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Any girl wants to have strong andhealthy nails, but not everyone can boast of such a luxury. Stresses, bad habits, as well as build-up and coloring can weaken and weaken even very strong nails, thereby launching the process of their stratification. Today we will tell you about the saving nails.

Modern manufacturers offer beauty products for nail care for every taste and color, from democratic brands to costly procedures in beauty salons. And yet, buying cosmetics in the store, you can not always vouch for the safety and naturalness of its constituent components. That's why we suggest using the old proven method at home.

This effective home remedy, like a bath, not only strengthens thin weakened plates, but also promotes intensive nail growth, nourishing and saturating them with all useful trace elements.
You can easily prepare a miracle bath from improvised ingredients without much difficulty, and the procedure itself does not require a lot of free time or impressive financial expenses.

This article will present the most popular bath recipes that will help you in a short time to grow strong and beautiful nails. Regularly follow the procedure, and in a few weeks you will notice an excellent result from the work done.

The main causes of the bundle of nails

In order to avoid asking yourself the eternal question of how and what to strengthen weakened nails, try to exclude from the way of life all the factors that can damage the nail plates.

The main causes of deterioration of the nails include the following:

  • Insufficient amount of iron in the body can trigger the destruction of nails. Experts advise to include in the daily diet foods rich in silicon. It can be parsley, currant, banana or green salad leaves. In addition to these products, it is also recommended to eat liver, eggs, lean meat and drink infusion of burdock or chamomile.
  • As little as possible, expose nails to the negative effects of detergents, which contain a large number of harmful chemical components. Such synthetic substances destroy the horn layer of the plate, thereby weakening the marigold. Every time you are going to clean or wash dishes, do not forget to use special rubber gloves.
  • It's pretty spoiled healthy nails that can be excessive contact with water. If your hands are often in the water, do not be lazy after every wash, apply a moisturizing hand cream to your skin. In addition to the usual cream, it is necessary to lubricate the delicate area around the nails with special emollient oils. Such cosmetics not only care for the sensitive cuticle, but also contribute to the intensive growth of nail plates.
  • Nail extensions. The procedure of building up gives only a temporary effect, and after removing the material you will notice a noticeable deterioration of the nails and for a long time will restore the weakened plates. This is due to the fact that during the correction process, the master removes the upper layer of the nail with a buff or saw. In addition, accrued nails block access to oxygen, because of the lack of which, lamination of the plates occurs and a fungus is formed.
    This is why it is so important after removing the gel to properly care for your hands, using nourishing creams and special means for nail growth and strengthening.
  • The beauty and well-being of a manicure depends primarily on your careful attitude to your hands. Try not to gnaw the nails, but also carefully monitor their cleanliness, observing all the necessary rules of personal hygiene.

What are the problems of home nail files

Baths for hands and nails are a pleasant relaxing procedure, which must be done systematically every time before doing a hygienic manicure. Effective water therapy softens the area around the nail plate, thus making it possible to perform cuticle correction as simply and painlessly as possible.

The procedure at home has a healing and calming effect on the skin, saturates the epidermis with useful nutrients and excellently strengthens the weakened nail plates.

Baths with the addition of medicinal herbs and essential oils have an excellent tonic effect, activate the processes of skin regeneration, and also help to solve the following problems:

  • to strengthen the growth of nails;
  • recover and strengthen the top layer of the plates;
  • eliminate irregularities and an unpleasant shade;
  • to prevent brittleness and delamination of plates;
  • to overcome excessive dryness of the skin and heal all abrasions and cracks;
  • to reduce skin inflammation;
  • cure nail fungus.

Home napkins for strengthening nails

The best effect is for home nails for nails with iodine and salt.

  1. To independently do the procedure at home, it is enough to heat half a glass of water, adding a couple of spoons of table salt and a few drops of drug iodine.
  2. Finger tips are lowered into a warm liquid and hands are held in water until the salt bath cools down.
  3. For growth and strengthening of nails, it is enough to do the procedure every time you are going to hold a manicure. At the end of the session, the saline solution is washed off the skin with clean water and applied to the hands of a fatty nourishing cream.

Nail trays with salt are designed for intensive growth of nail plates, besides such home procedures remove all dirt and have healing, wound-healing effect.

  • Many girls observed after the build-up or lacquer staining an unpleasant yellowing of the nails. To cope with this problem will help the usual juice of lemon. To make a clarifying bath, it is enough to add two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice into a warm liquid with sea salt.
  • Iodine helps to fight with brittle nails and excellently eliminates any irregularities. It is enough to add 3-5 drops of water to the water in order to fully appreciate all the healing properties of this miracle drug. Trays for nails with iodine can cure various skin diseases, and also eliminate infections.

A few more recipes for use at home

There are a huge number of recipes that help cope with brittleness and accelerate the growth of nail plates.

  • Nutrient trays with vegetable oil. For cooking, you need to pour warmed water into a convenient container, then add a couple of spoons of honey, olive oil and a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the liquid. After 20 minutes, rinse your hands with clean water and lubricate with any nutritious cream. Home recipes with vegetable oil perfectly moisturize dry sensitive skin, saturate it with all the necessary vitamins and eliminate various cracks and inflammations. Healing bath with gelatin. To make yourself a bath, you should pour the instant gelatin with a glass of boiling water and mix the mixture thoroughly until the ingredient dissolves completely. Once the mixture has cooled slightly to the desired temperature, add a tablespoon of vitamin A and a couple drops of lemon essential oil. The tips of the fingers are lowered into the water for 15-20 minutes, after which the hands are rinsed with clean water. The gelatinous bath not only perfectly strengthens weakened nails, but also rejuvenates the mature skin of the hands and stops the aging process.
  • Tray from nail fungus with decoction of celandine. Two tablespoons of the plant are preliminarily ground and filled with a glass of hot water. The mixture should be infused for one hour, after which the decoction is filtered and added to it a couple of spoons of baking soda. The fingertips are kept in the infusion for about 10-15 minutes, and immediately after the procedure, the skin is lubricated with a fat cream.
    With the help of such a tray you can cure the fungal infection and remarkably strengthen the fragile nail plate.
  • Milk bath. In a convenient container, pour 100 ml of milk, add a couple of spoons of honey and a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. The resulting mixture is heated on a small fire, and as soon as the milk becomes warm, remove the container from the plate and put your hands in the finished bath. After 30 minutes my hands without soap and apply to the skin any moisturizer. This recipe has a rejuvenating effect, removes dry skin and whitens the nail plates well.

Tips for nail care

In addition to strengthening the trays, it is very important to observe the proper nail care, which includes a set of measures:

  1. To strengthen the nails and increase their growth, the procedure for building up should be abandoned. In the salon, the master cuts down part of the nail plate, thereby worsening the overall condition of your nails. In any case, even if you are not going to abandon the procedure of building up, experts recommend that you periodically take off the material and allow the nails to rest a little.
  2. Try to minimize the use of colored lacquers and acetone. Such agents help dehydrate the plates and tender cuticles.
  3. Do not forget to coat your nails with a special protective emulsion, which will prevent the subsequent penetration of harmful components of the varnish into the depths of the plates.
  4. Carefully select the auxiliary tools for a home manicure. Films with a metal coating provoke the bundle of nails, so it's best to buy a product with glass spraying, which very carefully and delicately grinds the nail plates.

Simple Nail Bath - video

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