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Do you think how to make quail eggs so that they remain tasty, useful? In this article you will learn the basic rules of cooking quail eggs.

Now people began to think about their health more often. A modern person is exposed to stress, prefers to live an active life, often gets tired, sometimes simply does not have the ability to monitor the condition of the body.

Various methods, simple advice, recommendations of dieticians come to the aid. More and more often they remember about proper nutrition, balanced menu.

Quail eggs are growing in popularity, which can really exert a significant influence on the body.
  • They are well absorbed, contain little fat.
  • They do not contain cholesterol, almost never is salmonella.
  • In this case, the product provides a person with a mass of useful substances, it helps to strengthen health.

The first question is: how to cook, how to make quail eggs, so that they do not lose their valuable properties? Can I process them thermally?

Not everyone likes to eat them raw, preferring dishes from them.

Recipe with quail eggs from Julia Vysotskaya - Crispy breakfast baskets:

And from the heat treatment many expect complete destruction of vitamins and beneficial microelements. Be sure to remember the simple tips to cook quail eggs correctly. Then they will give you all their useful substances.

What are we going to cook? Choosing quail eggs correctly

There are a number of misconceptions about the safety of quail eggs. Unfortunately, many consumers do not realize how dangerous products can be, purchased "from hand" and in stores with a dubious reputation.

Of course, you need to know exactly how much to cook quail eggs, carefully monitor the time. But this will help you just bring the product to readiness. You need to buy quality testicles.

We will develop some myths and give useful advice for the right choice.

  • Myth 1. The eggs will not be guaranteed salmonella, because quail does not hurt them .

Think about what can get into eggs with damaged shells, where they can be stored if the owner of a warehouse or store does not comply with sanitary norms! Be sure to remember that in any product it is easy to introduce microbes and infection from the outside.

  • Myth 2. If the eggs are in the package, they can not be inspected - the factory has already done everything .

And this is also a delusion. Even if the factory employs impeccably honest responsible people, no one is immune from mistakes. In addition, the box is turned abrupt enough to turn, it is unsuccessful to put a box with sets of eggs, so that they are damaged.

  • Myth 3. When quail eggs cause suspicion, they just need to cook longer. All microbes will disappear, infections will not be terrible .

This is the most common mistake most hostesses have. Remember how much to cook quail eggs, and do not keep them in a saucepan for longer than the prescribed time. Some microbes kill only autoclaving, to destroy a number of bacteria will have to cook them for an hour. After such manipulations, no one will eat such testicles, and they will not have any useful substances.

As you can see, there are quite a few myths about cooking and choosing quail eggs. The main thing is that all of them seriously influence people's opinions, mislead the mistresses. Take care of yourself, remember how much the quail eggs actually cook, choose them wisely!

Choosing quality quail eggs

  1. Choose a point of sale. First of all, pay attention to the reputation of the outlet. To get testicles from dubious sellers, neighbors and acquaintances is not worth it. Agree that you can not trust people 100 percent. In addition, when the quail is bred unprofessionally, mistakes can be made randomly. In a large store, quality assurance is noticeably higher, hundreds of thousands of people buy products there.
  2. Appearance. It is important to carefully examine quail eggs. This should always be done, even if you purchased them at a well-known store, the manufacturer inspires confidence. Eggs could be damaged by accident, there is a chance of mistakes.
    Make sure that the shell does not shine, it is clean. It must be whole. If you see damage, scratches or cracks, it is worth abandoning the cooking of such eggs.
  3. Weight and odor. Quail eggs, which are noticeably lighter than others, and float when they are lowered into the water, are not necessary. They can be spoiled. It is important to check them and the smell. Get rid of products, the quality of which raises doubts.

You already know the basic principles of egg selection. And you can ask yourself how to cook them when your refrigerator already has quality products. Remember that trying to cook eggs longer to kill all germs is not necessary. It is better to take preventive measures.

Basic principles of digestion of quail eggs

Now we need to learn the important principles of quail egg cooking. You need to remember how to cook them, how many to cook eggs. Simple algorithms will help you.

First you need to prepare the product for cooking. Take neatly the quail eggs in the right amount. Rinse them under running cool water. Before they can be gently wiped with a napkin. Operate neatly, as the shells of these small testicles are very fragile.

  1. After washing, put them in a saucepan. It's great if they stay in it tight enough. Then, during the cooking, the testicles will not beat each other.
  2. Pour eggs with cool water and put on the burner. It is advisable to place the eggs in a cool, rather than in boiling water, because the shell often breaks from a sharp temperature drop.
  3. Check if the water completely covers the eggs. If they are shown from the water, it will not matter how much to cook. They will still be prepared unevenly.
  4. Wait for the eggs to boil. As soon as this happens, you need to reduce the fire and detect the time.
  5. Remember how many quail eggs are cooked. They do not need to cook for more than five minutes.

What should I do to make quail eggs easy to clean?

When the eggs are ready, it is best to drain the hot water from the pan, and then pour cold water into it. Then the testicles will be easier to clean.

It is interesting that from the time of cooking eggs completely depends on their consistency, palatability. You can cook different dishes, changing only the methods and time of cooking.

Cook quail eggs by the time

When you learn how to choose the right quail eggs, you will be able to enjoy their taste, get all the valuable substances. A high-quality product can be consumed even in raw form and it is not necessary to cook them hard-boiled to destroy the majority of bacteria in them.

For example, you will be able to regularly submit eggs to the table "in a bag", "soft", make a delicious pashot and snacks.

Want to know how much to cook quail eggs to put them in a salad? Decided to learn more cooking methods to diversify the menu? Then remember how much to cook quail eggs in different cases.

Quail eggs for a salad

It is always important to remember that quail eggs are cooked much faster than chicken eggs. Do not forget that in a saucepan on fire there are small testicles of quail with a delicate shell.

You get hard-boiled eggs when you cook them for only 5 minutes.

Keep the saucepan on the stove no longer! If you digest them, they will lose a lot of valuable substances, will cease to be tasty and will get an unpleasant "rubber" consistency. Quail eggs with soft yolk

Increasingly, people prefer to eat soft eggs. They are tender, fragrant, the yolk is slightly liquid. Indeed, there are more useful substances in such eggs, since some of the trace elements are still destroyed due to prolonged heat treatment.

How much to cook quail eggs? It is enough to keep them on the stove after boiling for 2-3 minutes.

If you cook longer, the yolk will become hard.

Eggs in a bag

Especially delicate taste, a rich bouquet of taste tones in testicles cooked "in sacks".They need not only to cook properly, but there is also a special way.

Brewed quail eggs "in bags" for only one minute.

Egg "in the pouch" is almost completely liquid, the protein film is the thinnest, tender. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the top of the shell from the blunt end, and then remove the contents with a spoon.

Poached dish: how to cook it?

Original taste and appearance have testicles prepared according to a special recipe.

Pashot is eggs that are cooked without shell. How much time does it take? You will need to wait after boiling two, maximum three minutes.

Before this, you need to gently release the egg from the shell into the funnel of boiling water. To do this, you need to spin the spoon in circular motions, then there must be a water funnel - that's where you need to pour an egg.

The shell is cut with a knife, it is desirable to remove the "cap" from the blunt end. Be careful not to damage the finest protein film, otherwise the egg will spread.

How to brew quail eggs in the microwave

If the quail egg is simply put in a microwave oven, then it certainly explodes. But if you know a few tricks, then the product can easily be welded in a microwave without much loss.

  • You need to put the testicles in a bowl, pour warm water in there so that it completely covers them, and close tightly with a lid. Then put in the microwave with the following parameters: power 500 W, time - 3 minutes.
  • You can cook eggs "poached" in the microwave. To do this, take a glass of water. We break the egg into it neatly, put it in a 500W microwave oven for about 30 seconds. This testicle should be slightly damp inside and with the finished protein from the outside.

How to brew quail eggs in a multi-barrel

It would seem that it can be more elementary than making a quail egg. But to the usual method of cooking in a pan, nowadays one more thing is added - the preparation of quail eggs in a multivariate.

Many hosts have this modern technology miracle, in which you can cook almost anything - from cereals and soups, to desserts and pies. The disadvantage is that for cooking quail eggs is about 1.5 times longer than when cooking them in a saucepan.

The easiest and most convenient way to make quail eggs in a multivark is for a couple. Then for the preparation even such quail eggs, in which the shell has recently cracked( for example as a result of accidental mechanical action), will work.

  1. To prepare quail eggs in a bowl multivarka poured warm or cold water.
  2. The washed testicles are folded into a bowl of water, which is put into the multivark.
  3. The program "Steam cooking", "Steam cooking", "Steam" or "Steam cooker" is selected( in different models, the multivariate can be written in its own way) and the necessary time for their preparation is put.
    If you need to boil eggs soft, the timer is put on for 3-4 minutes, if you want to cook them hard-boiled - up to 7 minutes.
  4. After the sound signal, pour hot water from the multivark bowl and pour the quail eggs with cold water.

Now you know how to make quail eggs. You will be able to prepare different dishes, keeping in them all valuable substances, microelements and vitamins. Correctly brewed testicles testicles have a delicate taste and a gentle consistency. Related Videos:

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