How to cope with depression and stress

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How to cope with depression and stress? It is difficult to find a question that is more urgent for our contemporaries. Depression and stress are inevitable companions of modern humanity.

The accelerated pace of life, the high level of competition at the labor exchange, the shortage of jobs, the intense rhythm of the production process - these are just a few factors that contribute to the emergence of stressful situations.

Depressive states develop as a consequence of prolonged stress.

Already one fifth of the world's population suffers to varying degrees with different types of depression. Appeal to the therapist has become the usual practice of the average resident of Europe and America. Russians, no less vulnerable to depression, are only beginning to realize the advisability of this approach to their mental health.

The strength to cope with stress and depression can only be provided that they are expressed in an easy form. Heavy conditions require serious psychological or psychotherapeutic help with the mandatory use of modern pharmacological drugs.

How to relieve stress and stress

You can remove stress and get rid of stress in many different ways. Each person chooses them, according to their own tastes and preferences.

How to remove stress - practical tips in the video:


Every person is a child of nature, so communication with it is necessary not only for the inhabitants of the rural hinterland, but also for the population of large megacities. Even in the largest city there are forest park areas, squares and parks.

Walking in the open air under the canopy of trees can charge a person with much-needed energy, remove nervous excitement, distract from stressful situations, confirm it in the mind of one's own well-being, make him feel happy, strengthen health, and increase resistance to pathogenic microorganisms.

The best means of depressive states and stresses are:

  • Regular trips to nature.
  • Tourist hikes.
  • Walking through the forest park.
  • Vacation spent in ecologically clean regions of our country.

Sports training

At all times, sports were considered the main way to improve health and combat stressful situations.

A person who regularly attends training at the gym acquires:

  • A conviction in oneself.
  • Strong will.
  • Hardness of character and life attitudes.
  • Adequate self-esteem.

Excellent anti-stress effect possess:

  • All kinds of combat sports. It is no accident that athletes engaged in kickboxing, judo or boxing are least likely to be depressed or spleen.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Skiing.
  • Roller skating.
  • Swimming.
  • Billiards, darts and table tennis.
  • Ball games( especially basketball).
  • Fitness classes.
  • Track and field athletics.
  • Dancing lessons.
  • All kinds of strength training.

Despite the high efficiency of sports training in overcoming stressful situations, only a few people manage to overcome their own laziness to go to the gym. Some of them are discouraged by a chronic lack of time, although a couple of hours a week will be enough for good health.

The method of natural breathing

According to the advice of a psychologist, it is possible to relieve emotional stress by conscious control of breathing. This is especially true for anxious and restless people who easily fall into a panic and are prone to rapid fatigue.

Breath against stress, master class in video:

When experiencing a depressed state or finding themselves in a stressful situation, they begin to breathe too quickly and superficially. Since such states occur in them with a certain periodicity, such a method of breathing sooner or later becomes habitual.

The return to natural breathing - deep and calm, consisting of full breaths and exhalations - is a very effective way to cope with stress and excessive heat of emotions.

Light treatment

Another effective method that helps a person cope with a variety of emotional disorders( sleep disorders, stressful and depressive conditions) is light treatment.

As the name implies, effective treatment of the listed ailments is due to the use of light streams: both natural and artificial.

For the treatment to be successful, the patient's stay in the open air should be as high as possible. Artificial lighting of his house should also be extremely bright.

Scientists have developed even a special kind of medical lamps used for this type of treatment. Therapy with the use of medical lighting is considered a promising direction in the treatment of emotional disorders, since its effectiveness exceeds the indices of traditional therapy with the use of antidepressants.

The anti-stress effect of music

Many people, finding themselves in a deeply depressed state, tend to seclusion, not wanting to see even the closest members of their family, as they are irritated by everything: people, their voices and deeds, which can not be said about music( especially favorite).Even an emotionally strenuous person does not interfere.

The stress state has its own specific vibrations. In this it is similar to a musical work that harmonizes the emotional state of the patient, translating it into a positive channel and improving the general condition.
  • The best music for a depressed person is his favorite rhythmic composition, as they are able to unlock the energy trapped in his body and release the will paralyzed by stress. Adjusting to the rhythm of the musical composition, the body gets rid of stress, and the person calms down.
Anti-stress music for raising the mood:
  • A depressed patient is very useful to sing, because during the singing there is a regulation of breathing: it becomes deeper. Due to this, the supply of oxygen to all tissues and organs also increases. A person who loves to sing even looks younger: this is the effect of improved blood supply on the skin of his face.
Music and singing can prolong human life, while stresses destroy it and shorten it considerably. After playing music, the patient notes with surprise that the panic has disappeared without a trace, and the lost forces suddenly returned.

However, music alone can not remove stress. It only helps a person to get out of the stupor, unblocking the will to action and awakening in him the desire to live.

How to get rid of stress at home

To deal alone with mild depression and stress, you can take advantage of a whole range of measures, which will be discussed in this section of our article.

Perhaps you will be surprised how accessible and simple are the methods we offer, helping to relieve tension and feel much better. Healing power of water

  1. Water is a truly magical substance that helps a person to calm down and significantly improve their emotional state. That's why we calm down, listening to the noise of torrential rain or the quiet splash of the river wave. Remove a strong voltage helps even the quiet murmur of the water jet. At home, this mission can be entrusted to a small fountain purchased at the souvenirs department.
  2. You can also remove the emotional stress by using a normal aquarium with sniffing fishes in it. Observing the slow life of the inhabitants of the aquarium distracts a person from heavy thoughts, makes them forget about problems and switches to discussions about the transience and meaning of life. A relaxed condition helps to get rid of stress for a while.
  3. Hygienic procedures are an excellent way to help relieve tension.
    To get rid of sorrows, grievances and problems, "flushing" them off, you can in the process of taking a cool shower or a relaxing bath filled with infusion of medicinal herbs or fragrant aromas of essential oils.
    For the human nervous system, there is nothing better. After such a bath, a person is so relaxed that he forgets about all the adversities of the day, sleeps well and rests fully throughout the night. The next morning he feels much better.
  4. Another way to get rid of stress is long swimming in the pool or in the nearest pond. Thanks to swimming man completely gets rid of fatigue and anxiety.

Therapeutic magic of creativity

To relieve stress caused by stress, you can switch yourself to doing something creative, capable of completely distracting from everyday adversity. Choosing an occupation for the soul, it is best to proceed from the unique abilities, the very nature inherent in each person.

Someone is carried away by playing a musical instrument, someone draws beautifully, and someone masterfully owns a needle, embroidering amazing pictures with a cross or smoothness. What else can you do in your own home to cope with the painful depression?

  • Sewing exclusive outfits.
  • Knitting clothes for all family members.
  • Carving for bone and wood.
  • Sawing openwork items for interior decoration.
  • Designing models of military equipment.
  • Manufacture of handicrafts from the throwing material( for use in everyday life and decoration of the adjacent space).
  • Creating and reviewing all kinds of collections.
  • Collecting pictures from puzzles.

In other words, it is precisely those activities that capture a person entirely, distracting him from heavy thoughts and adjusting to a positive mood.

Taking care of a pet

There is no better way to deal with depression than to take on the responsibility of caring for some pet. From the earliest times they live in the dwelling of man.

For many thousands of years it has been established for sure that close contact with pets helps a person:

  • Cope with stress.
  • Bring back the psyche.
  • Get rid of unreasonable fear, anxiety and neuroses.
  • Forget about insomnia.
  • Calm the nerves and make the whole of his nervous system work.
A domestic pet who loves his master with all his heart, feeds him with his positive energy, forcing not to think about problems at work, distracting from numerous problems and healing from the prolonged depression.

The therapeutic effect of contact with an animal occurs only if the host responds to his pet with mutual love. The best healers in the world of pets are all breeds of cats, horses and dogs.

Using the power of natural antidepressants

Often, in a situation of great stress, a person feels an irresistible desire to eat a bar of chocolate, eat a marmalade or a spoonful of natural honey. These delicacies, rich in carbohydrates, contribute to the increased production of a special hormone - serotonin, which has a relaxing and soothing effect on the human body.

Natural antidepressants will also help to cope with depression, in the abundance offered to us by the very pride ode. These include all products of plant origin, painted in yellow, red and orange.

The most popular antidepressants are the fruits:

  • carrots;
  • pumpkin;
  • tomatoes;
  • persimmon;
  • of oranges;
  • bananas;
  • of tangerines;
  • of apricots.

Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage, performed at home or in the setting of a professional massage room, helps to relieve the accumulated stress.

Self-massage of feet from stress - master class in video:

The areas on which massage can be performed are the following parts of the human body:

  • Head;
  • person;
  • neck;
  • hands;
  • stops;
  • scapula.

Because the prolonged stress caused by a prolonged depressive state, promotes the formation of small nodules in different muscle groups, the systematic performance of gentle massage, kneading and eliminating these nodules, helps to cope with the very depression.

A positive side effect of a relaxing massage is the strengthening of the immune system. To achieve a lasting result, the frequency of the massage should be at least once a week.

Effective stress pills, soothing nerves

Chronic depressive conditions, often experienced by a person, can result in the patient's brain ceasing to produce vital hormones. These patients are very much in need of medical treatment. Modern pharmacology has developed a huge amount of psychotropic drugs, relieving patients even of severe forms of emotional disorders.

Depression and stress can be treated:

  • Antidepressants. Preparations of this type combine two mutually exclusive effects: calming the patient, they simultaneously activate it, prompting for action. The valuable quality of most antidepressants is the lack of addiction after their intake.
  • Neuroleptics. This group of drugs, also non-addictive, has a powerful sedative psychotropic effect.
  • Tranquilizers. Drugs of this type are often prescribed as hypnotics. In a small dosage, these tablets provide patients with a state of complete relaxation.
Regular use of tranquilizers is dangerous because it can result in an addiction to the body.
  • Nootropics. The doctor appoints them to patients suffering from chronic fatigue. This group of sedatives can significantly improve blood circulation in the vessels of the brain. They are practically not ways to harm people who use them.

Synthetic-based sedatives tend to lead to addiction, so when choosing a treatment regimen, it is best to ask a specialist to prescribe medicines that are based on natural plant material. Such drugs soothe patients no worse, and the harmful effects have significantly less.

Strength of medicinal herbs

To improve the condition of patients suffering from different forms of depression, people have long used decoctions of the following medicinal herbs:

  • Pharmacy chamomile. Soothing the patient, the broth is able to cure insomnia and headache. Melissa
  • .The drug, prepared from her leaves, helps to reduce tension, calm nerves, relieve fatigue and anxiety, overcome insomnia and relieve depression.
  • Oregano. The broth, prepared from this fragrant grass and drunk by the patient, acts on it in a relaxing way.

Preparations from natural raw materials

  • The combined preparation valemidin, which absorbed the medicinal force of tinctures of motherwort, mint, hawthorn and valerian, intensified by the introduction of diphenhydramine, is successfully used to treat all types of depression, sleep disorders, nervous overexcitation.
Glycine tablets can improve intellectual activity, normalize the CNS, reduce emotional tension.
  • Novo-Passit, which restores peace of mind and effectively struggles with nervous disorders, has a wonderful soothing effect. It is not recommended to use this remedy for people who require high concentration of attention, as it can cause sudden weakness and increased drowsiness.

We have not talked about all forms of dealing with emotional disorders, but this short story is enough to understand: they are perfectly treatable, and it's completely unacceptable to launch this process.

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