Relationship with a married man

In the love relationship between a married man and a woman there are different moments and situations. A woman, having a relationship with such a man, should think well and answer the question of whether she is ready to give herself completely to such relationships, which in the end can be deplorable. A married man is not only a source of pleasure, but also a source for endless problems.

  • Why women choose married
  • How to finish the relationship

Why women choose married

The hero of betrayal is a divorced or free lady with good life experience and mature self-awareness, that is, circumstances do not add to her advantage and she chooses a married lover. And in this situation, it seems that everyone should be happy:

  • Mistress, as she is in a free minute company is a gentle and attentive lover, not afraid that he will be asked to change his marital status.
  • A legitimate wife, since a newly-made mistress does not have thoughts to take her own man from her.

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  • A husband who lives without problems at home, and in a secret love nest.

But this is just a theory.

Modern mistresses know what heartache is.

They are forced to spend their free time without their chosen one. Mistresses still remain in the background, having no right to their beloved. But psychologists insist that mistresses feel less guilt and rarely ask to divorce their loved one than it was before.

Women choose a married man for different reasons:

  1. Diversify their sex life. A woman herself can be a married woman, but she lacks the special feelings that she had with her husband many years ago. Such ladies can even be very happy in marriage, but the sexual and emotional connection outside the family makes it younger and helps to maintain monotony. Such a connection with time begins to tire and a woman can readily interrupt her and with a new force falls in love with her husband. This can also happen from the male side.
  2. Reinsurance from emotional intimacy. Starting a relationship with a ringed man, protects himself in advance from serious ties with him.
  3. Inability to understand men. Choosing a married couple for a relationship, she is sure in advance that someone has already appreciated him and even some woman married him.
  4. Man's grooming, because he has a pressed shirt every time, as his legitimate wife cares about this trifle.

It is extremely difficult to decide on a relationship with a married man. The female half is frightened not only by the fact that such a connection can destroy someone else's family, but also the probability of ineffective relationships in the future. However, if the feelings overcame all doubts, then try to turn this connection.

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How to finish the relationship

The most basic problem in such relations is from the woman- waste of own time. Years go by, and live the illusions that a man will abandon his wife silly. He will not divorce, but you will remain at the broken trough. How to complete a relationship with a married man? You need to do this abruptly:

  1. Get rid of illusions. In order to make it easier to get out of the love triangle, you need to realize in what position you are located. The ringed man uses you, not giving at the same time to build with him the family happiness , always promises something. You are naive in some way admiring this man. If you look at this situation from the side, then your lover acts mercilessly. He follows a simplified path. The appearance of another woman on the side speaks about his unwillingness and inability to solve his problems within his own family. It is practical for him to live this way, and you are only a part of his comfortable life.
  2. Do not do anything stupid. Do not be tempted to call his wife, opening her eyes to her husband-traitor. He just will not thank you for that. You have realized the disadvantage of your own situation and are ready to turn the world around to be with this person. Your attempt will make a minimum of 3 people unhappy - this is a legitimate spouse, you and your lover.
  3. Tear off the love affair by mutual consent. You should seriously talk with him, it is worth saying that it's time to organize your personal life and you are not satisfied with the situation of the 3rd superfluous for a long time, and you no longer want to listen to false promises. It is necessary to stand firm on your own, not to yield to his persuasions. If it has a drop of nobility, it will no longer require you to meet.
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So, you agreed to go out with him each in your own way, but how can you personally cope with the love of a married man:

  1. Add his mobile number to the blacklist. You need to do this in order not to call him at a difficult moment.
  2. Fully download yourself with various tasks.
  3. If you yourself are married, then it is worthwhile to establish relations with your lawful husband.

If you can not solve your problems and will not be satisfied with what you have in your personal life, then the temptation to return your past relationship with your lover will not leave you.

The love relationship between a married man and a married lady is, in fact, quite a comfortable and logical connection for both parties.

But such a connection can not exist for a long time, as the male half will receive an energetic charge, positive emotions, and the female part will give itself and its life force to another man, and eventually destroy his family. And then the question arises, but for the sake of getting rid of boredom and new emotions, risk your family, but then everyone chooses independently.


All the best of the day!
My name is Natalia. I'm currently trying to end a relationship with a married man. Very hard, crazy pain. But I understand that if I stay in this relationship, it will equal my death. ..


If anyone has the opportunity to support, write.
As it turned out, it is very difficult.


Do not ever have a relationship with married men. They are not yours, you are only entertainment for them, and consolation of your ambitions. They will never leave their wives. You should have clearly understood this, the pain will become dull and pass, the life experience will remain. The mistake of all mistresses is that they think that they are unique and unique, and they are just what pastime a man at this stage is.

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