Types of meals in hotels - detailed transcription

Many tourists before deciding on a hotel pay attention to such an important criterion as the type of food. This is natural, because it determines the basis of comfort on vacation. There are different food systems in hotels, they have a peculiar short designation. Having become acquainted with the description of a simple classification, you can choose the best variant of food in the hotel for your soul and for your pocket.

The conventional encoding of the types of food in hotels with the abbreviation is presented for consideration.

RO ( room only) - room only. Supposed to live without meals.

BO ( bed only) - only bed. Implies staying at the hotel, without much luxury and food.

AS ( accommodation only) - accommodation with amenities. In hotels of this type, meals are provided for a fee or in the room can be equipped with a kitchenette.

BB ( bed & breakfast) - bed and breakfast. This rate includes breakfast only. Hotels with such a power system are preferred by independent tourists who constantly go on excursions, as well as people on business trips. In such cases it is senseless to pay for three meals a day, if a tourist does not get a few meals a day.

Four kinds of food can be provided in hotels of this type:

  • CB ( continental breakfast) - continental breakfast. Characteristic for inexpensive hotels, includes tea or coffee with a croissant or a bun;
  • AB ( american breakfast) - American breakfast. The menu is similar to the continental one, it is distinguished by a small addition in the form of cheese, meat and sausage slices, dishes from eggs;
  • EB ( english breakfast) - English breakfast. It usually contains milk, fruit juice, tea, coffee, scrambled eggs with bacon and ham or scrambled eggs and toast;
  • The Swedish table .The choice of products in this case, as a rule, is more diverse. Here are flakes and muesli of several kinds, vegetables, fruits, eggs, various pastries. And food and drinks can be taken in any quantity.

BB + ( bed & breakfast +) - an extended meal plan can include soft drinks during the breakfast period, which are served free of charge. Sometimes in such hotels free access to drinks and water from the apparatus.

HB ( half-board) - half board. By this principle, traditionally offers breakfast and dinner, only rarely breakfast and lunch. In hotels in Europe, this type of food is the most popular, because after a tight first meal you can go on a trip or a walk, and at lunch to eat a bite or a bun. Breakfast lasts a maximum of 10am, only non-alcoholic drinks are included in its price. All drinks during dinner, as a rule, are paid.

HB + ( half-board +).This is the same HB power system, but with additions in the form of free drinks from local producers. In some hotels, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be served free of charge throughout the day.

DNR ( dinner) - dinner. Very rare type of food, in which only dinner is free. And it is presented in the form of a "buffet" or on the menu with drinks or without them, depending on the type of hotel.

BD ( brunch dinner) - breakfast-lunch-dinner. In hotels with this type of food, the restaurant works all day, and breakfast smoothly flows into lunch, and then, perhaps, to dinner without a break. Drinks are free, alcohol and wine are offered locally.

FB ( full board) - full board. It suggests three meals a day with a wide assortment of "buffet" dishes or a full menu. During the breakfast, soft drinks are provided free of charge, and during lunch and dinner you will have to pay for all drinks.

FB + ( full board +).Full board with three meals a day in the form of a rich buffet. During the meal, all drinks are served free of charge. Possible additional meals at certain concepts of the hotel.

Al ( all inclusive) - all inclusive. This system implies free meals 3 times a day and free drinks of local producers throughout the day( usually until 22:00 or 24:00) and without restrictions on the number. In addition, in such hotels there are additional meals, such as lunch, snacks, snacks or barbecue. Also, guests are provided with various services and entertainment.

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UAL ( ultra all inclusive) - ultra all-inclusive. The most expensive type of food, a VIP version of the "All inclusive" system. The main differences are free alcoholic drinks of foreign origin throughout the day and a higher level of food and drinks. Ice cream, chocolate and natural juices are included in the free service. This type of food has several varieties:

  • HCAL ( imperial high class all inclusive) - a system of full free service that does not include scuba diving, shops, telephone, doctor and hairdresser services;
  • CP ( club pharaoh) - distinctive features from the usual UAL system are some additional services, for example, fruit with champagne in the room, the availability of drinks in the refrigerator and their constant updating, a free massage session;
  • UAL I Wish - unlimited possibilities of UAL are supplemented with unlimited use of exclusive imported drinks, as well as use of a sauna and a jacuzzi.
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