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  • Prose or poetry - which format of congratulations is better?
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The wedding ceremony is a very important event not only for the groom and the bride, but also for their numerous relatives. In addition to being invited to the ceremony guests need to think over their own toilets and gifts, they also have to invent poems for the initiators of the celebration. What kind of congratulations should your sister have on the wedding, and what options for congratulatory lines should not be chosen? We tell.

Prose or poetry - which format of congratulations is better?

Congratulation to the sister who is getting married should be touching, but this is not the only one of his characteristics. The first thing that needs to be defined is the form of the narrative.

It is believed that the solemn lines must necessarily be written in verse, ostensibly it gives the emotions of a person greater expressiveness. However, congratulations in prose have a whole list of merits.
In which case is it worth choosing prose, and when is poetry?
  1. If a person plans to pronounce a toast, then prosaic lines are best for this, since they will not look contrived and perfectly reflect the guest's emotions.
  2. If the greeting should be read before the presentation of the gift, then it is better to choose a rhyme, especially suitable humorous version, which can defuse the situation.
  3. Another version of the presentation of congratulations - just on a postcard or envelope with money. In this case, it is necessary to write poetry by hand, expressing in it all their attitude to the holiday.
  4. If a guest wants to give a present to the culprits of a celebration with a congratulation engraved on him, then poetry and prose will do for this, but it is important that tender words are the most concise.

There are some nuances for each variant of the presentation. For example, if a person is well acquainted with both his own relative and her fiancé, one can give free rein to humorous lines. Also, in a gentle congratulation, you can indicate the features of dating couples and the power of their love.

If the guest does not know his sister well( cousin, second cousin), then the congratulation should be more impersonal, but at the same time express tender feelings towards the married.

All these subtleties are not so important in comparison with the content of the greeting itself. If the invitee writes really sincere lines, it will not matter in which format they are submitted - in prose or in verse.

Touching congratulations in verse. Nuances of writing and examples of

Many guests believe that it is not so difficult to congratulate on a wedding day, because it is enough to open the Internet, find a suitable work and rewrite it on a postcard. However, many newlyweds receive on the wedding day a few dozen faceless congratulations, which they really do not pay attention to.

If a person wants to stand out against the background of this crowd, he must create extremely touching lines on his own.

Congratulations may look like this:

"My dear sister, I congratulate you,

I sincerely wish you happiness.

Love for so long you've been looking,

You did not recognize your destiny in passers-by.

Now you have a family formed,

Happy in a moment you have become.

And for many years I wish you joint,

For joy and success, I bless you. "

Ideally, the poem should contain some personal details from the life of the bride and groom, some details of their dating. You can safely include in your poem work the date of the celebration or the names of the newlyweds.
It is believed that the ideal verse will be in the following cases:
  • if it is written from the heart, with sincere emotions;
  • if the person himself spent more than two minutes writing a similar greeting, that is, he tried;
  • is also great if the guest learns the rhyme beforehand in order not to read it on paper, but to tell with expression and from memory;
  • the volume of an ideal verse should not exceed 12 lines, and it is in this limited volume that you will have to express all your feelings.

You can congratulate your sister with the help of a verse taken from the Internet, but it should be transformed in accordance with the individual features of the holiday. Here, for example, the standard greeting from the Internet:

"This day is like a fairy tale!

My sister's heart

Full of goodness, warmth and affection,

As an engagement ring!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you

All my life in one love to live,

After all, she is in the air

And it will be happiness for you to create!

Two favorite hearts

Live for many years! »

Of course, the poem itself seems good, but it is impersonal, not expressing deep emotions. It can be transformed as follows:

"This day is like a fairy tale!

My sister heart

Full of kindness, warmth and affection,

As an engagement ring!

( Name of the bride), from the bottom of my heart I wish,

To live all my life,( the name of the groom) sincerely loving.

For the hand on this day, take it

And never let go of love!

And let the hearts be knocking in unison,

And life will turn into a dream dream. "

After adding the names of the bride and groom, the guest will immediately make the greeting more personal, intimate.
Touching verses are suitable for absolutely any pair, and if they are written with a soul, then they will attract everyone's attention.

Humorous congratulations in verses and prose

Perhaps the most difficult way to congratulate the newlyweds is a humorous work. The fact is that not only sincere feelings, but also humor, will fit into the tiny verse lines, only a talented person will be able to do it. It is possible to congratulate the sister with the help of the following work:

"Here, sister, it was

This glorious time.

You used to call the men,

And now you must cook,

Husband to please, at home sit

And for happiness to share together.

House, cleaning, work, family,

Only "we" talk, not "I".

But seriously, you found happiness,

Because your happiness is not lost.

Be loved by each other always,

Let the years pass unnoticed! »

To the best of touching, funny poem will win absolutely all the guests at the festival with its sincerity. It is not difficult to write such a humorous opus, but you must adhere to the following rules:

  • humorous poem should not only be funny, but also cute, because only then it will be able to fully satisfy the newlyweds;
  • in such a congratulation does not place trivial jokes and mate, as this can offend the bride and groom;
  • the ideal volume of poems with humor - 10-12 lines;
  • in this poem you need to talk not only about your beloved sister, but about the groom, because this is their joint holiday.

Many authors of such works commit a gross mistake: they undertake the composition of congratulations and mention only the bride in him, without mentioning the word about the groom. However, ideally in such lines should be noted and the fact that now the man has become part of a new family.


If you write in the measure of a ridiculous congratulation in the verse does not work, you can give preference to prose. A good congratulation in prose can look like this:

"A good deal of" marriage "will not be called. All these worries, joint product trips, cleaning and endless disputes over who will wash the dishes. .. Fortunately, your pair do not concern all of these problems! Watching you from the side, I realized( understood) how strong and sincere love can be. Dear sister, I wish you and your husband to keep this fire of passion in your soul and not to miss the sincere feelings even after 50 years of joint life! »

At first glance, the congratulation looks simple, but it reflects a deep sense with a bit of humor. Such lines are suitable for a solemn toast and a lot of amusing guests.

Congratulation in prose. Sincere words for your beloved sister

Even more often at the wedding you can hear not only works in verse, but also in prose. They have one huge advantage: writing such lines is much easier, because a person does not have to squeeze his emotions into rhyme limits. What are the rules of writing congratulations in prose relevant for prosaic forms?

  1. Such a work should not take more than two minutes to read( ideally its volume does not exceed 5-6 sentences).
  2. It's great if a person can include in his prosaic congratulations elements of philosophy or touching details from the life of a couple.
  3. A work in prose should not depart from the main theme, and the main narrative is to concern the bride and groom.

Here is an example of a good prosaic congratulation:

"I remember how I got to know the groom( you need to mention the name).I will say right away that he liked me instantly. For some reason, there was a feeling that( the name of the bride), my beloved sister, would marry him. Fortunately, my instincts have not deceived me, and I have the opportunity to contemplate your happy, loving eyes. Try to remember this incredible feeling for life and carry through the years of boundless respect for each other. "

In such a congratulation, there is a bit of a personal relationship to the couple, and the individuality at the expense of mentioning the names of the spouses. Of course, you need to write this congratulation yourself, but this alone is not enough. A person must also learn these touching lines, so that, given the opportunity to say them with expression and tact. In this case, the culprits of the triumph will be subdued by the work to the depths of the soul.

Another way to create a touching greeting is to mention the details of dating a couple, the nuances of their relationship and so on. Usually such details are known only to the closest people, and mentioning them, a person can make his congratulations much more touching.

If a guest wants his prose work not to be lost among a mountain of gifts, he must engrave the invented lines on a purely symbolic presentation. For example, you can give the newlyweds a horseshoe, on which gentle words and wishes will be written. Such a present will not only bring happiness to the house, but also will always remind you of the very triumph, of the tender words uttered by the brother or sister of the bride.

Of course, a wedding is a very important event for all the people invited to it. That is why the relatives of the bride should carefully think over their congratulations in order to use them to express the depth of feelings about the event. If the greeting was written with love, then it will necessarily resonate in the hearts of those present, and its form and the beauty of the proposed rhyme are no longer important.

Song-congratulation for the sister on the wedding - video


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