Recommendations florists, what you need to cut roses last longer

Roses are unique elegant flowers, a bouquet of which is considered a symbol of beauty and luxury. This is a universal gift, the decoration of the house and garden. Rose is the queen of flowers and a pretty capricious person, who requires proper care. To make it as long as possible to please the eye, florists offer special rules for choosing and caring for it.

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  • How to restore the freshness of roses
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Rules for choosing roses

The priority in making a bouquet is to select the freshest and best colors. When choosing roses, the following rules must be observed:

  • The store must have a refrigerator or a special room( showcase) for flowers with a temperature of no higher than + 5 + 7 degrees.
  • The flower cut must be fresh and made obliquely, otherwise the bottom of the vase will prevent the water from entering the stem.
  • Buds should be free from damage and tear marks, since sellers often remove rotten petals to give a more fresh look.

  • Buds should be elastic, but not closed. Otherwise, this means immaturity, such flowers are unlikely to unfold. Too blossoming, too, should not be taken, they will soon fall off. Optimum is the average option - a flower with a slightly opened bud( on ⅓ or ⅔).
  • The leaves should be dark green with a glossy sheen. Sometimes sellers for this lubricate their vegetable oil, it can be determined by touch.
  • The leaves at the base of the bud( 4 sepals) should be pointing upwards and adhering well to it. The omission of these leaves speaks of the staleness of roses.
  • If the flower petals are decorated, for example, with sequins, you should not choose it. As a rule, so mask the withering roses.
  • It is believed that the best time to buy flowers is early morning, they contain more moisture than in "evening", and they will last longer.
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Recommendations for care of the bouquet

When buying roses or accepting them as a gift, it is necessary to follow the recommendations how to preserve their original appearance for a long time.

Beautiful, original and unusual bouquets and compositions from real flowers
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First you need to prepare the water and process the roses yourself. The following rules must be observed:

  • Water should be at room temperature in winter and cold in summer( +8 degrees).Before placing the bouquet it must be defended.
  • In water, it is desirable to dissolve the active substances to power the flowers and prevent the multiplication of microorganisms that trigger the decay process.
  • If flowers brought from the cold, do not rush and immediately put them in the water, you need to give them time to warm up.
  • Then you need to process the roses. Leaves in the water, you need to cut otherwise rot will begin, which will lead to an unpleasant smell and wilting roses.
  • Cut roses to stay longer with a sharp knife or pruner. Slowly cut a part of the stem down and split several fibers. This is done in water to avoid air ingress and the formation of plugs inside the vascular bed of the plant.
  • It is desirable to take the vase high, so that the water is at a level not lower than the middle of the stem.
  • In the vase with roses you can not put other flowers, it is desirable that they are separated by several meters.
  • Place for flowers preferably choose a cool, without direct sunlight and drafts. It is believed that vases are better to choose ceramic, because they do not let light.
  • When it is necessary to preserve the freshness of the rose for a special occasion, and it was acquired in advance, it is necessary to make a new cut and put it into the water. After a couple of hours, wrap the stem in a damp cloth and completely fill the flower with paper or newspaper, then put it in the refrigerator. This will ensure the rose freshness.

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For long preservation of a bouquet it is necessary to carry out daily leaving, according to the following recommendations.

  • It is necessary to spray buds and stems with water from the spray gun. It must be permanent. It is desirable to wash the stem with water once a day.
  • Periodically, flowers should be placed for 12 hours in a basin or a bath, the water should be cold. To white roses stand longer, it is necessary to avoid getting liquid into the bud, this causes their decay, which is more noticeable on the colors of light tones. Although the florists believe that these flowers are harder than the dark ones, the petals are still softer and the damage to them is visually more noticeable. Therefore, it is desirable to fix the heads of roses of any color above the water surface.
  • The cut on the stem needs to be updated, it improves the metabolic processes of the plant.
  • Water needs to be changed every day to avoid the development of decay processes. For the same reason, you need to thoroughly wash the vase. It is desirable to add special agents to water.
  • You should not store flowers next to fresh fruits and vegetables because of their ethylene emissions, it harms roses.
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How to restore the freshness of roses

To revive the flowers in a bouquet and return them an attractive look, you can use the following techniques.

  • Pay attention to the location of the bouquet. Perhaps nearby there is a thermal source( battery), an open window with a draft, or the sun's rays fall on the flowers. Then the roses need to be moved to another place.
  • In case of resuscitation of fading roses every night, they should be put in cool water, avoiding getting water into the buds, and in the morning rearranged back into the vase.
  • To give the roses a previous look, you can use the extreme method: flowers are cropped as usual, but put in very hot water( about 90 degrees).To avoid burns, it is desirable to wrap the leaves and buds with paper. Then wait until the water has cooled to room temperature, during which time the roses will "come to life."This is a very effective method of resuscitation.
  • For the night to put buds in cellophane, you can moist, hermetically fixing, but not experienced stem. In the morning, the cellophane caps must be removed. In this case, the role of the reanimator is played by the greenhouse effect, as in a greenhouse, which helps the buds raise their heads.
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Effective additives

The composition of the water where the bouquet of roses is located is of great importance for keeping it fresh. For this, various active substances are added to it, both as professional ones developed by florists and traditional ones that have proved their effectiveness.

  • With the antibacterial aim that roses last longer, they add aspirin - 1 tablet per liter, or a couple drops of bleach, or a dish remedy in the calculation of 1 drop per liter. This prevents putrefaction, aspirin further promotes color retention. To this end, a solution of borax, glycerin and vodka is added.
  • In sour water, roses can stand for longer than 10 days. Therefore, in the vase you can add 2 dessert spoons of vinegar per liter of water or a solution with citric acid( 0.5 teaspoon).
  • You can use ammonia alcohol by adding a few drops to the water. And you can mix a few drops of it with vodka( 1 tablespoon per liter of water) and also dilute in water. This provides a preservative effect.
  • For roses to stand for a long time, add to the water wood or activated charcoal in tablets. You can also use potassium permanganate and alum.
  • Nutritious effect gives sugar, so that roses stand longer, it is put in the calculation of 2 tablespoons per liter of water.
  • To bloom buds, half a teaspoon of camphor alcohol per liter of liquid is added to the water.
  • Professional means, with the purpose of extending the life of flowers, use the means "Live Rose", "Bouquet", "Wild Flowers" and others.
The answer to the question of what kind of water roses last longer depends on their initial state. Do not mix a large number of ingredients, it is better to choose one solution and use it regularly, remembering to change the water daily, rinse the vase and update the slice.
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