How to replace butter

Butter makes tastier porridge and sandwiches, without it it is impossible to imagine homemade cakes. Although this product is present in every home, its health benefits remain rather doubtful: in butter it contains a huge amount of calories and cholesterol, which harms the heart and blood vessels. Make nutrition more useful and minimize the butter content without compromising taste is quite easy if you know a few useful tricks.

What to smear on sandwiches instead of butter

The most obvious and tasty substitute is a gentle cream cheese. To taste it is even better than a creamy little, and make it at home is not difficult. Just take a packet of kefir and freeze it in the freezer, then remove the packaging and put it in a sieve covered with two layers of gauze. Place the sieve on a pan of the appropriate size and leave the clock for five to thaw the ice. The serum will flow into the pan, and in the gauze will remain the most delicate cream cheese with a pleasant rich taste and soft texture.

Another useful option is peanut butter, which contains useful vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins. To cook it yourself, take the raw unsalted peanuts, dry it in a pan, and then grind it in a processor to the state of the paste. The resulting product will have a rich taste and can replace not only oil, but also other sandwiches. You can add a little honey, sugar, salt or favorite spices. But we must remember that peanuts and all that is made of it - a very allergenic food.

How to replace butter in confectionery products

To ensure that the short dough remains tasty and crumbly, replace half the butter prescribed in the recipe with natural yogurt. You can also use mayonnaise instead of butter: cooked by hand, this product is quite useful and safe for health, and baking to taste is not inferior to traditional recipes.

In sweet pastries, butter can be replaced with fruit purees made from apples or bananas. The taste and structure of the dough will change, but the dish will be no less delicious.

In an effort to make your diet more healthy, you need to remember about reasonable boundaries. Although replacing butter for more useful alternatives will help to reduce caloric content and eliminate "bad" cholesterol, it is still not recommended to exclude this product from the diet: vitamin A is stored in butter, which slows down aging and speeds up the process of cell regeneration, as well as vitalFatty acids, which in a small amount must necessarily enter our body.

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