Cottage cheese diet

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The main rule of any person who is going to sit on a diet is just to love yourself. Yes, you are a bit dissatisfied with your body. Yes, you want to lose a few pounds. But remember that even with a couple of extra pounds and the one you are now, you must love yourself. Only then is any result possible. Treat yourself with respect, and your body will reciprocate you!

If you decide to lose weight not on personal initiative, but at the insistence of doctors, it is worth choosing the most useful for the body diet. This diet is cottage cheese. Many experts on diets can be surprised by the presence in the dietary list of curd products, and even the allocation of it in a separate diet. We will reveal the secret! Cottage cheese, as a rule, is made from low-fat milk. That is why it is worth buying exactly cottage cheese.

Of course, there is also fatty cottage cheese, but as a rule, information about this is always indicated on the product packaging.

Remember one more rule - buy cottage cheese in the store. Low-fat version of it you will find only there. Whatever the good-natured old lady in the market says about the dietary content of her curd, it is made from homemade milk, which has the same fat content as the cream of the store.

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General principles of

Cottage cheese diet has never been a strict diet. It allows the consumption of many foods. Including, for example, it is allowed to eat flour and sweet fruits, often fresh fruit juices are used for food, which contain a lot of sugar.

All these products can be consumed with cottage cheese, then its taste does not seem monotonous to you and will not get tired in a couple of days. If you have chosen a cottage cheese diet for yourself, then it's time to look into the cookbook that was lying on your shelf and was lost under the pressure of restaurant salads and fast food.

In the book of recipes for sure a lot of dishes from cottage cheese! Imagine only that you can eat all this. Cottage cheese can be boiled, baked, baking fresh pies with it, making various pastas with greens, sauces, fruits.

Such different curd diets

During the curd diet, try not to eat just cottage cheese. It must be combined when used with other products. This is the basic and immutable rule of this diet.

Cottage cheese and grapefruit are friends

Creators of the curd-grapefruit diet promise a visible result after three days of use. The wonderful action of grapefruit was repeatedly discussed at meetings of dieticians. Now doctors suggest trying to combine it with cottage cheese.

With such a diet in the morning, as a rule, the body receives protein foods in the form of milk, eggs or cottage cheese. Lunch is the most insignificant meal, an attempt to live until evening and not break. For lunch, you are supposed to eat grapefruit and drink tea or coffee without sugar. Dinner will give you the opportunity to relax and fall asleep a happy, well-fed person - it is permissible to eat a piece of low-fat meat, salted curd with vegetables in the form of a salad, as well as a small piece of sweet pie.

Three-day cheese diet

You can often find on the Internet a mention of a three-day curd diet. It is based on the fact that the amount of food that you are accustomed to eating decreases by a factor of several times and this food is mainly of protein origin. You eat protein. They turn into amino acids and burn fats.

The results after using such diets are achieved very quickly, but last very long. The strictest of the known curd diets is that for several days( usually, as many days as you are able to withstand) you eat only fat-free cottage cheese and drink only purified water. After three or four days of cottage cheese and water, believe me, you will not be able to look at this product for several more months. But nutritionists promise excellent results.

If you do not differ in will power, about which legends are composed, then choose a variant of a diet with a grapefruit. And suffer only three days, and in terms of weight loss result is very decent. Moreover, it can be repeated quite often.

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