Diet on seeds

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In our time, invented an immense number of methods of weight loss, allowing in a short period of time to lose those extra pounds. But any person knows that to comply with any diet should be approached competently and wisely. Not an exception are hunger diets, which must be adhered to no more than a few days in order to avoid harming your body. Always remember that slimming often has a negative impact on health, so the term of such restrictions in nutrition should be small. Under this rule, and very popular today, a diet on the seeds.

The essence of the diet on seeds

As a food product, the seeds are very high in calories, in a hundred grams there are about 500 kcal. In addition, they have a sufficient number of useful elements necessary for life. Therefore, eating 100-150 grams per day of this product, you will supply your body with the necessary stock of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Observing the diet on the seeds, it is necessary to remember the permissible norm, since after eating one handful often there is a desire to proceed and to the second. But the human body can only absorb 150 g of seeds, and if you consume more, the risk of the appearance or increase of deposits in problem areas becomes more than real.

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Pros and cons of a diet on seeds

To follow a poultry diet psychologically is rather difficult, as during the week every day you will have to eat the above mentioned product rate. With this amount of food, there can be a feeling of hunger. You can get rid of it by consuming an unlimited amount of liquid: during the day you can drink water or tea, and before going to bed you can drink one glass of kefir low in fat.

When starting such a diet, it is worth considering all its advantages and disadvantages. With such a diet, sunflower seeds will lose weight in the amount of about one kilogram daily and the waist and hips will decrease noticeably. The disadvantage of such a sharp weight loss can be sagging skin in problem areas, which can be overcome with the help of special procedures, lifting or easy gymnastics.

Some people find it difficult to tolerate this diet because of its monotony. The solution to this problem can be the addition of sunflower seeds to other methods of weight loss. But in any case, it is necessary to remember that the pomegranate diet is rather difficult and can lead to a stressful situation for the body, therefore, observing it, you need to carefully monitor your overall health and your state of health.

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