Fashion haircuts with bangs for hair of medium length

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What are good haircuts with bangs on medium hair for women of any age? First, with a length just above or slightly below the shoulders, a variety of styling is possible, so that you can change the look every day. Secondly, the correctly selected bang emphasizes the individuality, conceals the imperfection of the face oval and even visually rejuvenates. We will talk about how to achieve the desired effect.

What's important to take into account

When choosing a fashionable haircut for medium hair, do not strive to blindly imitate models from glossy magazines. Remember that they were thoroughly worked on by upscale hairdressers and photographers. To visit the beauty salon did not disappoint you, consider the following nuances:

  1. Thickness and hair type. Some haircuts look good only on women with light strands. Holders of stiff, thick or curly hair are suitable for other models.
  2. Oval face. Round, triangular or with a heavy chin can be corrected with bangs or with the length of strands.
  3. Individual character traits, favorite style in clothes and age.

The last point is to focus attention. Women, whose face contour has lost clarity because of age, stylists recommend haircuts suitable for chubby ladies. We'll start with them.

Bob in all its varieties

The unmistakable version for a round face - a haircut with oblique bangs, smoothly turning into straight, length below the chin, strands. Such a model will visually make the face already, lengthen the neck, and the image as a whole will turn out more elegant. An excellent choice will be a haircut bob with a long bang on graded hair. In this case it is good if they are colored with natural shades or beveled.

A multi-layered bean with a short bodice and torn edges below the ears is best for women who want to hide the not very clear contour of the face. At the same time, laying as a whole can be mischievous, with carelessly disheveled strands, but at the chin level they should be laid inside.

Closing the topic of what a haircut with a bang on medium hair is best for a round face, let's recall the basic rules:

  • Give preference to the vertical, covering cheeks and cheekbones, lines.
  • Discard the direct selection in favor of skew-bangs.
  • Do not dye your hair in a monochrome dark color.

Following these recommendations, it is possible to go beyond the above-mentioned model. About all possible options will be discussed below.

Convenient square

The owners of straight, thick and stiff hairs will emphasize the dignity of their head of hair and correct the imperfection of the face oval by choosing one or another variant of the square:

  1. Fashionable haircut with straight bangs and torn edges is ideal for girls with an oval face. Bright stylists advise bright brunettes, blondes or red-haired girls to perform such a model with hot scissors, because the ends of the hair are sharp at the same time, the hair looks very stylish.
  2. Classic shoulder strap with thick long bangs is very functional. First, it will suit almost any woman. Secondly, this model can easily be transformed into a short hairstyle with magnificent curls even at home.
  3. Again, actual haircuts with a short bang on the middle hair, most fashion designers offer to do on the basis of a square.

The last item will be considered more carefully, because with this component of the hairstyle you can significantly change the whole appearance.

Selection of short bangs

As mentioned above, the hair cut above the eyebrow will make the woman's face more open, give the appearance freshness and even some vulnerability. With this option, it is best to give preference to straight or slightly rounded bangs on graduated haircuts.

Do not forget that such models look best on the hair, closest to the natural color.

Young and bold now offered thick bangs, slightly convex to the middle of the forehead and short at the temples. This option is suitable for girls with a narrow or triangular face, because the oval seems wider due to the open temples and cheekbones.

A real hit in 2017 promises to be A-shaped haircuts with a straight, very thick( almost from the crown) and a short bun. On the same base are recommended and bold, short-cropped at the temple and asymmetrically terminating slightly above the eyebrow are underlined obliques. Especially effective, such haircuts look on bright hair.

Fashionable Aurora

If you have thin straight or slightly curly hair of medium length and not enough time for their daily styling, the fashionable haircut of Aurora will come in handy. Its distinctive features are the volume in the upper part and the smooth transition of the ladder to the bottom. And the "steps" can be formed as high, with a sharp transition, and smoothly streamed one above the other filaments.

Thanks to this method of cutting, you can create almost any image - from deliberately careless and impertinent to an emphatically feminine and elegant. To do this, you only need to lay the tips inside or out with a hair dryer and a round brush. Cholka can be done as you like, the main thing is to observe the trend of unconstrained naturalness.

A scaffold or cascade

A version of the cascade popular in the 80s of the last century is now commonly called a ladder. The name speaks for itself: shorter strands from above, gradual lengthening downwards.

The number of layers( steps) in this case can be very different. For example, for thin hair, a multi-layered haircut of a ladder with bilge and melioration will do. Holders of stiff hair will appreciate the "frozen cascade" with 2-3 steps from the chin to the shoulders.

The popularity of the ladder on medium hair is due to the ability to hide flaws and emphasize the merits of the face:

  1. Too narrow, elongated oval will visually shorten a multi-layered lush model with a long straight bang just below the eyebrows.
  2. With a square face, make a volume on top - the steps should start above the ears, and the strands below the lobes slightly wrap inwards. In this case, choose a haircut with a dense oblique bangs or just scratch it on one side.
  3. The face of the triangular form will be decorated with an elongated form, starting a little below the cheekbones, a ladder with a straight bang.
  4. Heavy chin can be veiled by large, carelessly framing face and upper neck, curls. The chalk is better to choose a sparse or heavily milled one.

Universal hair cuts for medium length, we dismantled. Now let's see what options are recommended for the bravest representatives of the fair sex.

Stylish grading

Fashionable stylists every year more often offer graduated haircuts for medium hair not only to girls, but also to mature ladies. In the first case carelessly disheveled strands will be emphasized by an independent character, in the second variant, carefully thought out and laid chaos in tandem with a short bun will refresh the image. However, such a model will require special care.

Before choosing a graduated haircut, understand how it differs from the cascade.

In this case, the hair is also sheared with steps, but the strands in width, the degree of cut of a particular curl and its length at a common horizontal level are different. Thanks to this, unique author's models are possible.

Especially carefully selected graduation follows the owners of curly and thin hair - without properly styling the hair will lose its ripped torn "chip".So, women with wavy ringlets should better abandon the frequent transitions of short strands from the crown, otherwise the stylish model in any wet weather whim will be transformed into a shapeless cloud.

Now we turn to the problem of the complexities of caring for such a haircut:

  1. If your hair is weakened by multiple staining and splits, treat them for at least a month before going to the hairdresser.
  2. After shearing, weekly nutritional masks will be needed to prevent the splitting ends from appearing.
  3. Stylish styling does not work without light mousses, but you can give up various nozzles of a hair dryer and form strands with your hands.

Concluding the conversation about graduated haircuts, we mention possible disadvantages. In addition to the above complexities in care, the author's model to alter to another option will not be easy. The growth of chaotically cut hair will also require patience. So, choosing bold graded haircuts, follow the principle of "seven times measure - cut once".

Useful advices for

If you have already decided on a model, but go to an unfamiliar master, then the photos of the haircut with bangs on medium hair, most likely, will not be enough. It is better to carefully consider the oral description of the chosen model from all sides, up to the length of the locks on the back of the head.

Do not forget that coloring the hair of medium length is of great importance.

With the help of color accents, you can make the image vivid and even aggressive or, conversely, more feminine and romantic.
So, going to a beauty salon, above a flawless way, first of all, work on your own.

Beauty and style are simply not given. When creating the perfect variant of this or that haircut with a bang, you have to work hard, but the result is worth it.

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