Bulgarian pepper in oil for the winter

Sweet pepper has all the qualities that a vegetable should have. It is useful, beautiful and pleasant to the taste. It contains many vitamins necessary for the human body. Dishes based on it are low-calorie and rarely cause allergic reactions. You can save the favor by preparing the Bulgarian pepper in oil for the winter. It is this method that allows you to get a tasty and fragrant product, using only natural ingredients.

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    Sweet pepper in front ofcareful selection is carried out. It should be mature, with a beautiful and smooth skin. No dents, damage. Even if you cut a neatly spoiled lot on a vegetable, this does not guarantee that the product will survive until winter.

    You can use any kind of Bulgarian pepper for billet. More interesting are the options for canning with colored fruits. Marinate as whole vegetables, not peeled from seeds and stems, and cut into small portions.

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    You can add fresh greens, spices, garlic and other vegetables to the jars with pepper in oil.

    Ways to prepare

    There are various methods of harvesting Bulgarian pepper in oil for the winter. They differ in the use of different ingredients, complementing with seasonings, spices. The main product can be roasted, baked in the oven or grilled, cooked or blanched before canning. This directly affects the taste of the resulting dish.

    Sweet pepper, fried in oil

    This recipe is unusual in that the Bulgarian pepper is first fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil. So the dish turns out to be especially tasty and fragrant.

    1. It is necessary to prepare peppers of the same size, preferably not large.
    2. Wash them, dry them. The peduncle is not cut off. Then send it to a skillet, which was pre-filled with vegetable oil.
    3. You need to fry the fruits from all sides, turning the peppers is recommended with a wooden spatula, otherwise you can break the integrity of the specimens. Roasting should be done by covering the product with a lid. As soon as the fruits are fried on all sides, put them on a plate and allow to cool.
    4. At this stage, when the Bulgarian peppers are no longer hot, you can carefully peel them off. So they will become more tender in taste.
    5. Then expand into sterilized jars.
    6. The product should be laid in layers, sprinkled with crushed fresh herbs and garlic squeezed through a press.
    7. Each 3-liter jar needs to be filled with 1 tsp.salt and table vinegar, and sugar add 2 tsp.
    8. Ingredients pour boiling water and immediately roll up the lids.
    9. Turn the container upside down, wrap it and allow it to cool. Move to a cool place.

    Classic recipe

    The basic way of preparing sweet pepper in oil for winter is simple and convenient. Minimum of ingredients and time spent.

    1. Bulgarian pepper( 3 kg) must be cleaned of seeds, cut out all internal partitions. Cut into slices or plates.
    2. Place the product in a wide saucepan.
    3. Add sugar( 0.5 cups), salt( 0.25 cups), refined sunflower oil( 0.25 l) and vinegar( 0.25 l).
    4. Blend the mixture over medium heat for 20 minutes, stirring constantly.
    5. For 5 minutes before turning off add chopped garlic( 1 head) and fresh finely chopped dill.
    6. Pepper in oil fill send to jars and roll them up.

    The product can be used as a snack to any meat or fish dish. Sometimes pepper is added to soups or borscht, to various salads. You can also use the vegetable as a filling for pizza and pies.

    Sweet pepper, grilled

    Pepper has an original taste and aroma, which was baked on the grill before canning. For this recipe it is better to choose fruits of different colors, the dish looks more spectacular.

    1. First peppers( 1 kg) should be baked on the grill until black spots form. Then transfer it for 20 minutes in a bag or wrap it with a film.
    2. After the product is cleaned of seeds and veins, also get rid of the skin. Cut into thin strips.
    3. For a more piquant taste, you can add chili, cut into small slices.
    4. Prepare chopped greens and chopped garlic, mix with chili, add salt, vinegar( 0.5 cup) and butter( 1 glass).Mix.
    5. First of all, when filling the container, it is necessary to pour an oil filling on the bottom, then tightly put the Bulgarian pepper, pouring it on top with the same mixture. Tighten the covers and put them in the refrigerator.

    Stuffed pepper in oil

    Sweet pepper stuffed with vegetables looks festive, and you want to try it. Pouring of oil adds spice to the dish.

    1. Best Bulgarian pepper is combined with cabbage and carrots. The latter must be finely chopped. Transfer to a cup, stir, add table vinegar( 1 kg of vegetables will leave half a cup) and salt( 4 tsp)
    2. Leave the mixture overnight. In the morning, squeeze and transfer to another bowl.
    3. Pepper must be cleaned from internal partitions and seeds. Blanch for 5 minutes to make it softer.
    4. Each fruit must be filled with a mixture of cabbage and carrots. Lay tightly on the jars.
    5. Next, you need to prepare the fill. It consists of water( 1 liter), vinegar( half cup), sunflower oil( 3 tablespoons) and salt( 20 g).The liquid must be boiled and boiled for 5 minutes.
    6. Pour the stuffed peppers with the marinade obtained. Tuck under the covers. Leave to cool down.

    Pepper with honey

    Sour-sweet taste of pepper on this recipe will not leave anyone indifferent. An excellent snack option for any feast. Replacing vinegar with citric acid will make the product more useful.

    1. Peeled and well-processed pepper first blanch in boiling water for a few minutes.
    2. Then send it to a sterilized container.
    3. Add celery stems here, also pre-blanched.
    4. In order to measure how much to take water for the brine, it is poured into the jar to the top and poured into a saucepan. Then add honey and citric acid to taste.
    5. The sunflower oil and favorite spices will also be an ingredient for filling. For example, a perfect carnation or pepper peas.
    6. Liquid is put on the fire and brought to a boil.
    7. Immediately pour on the banks. Next, the blanks must be sterilized in boiling water for 15 minutes. And only after they are rolled up with lids.

    Salad from peppers in oil

    Sweet pepper is quite an independent product, from which comes an excellent harvest for the winter. But to diversify and only improve its taste will help the addition of other vegetables. Unsurpassed four: tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and onions. From these products you get a tasty and healthy salad for the winter.

    1. All vegetables can be cut randomly. Lay in layers in jars. First comes the onion, then the tomatoes, followed by the pepper and cucumber.
    2. Top the ingredients with vinegar and sunflower oil. If you take 2 kg of each vegetable, then vinegar and oil will require 2 tablespoons, and you need to pour sugar and salt into cans.
    3. Fill the workpiece with boiled, but cooled water. Then pack with the product to send for sterilization. It will take about 15 minutes. After the cans roll up with covers, turn over and cover with a blanket, so that the heat is distributed evenly.

    Bulgarian pepper in oil is a perfect preparation for the winter. Any recipe will give you a wonderful taste and a huge amount of vitamins!

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