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Do you think how to play a friend on April 1?Already have a whole kaleidoscope of great options! You only need to choose the most suitable ways to celebrate the holiday.

The first of April has long been a long-awaited day for all lovers of jokes, connoisseurs of great jokes, sparkling humor and fantastic fun.

It is on this day that you can safely fantasize and even allow yourself some liberties, as the holiday itself commits to this and justifies many ridiculous jokes.

Extravagance can be safely demonstrated without fear of being misunderstood. Undoubtedly, it is most interesting to play a friend on the first of April. It's great if you've known him for a long time, he has a sense of humor, and your relationship is trustworthy enough to joke in full force, without embarrassment.

However, even a humble friend with whom you are not so close, you can also have fun. Just you have to act more carefully, otherwise a person will easily be offended.

You need to remember some nuances so that your jokes bring only joy, do not cause unpleasant emotions and do not spoil people's mood.

It is necessary not only to have fun yourself, but also to think about what impression your rallies will make. In addition, not an obstacle and an individual approach. After all, every joke should be "tried on" a specific person.

Do you want to perfectly play friends, to spend April 1st fun, to arrange a firework of jokes? Then you need to see as many variants of the drawings as possible. Here you will be able to draw a lot of interesting information for yourself.

Playing a friend on the first of April: important moments. No offense to

First of all you need to take care of the "safety" of your jokes. Try to think through all the nuances, the slightest details and pay attention to the characteristics of your friend's character. Then for sure you will be able to "painlessly" play it on the first of April.

To begin with, consider a list of unpleasant jokes, various factors that make them so. Then it becomes clearer why a good joke can make a person blush, get angry and even take offense so that they will not communicate anymore.

Examples of unsuccessful jokes

  1. The rally is too familiar. You are not so familiar, there is a certain distance. In this case, you do not know about this or decided to immediately cut it. It is not right. Moreover, the joke on the first of April is not the most successful way of rapprochement. On the contrary, the presence of certain restrictions in communication must necessarily be taken into account.
  2. A friend is not at all adapted to perceive such jokes. You may be familiar for many years, between you there are no secrets and obstacles, but your friend suddenly took offense at a simple joke. He could not play well, even on the first of April did not help. Surely it happened because your friend just does not have a sense of humor, and to take such jokes is not in his nature.
  3. The joke is excessively extravagant.
    If you are not sure of success, do not refer to the topic of intim, various deviations, violations of the law and other things.
    Refuse any controversial rallies when you do not know for sure that your friend has a good sense of humor and will appreciate such jokes coming from you.
  4. Damage. Sometimes people get so carried away, preparing another drawing, that they no longer think about material values. But the object of jokes can relate to them quite the opposite. After all, there are people who are indignant even moving things on their desktop.
    If you suddenly invade your personal space, and still mess up something, your friend's reaction can be unpredictable. In general, do not spoil relations with a friend because of the first of April.
  5. The rally is very commonplace. Imagine that playing a friend is not just delicate, but interesting. It turns out that people with a good sense of humor are simply offended, if they do not have fun for April 1st for real! Yes, your close friend will think that you were just too lazy to think up good rallies for him, you already realized your fantasy when you were preparing jokes for other acquaintances.
To your comrade with a good sense of humor did not feel deprived, he will have to come up with really sparkling jokes, original ideas, and then play it all out in the script.

Now that you know the main mistakes in preparing the drawings, the reasons why surprises fail, you need to find out how to organize an April Fool's rally for a friend.

We prepare the drawing by all rules. A friend will be pleased!

Remember how to prepare a rally for your friend on the first of April. Simple rules will help you to easily identify the most optimal options, choose the right jokes, ideas, come up with your own ways to cause a joyful smile on your friend's face.

  • Emphasis on individuality. Always keep in mind the fact that you are choosing a joke not for yourself, but for your friend. Many people, when they determine the most successful jokes, evaluate them from a personal position. And you need to look at the joke with the eyes of your friend. If she caused an attack of laughter from you, this does not guarantee the same reaction of your friend, because all people are different.
  • We take into account the nuances and compose a psychological April Fool's portrait of a friend. You need to try to put yourself in the place of a friend, "get into the skin" of another person. Try to paint yourself a psychological portrait. Remember, what he often laughed at, what jokes he was amused, and which - irritated. Then you have more chances to play it successfully.
  • Measuring distance.
There are a lot of jokes with a double bottom, with hints on various questionable topics. Ambiguous drawings are good only between very close friends. Do not allow familiarity.
  • Mentally rehearse. When you have already analyzed the relationship with your friend and created his psychological portrait, you just need to rehearse your jokes mentally. Imagine how each one will react to different topics, ideas, because playing it is not so easy, if you really dream of a real fun.
10 ways to play a friend on April 1 - video with ideas:

Remember that on the first of April you should not just be original, funny, sparkling, but also keep sensitivity, sensitivity, respect the opinions and feelings of other people.

How to play a friend on April 1 by SMS

SMS is an excellent tool for numerous bright draws. Now there is a lot of opportunities to send out ready-made messages, and someone more like to come up with their own SMS, reflecting there something individual, creating original texts.

For example, if you decide to play a friend and use some stories from life, you definitely need to come up with the SMS yourself.

Remember some interesting ways to play a friend on SMS.

  • When at 5 am SMS comes with the text "You're already late for work! How not to be ashamed, immediately leave, we have the same test! !!! ", it really makes an impression. If your friend leaves the sound turned on for the night, a violent reaction from sleep is guaranteed. He can even really go to work! But remember that this way you can play only a close friend with an excellent sense of humor, otherwise you will not be happy.
  • Your friend likes jokes, he is not touchy and does not have problems with money? Then boldly send him SMS: "Congratulations! You won one million dollars! Go for the winnings right now! "Next, you need to specify the address of the nearest sanitary ware shop and note that the money is given by the most economical, who are sensitive to the technique of this purpose and do not spoil the environment. If your friend has a good sense of humor, he will certainly appreciate the joke.
  • Have you noticed that your friend is amused by jokes with ambiguous hints? Do you want to make him a pleasant surprise, and then "disappoint"?Then dial the SMS: "We are all together and decided to give you a gift, beloved! A real harem for only one man - the best in the world! Come right now, until we change our minds, until the romantic dinner has cooled down))).Your faithful friends. "Address also do not forget to specify. This should be the address of the dispensary, where they are treated for specific diseases. Ideally, if your friend first really believes in the message and decides that he is offered such an intimate game in some apartment.
  • A good option for almost everyone - send a simple comic SMS, selecting from the range of ready-made messages on some service. Just make sure that the text is not too banal. If you started reading the message and immediately remembered what should be written further, this SMS probably will not work.
  • The ideal way to play a friend with SMS is to come up with an original text that will be "sharpened" for some situation that has happened to your friend. Here it is necessary to dream up and certainly take into account the features of the nature and sense of humor of the object of the drawing. On the first of April, you can write the text of the message, introducing yourself as a long-time love of a friend or the present one. A long-time "friend" can report a grown up child, and the present one - about a new favorite. The main thing is that this does not lead to any dramas, and your friend is not worried. So playing on the first of April is better than really witty and skeptical friends.
Well, if you are at this moment nearby: follow the reaction and if necessary, quickly tell the truth.

This is not all the opportunity to play a comrade on SMS on April 1.You can come up with your own options, use ready-made message texts.

How to play a friend on April 1 by calling

You will be able to play on the phone without difficulty. Just try to include imagination. If you can not think up something original, you can use ready-made jokes. But notice that sometimes ideas come straight during a conversation. Perhaps you need to call a friend to come up with a rally already during the conversation.

There is also a good set of ideas for those who decided to play a friend on the phone.

  1. On the first of April you should call a friend for work and say that you are a master, working on a telephone line. The tube can not be removed within two hours, otherwise there will be a discharge of current and the master will suffer. Of course, in a couple of minutes you need to call back. The handset in the office is sure to be removed, and your task is to scream in it screaming.
  2. It's a good idea to tell a friend by phone that this phone will soon be disconnected, since the debt has accumulated in ten years. You can not only say this in a threatening voice, but also continue the game, having discussed with a friend, when he begins to prove that this can not be.
  3. Call the phone to the apartment. Say that the water will soon be disconnected, so you need to accumulate more reserves, certainly fill the bath. In two hours you can call back and find out if you have water. Did you receive an affirmative answer? Then offer to launch boats!

How to play a friend on April 1 at school

At school with great pleasure celebrate the holiday of all fools. This is easy to explain, because in school everyday life is just not enough such an official day, when you can safely have fun, have fun and joke.

Remember the basic jokes to easily play a friend.

  • In specialized stores, departments you will be able to find a lot of things, with the help of which it is easy to play friends at school. All kinds of insects, slugs, incomprehensible, very unpleasant-looking creatures from latex - all this will make an impression on a friend.
  • A simple but effective way to play at school is to glue a piece of paper to your back with an amusing inscription: "I'm sleepy!", "I'm free and hungry", "I get out of school", "Life is boring without sex."You can come up with any texts, draw a rush picture. But remember that you need to know the measure, otherwise your friend may get irritated or offended.
  • If your friend is to answer at the board, you may well "please" him, smeared it with soap or paraffin. True, this can only be done if your teacher has a great sense of humor.
The school often plays with the use of special pens. They suddenly begin to get terribly dirty, causing the inexpressible horror of everyone who is overtaken by the ubiquitous ink. But then they disappear without a trace!
  • It's an amusing joke - to tie chairs together, to tie to a desk the chair on which your friend sits. He will not immediately be able to escape from captivity!

You easily come up with many more jokes by analogy or invent something of your own, original. The main thing - do not try to make rallies too extravagant, excessively rude or dangerous.

Remember that it is not desirable to spoil things. It is not necessary and a lot of jokes on juicy topics. It is worth noting that such rallies quite quickly get bored, far from everyone gets an understanding.

How to play a friend on April 1 at work

Playing friends at work is a complete pleasure. You will not even notice how many people will be involved in a maelstrom of fun on the first of April.

How to play friends on April 1 - 10 ideas in the video:

It is important to remember that you should not only please your friend, but also infect with the festive mood of others. April Fools' rallies are best organized so that others can appreciate them.

  1. It's great if you work with a friend in the same office. Purchase imitations of puddles and sprinkle them all over the floor. Watch the reaction of a friend who is trying to wipe the floor.
  2. Bring a hundred plastic cups and place them on all corners, surfaces. Inform in reply to questions that today in the office promised rain with snow, and you want to collect it.
  3. Lock the room with toy beetles, rats, very much like real ones. Say with a serious air that in the next few hours at work they will conduct pest control, so everyone can go home. It's funny if you manage to convince the boss.
  4. Joke with working "tools".The sensor can be sealed with adhesive tape, and in the keyboard a whole lawn can be planted. Of course, this keyboard does not need to be spoiled. Just take the old one, like.
  5. Tell a friend that just on the first of April he decided to raise and make the section head. When asked why this is related, innocently report that it is a gift for the day of fools.

Of course, the list of drawings can be continued. Look for new ways, do not forget the good old jokes. The main thing is that in the working space fun reigned, laughter sounded.

How to play a friend on VKontakte on April 1

The drawings for the first of April in the VC can resemble jokes on the phone, SMS.By the way, if you decided to play a friend on the social network, nothing prevents you from using funny texts of messages for mobile phones.

There are also special versions of funny jokes for Contact.

  1. Invite a friend to some outrageous groups.
  2. Fill it with messages with offers to make friends, sent from different accounts. Get yourself a few pages for this, make seductive avatars and come up with funny entries in the section "about yourself."
  3. Send ridiculous pictures and poems to the friend's wall VKontakte every 30 minutes, and if he is on-line, then more often. Let him evaluate your ability to be diverse.

Of course, the most interesting options can be thought of when your friend is at this moment is online. It is possible to invent something non-trivial and individual.

For example, if you both love rock, then you should start broadcasting the most stupid popular music on your page and invite your friend to listen to "cool songs" together. At first he may not believe it, but you continue to persistently drive boring tracks until your friend is convinced that now you have changed the taste.
  • It's time to have fun when all the fools celebrate their professional holiday! Be sure to think in advance how you will play your friend.
  • Do not be afraid to be extravagant, original, but try not to offend a person and not create discomfort for him. Everything should be fun, joyful for everyone.

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