of intersecting strips, made of golden;
  • gradient staining, in which the red gently turns into a golden color;
  • all shades of scarlet can act as the main shade, and golden sequins can be used to create a hole at the base of the nail;
  • is another popular design - the so-called caviar, during the creation of which special granules are used, similar to eggs.

The last option with the use of special pellets will be to the liking of many fans of bright images. To create this design, you need to paint all the nails in red and wait for them to dry a little, apply the pattern with golden granules.

Such a drawing can be simple dashes or be more complex and thoughtful. In any case, the resulting manicure will be so vivid that it does not require additions in the form of rhinestones or sequins. Such granules are sold in any specialized store.

Often, red-gold manicure is decorated with the help of black inclusions, which only adds an image of spectacularity.

Bright nail design not necessarily have to be for the festive evening, because with the help of blood-red, wine, scarlet, you can create on your marigolds true works of art. In this case, a girl can easily combine colors, using the basic shades and various drawings.

Red manicure is usually the prerogative of the brave persons, but also in the low-key image, you can find business opportunities for such decoration marigold.

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