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Smooth and silky skin on the legs is one of the essential elements of the image of a modern girl. The little-attractive vegetation is quite difficult to hide under the summer clothes, so every woman faces the problem of hair removal. Thanks to the advertising companies of equipment manufacturers, many already know how to use the epilator, and realized that it helps to achieve the desired result without significant time and financial costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of

epilators The developers call the following advantages of using the device:

  1. The simplicity of the procedure, which can be carried out at any convenient time in a comfortable home environment.
  2. Qualitative removal of hairs.
  3. Smooth skin for long term.
  4. Compact dimensions, easy to store and maintain. You can easily take the device with you on a trip or business trip, it does not burden your suitcase.
  5. No purchase of any additional accessories and components is required. The same wax epilation requires wax and strips for hair removal, a special device for warming up - waxing. While the epilator performs remarkably well on its own.

It seems that you just need to turn on the device in the outlet, smoothly move your hands around the epilation zone, and voila - an ideal smoothness for at least a month.

But the reality of life is such that many people keep quiet about the unpleasant truth, and advertising in this matter is no exception. In fact, on the way to the beautiful legs, we meet with many obstacles, such as strong pain, redness and ingrown hair after applying the epilator. Faced with them, many girls who bought a device so applauded from the TV screens hide it somewhere deep into the dresser and get out an old razor, and they forget about epilation as a terrible dream.

Agree, this is also not an option, because there are ways to minimize the listed consequences. You will need some skill and knowledge of the peculiarities of using this miracle of technology. Do your first hair removal correctly and with minimal discomfort you can, following the tips given below.

How does the depilator work?

First, let's look at the principle of the best friend of each girl and find out the difference between the processes of depilation and depilation.

Epilation is the process of destroying the hair follicle, removing the bulb and, consequently, the hair forever, that is, the effect of the procedure is permanent. According to experts, this effect is achieved only in the office of a cosmetologist with the help of special equipment.

Depilation is the process of removing the top visible part of the hair that does not affect the bulb. It has a rather long, but still temporary character.

Calling the device "epilator" was quite profitable, it's a successful marketing move. By the principle of his work, he, rather, "depilator," because in place of the removed hairs after a while there are new ones.
Let's see why this happens.

Including your epilator in the socket, you start the rotation of its metal or ceramic discs, which, like tweezers, grab each hair and pull it out. But, despite the fact that together with the hairs the bulb also breaks out, after a while unwanted vegetation appears again.

This is due to the fact that the hair follicle surrounding the bulb does not go anywhere. Cell division, and with it the process of growing a new hair, is launched again, giving life to a new "shoot" as soon as you have depilated.

However, the damaged hair grows much more slowly than, say, after using a razor. On average, the growth process takes 3-4 weeks, the time depends on the genetic predisposition, the thickness of the hair shaft and its color. Dark and thick hairs penetrate to the surface much faster than light ones. But in any case it's almost a month of smooth skin!

You use a depilator? !Well, you and the heroine!

The main and significant drawback of using the device are unpleasant pain. And, applying for help to store consultants and sites of manufacturers of goods, it is unlikely you will find there a truthful answer.

You will be told that treating the legs with a depilator is completely painless, and all stories of agony are no more than idle speculation, and it is their device that will provide you with maximum comfort when performing the procedure.

Do not believe, it's impossible to do epilation with a depilator without pain, these devices have not been invented yet. The sensitivity level directly depends on the pain threshold. For someone, the pain will seem equal to the Gestapo torture, while for others it will be quite tolerable.

The following areas are most sensitive to depilation:

  • Bikini zone.
  • Armpits.
  • Hands.
  • Area under the knees.

But it is quite possible to reduce pain when depilating. This is especially true in the first procedure, because here, like in any other case, you need skill. Morally prepare for the fact that you do not learn how to do hair removal with a device expertly. Experience will come after five or six procedures, when you pick up the optimal speed for yourself and find out your "weakest" places.

Say no pain

We suggest using several tips to help minimize discomfort.

  1. Shave your legs 3-4 days before hair removal. The optimal length of the hair to grasp its discs epilator is 0.2-0.5 cm, because grab too short hair, he simply can not.
  2. All models of epilators have more than one speed. Experiment and choose for yourself the optimal. Do not conduct the first procedure at super speeds. In addition, with an excessively fast rotation of the device's discs, thin hairs will not break out, but simply break off at the base, and after a few days they will "please" you with a bristled bristle.
  3. Before the procedure, spend at least a quarter of an hour in a hot bath or at least stand in the shower.

    Your pores will dissolve and expand, the blood flow will intensify, and the hairs will leave the hardened places much easier. However, carefully study the instructions of your epilator, some instruments require that the skin is necessarily dry. While many modern models can be used directly under water jets. They are usually marked with the words "wet and dry".

  4. Pain can also be reduced by cooling, wiping the depilated area with a piece of ice or using special anesthetic gels.
  5. Often before the onset of menstruation, the pain threshold is lowered. Experts recommend to perform the procedure a few days before the start of the menstrual cycle.
  6. For decontamination, the depolymerized area can be pre-wiped with an alcoholic wipe. This will also reduce pain.

It is necessary to make the epilation with a depilator with the device, directing the device against the growth of the hair, keeping it at right angles. Try not to press the device against the skin, thereby avoiding additional scratches and irritation.

Perform the procedure better in the evening, and not 15 minutes before leaving the house for a date or a beach. Often, after epilation, the skin is reddened, and visible traces remain on the site of the pulled out hairs. In the morning, a similar effect will pass, and the skin will please you with its perfect smoothness.

Nuances of epilation bikini and armpits

In the area of ​​the armpits and the bikini zone, the skin is the most tender and sensitive. To spend there epilation on the forces of not every girl.

It's right to use the epilator in the bikini and armpits area too. To facilitate the removal of hairs on such delicate areas it is possible, using the following recommendations in practice:

  • Do not neglect special nozzles created by developers specially for sensitive areas.
  • For "sensitive" areas, "wet" hair removal is more suitable.
  • Anesthetic spray or cooling mitt will come in handy.
  • Allow the skin to get used to the new sensations, starting with light touches.
  • Well tighten the skin with one hand, and another work as a depilator.
  • The length of the hairs should not exceed 0.2-0.4 cm. Taking a longer hair, the epilator can injure the skin.
  • After the procedure, treat the skin with alcohol and apply cream with chamomile or calendula. This will help her to recover faster.

Tips for using the epilator

  1. Do not start with the epilator from the armpits or the bikini area. Start with the legs, because initially it was for them and these devices were developed.
  2. Do not save on your own comfort, giving preference to the most budgetary models. Reducing their cost, manufacturers save on the quality of used parts, additional functions and bundling with useful attachments. Thus, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to use the epilator without pain and reduce the comfort of the procedure.
  3. Choose well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market. Do not be lazy to ask the opinions of other users, read reviews and reviews on the Internet.
Avoid areas with protruding moles and dilated vessels during hair removal. For their processing, a conventional or electric shaver is more suitable.
  1. To reduce the frequency of epilation will help special means, slowing down hair growth. They are available in the form of sprays, lotions and creams.

Despite some inconveniences caused by epilating with a depilator, the result is simply gorgeous. And painful sensations it is quite possible to bring to naught with the competent use of the device. In addition, your skin will gradually get used to the effects, and time after time removing unwanted hairs will be less and less troublesome.

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