What a child should be able to do in 8 months

The eight-month-old kid is a funny and cute creature who is interested in absolutely everything that happens around. He is intensively developing, and every day he surprises his parents with new and new skills and skills, both motor and intellectual.

At the age of eight months the child continues to explore the world, moving from one room to another and studying everything that he meets on his way. Speech skills of the baby are improved, and the list of what he should be able to do is constantly growing.


Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional and social development
  • Physical development

    Although not as intense as before, but the weight and growth of an eight-month-old baby is constantly increasing. So, in the eighth month of life, the child normally gets about 500-550 grams, and his height increases by another 1.5-2 cm. On average, at the age of eight months, children weigh from 8,300 to 8,900 grams, and their growth reaches 70-72 cm.

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    The volume of the chest in children by eight months increases to 46-47 cm, and the head - up to 44-45 cm.

    The number of baby's teeth increases. At this age, they can be three or four - two down and one or two at the top.

    The number of skills and abilities of an infant is also increasing.

    So, normally at eight months the child must:

    • lie down and sit down;
    • itself sit without support for a long time;
    • be able to independently move or roll back from the place on which it sits;
    • to stand on its own in a baby cot;
    • stand for a long time with support;
    • try to walk, holding on to the support;
    • actively and actively crawl and move around the space allocated to it( on a large bed, in an arena or on the floor);
    • try to "dance", leaning on the hands of an adult, holding on to a crib or other support.

    Qualitatively improves and fine motor skills of the child.

    Now he confidently shifts various objects from one of his pens to another, from a small container to a large one. The child takes toys with fingers( large and index), plays in "ladushki", in "ku-ku", waving goodbyes and performing other simple actions with his pens.

    By the age of eight months, the baby's chewing skills also develop: he must be able not only to swallow the crushed mashed potatoes, but also to bite and chew soft, crushed food.

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    Mental development of

    Every month and even day, the mental development of the child is also improved. He actively explores everything around and analyzes the cause-effect relationships. For example, a child understands that if you throw the toy on the floor - you immediately rush to raise it. The child likes to observe how you do it, and he will repeat throwing the raised toy again and again.

    By eight months, a small researcher has already studied the house in which he lives. He knows the name and whereabouts of many items and can, at your request, show them or bring them if the subject is small. Surely he has already studied all the things available to him by touch, taste and color, trying to beat, throw and gnaw everything that gets in his hands. Thus, the child gets acquainted with the world around him and it is important for parents to create the safest conditions for him.

    Thanks to your studies with him and his independent research, an eight-month-old child must:

    • understand that small things can easily fit inside large ones;
    • to know the names of people close to you and your own name;
    • recognize images of close and familiar people in the photo;
    • know the names of the main subjects in the room and be able to show them;
    • search for the item that you hide;
    • follow the view of moving images of people and animals on the TV screen;
    • know and show some parts of the body and face;
    • be able to play toys designed for his age: rattle rattles, click on "pishchalki", open the caps of the boxes, try to wear the rings of pyramids on the rod, etc.;
    • be able to fulfill simple requests of an adult: wave with a pen while saying goodbye, clap your hands, turn or tilt the head.
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    And, finally, a very important skill that an eight-month-old kid should master is planting on a pot. At this age, the child is calm enough to take this necessary procedure, so it's time to try to teach him to the pot.

    The baby's speech develops. At this age, the child is already trying to pronounce syllables and individual words, imitating the speech of their parents and the language in which they speak. Now his social and cultural environment becomes important for him.

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    Emotional and social development

    The eight-month-old baby is very emotional. He tries to express his joy not only with laughter and smiles, but even sometimes with a squeal, clapping his hands and stomping his small legs.

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    At the age of eight months, the children are so loving and emotional that they gladly wave their palms onfarewell and send air kisses to their relatives and acquaintances. But to unfamiliar people, eight-month-old children are treated with even greater distrust than before, and for a very long time they get used to their presence. In addition, it is at this age that the child begins to become seized by fear and even panic when parting with mom, dad or in other stressful situations. At this age, the child really begins to fear. And he is inclined to empathy - seeing that another child is crying, your child can also burst into tears with bitter tears. So the child learns to evaluate and imitate other people's moods and emotions.

    Generally eight-month-old kids are like a mirror. They react sensitively to the mood and behavior of adults and try to copy them.

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