Cultivation of greenery for the table in the apartment

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  • List of plants that can be grown on your windowsill
  • Purchase of seedlings
  • Selecting a place for a plant
  • Planting plants

You can grow table greens not only in the garden, but also at home. For this it is necessary to work very little and have patience. Growing greenery is a very interesting hobby, giving the opportunity to have greens on the table all year round.

List of plants that can be grown on your windowsill

Green onions, parsley, spinach, mustard leaf, anise, rhubarb, chives, asparagus, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, beans, watercress, horseradish, garlic,celery, basil, sweet and bitter pepper, strawberries, carrots, tarragon, sorrel, dill.

Purchase of seedlings

Greens can be grown from seeds or seedlings purchased in specialty stores. Carefully inspect the seedlings. Leaves should not be brown or yellow. On plants there should be no insects or any other pests. The roots of seedlings should be light: yellowish or white. When you buy seedlings, make sure that it is properly cared for.

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Selecting a site for a plant

It is believed that all plants need light for growth. However, all plants are different, and they need different conditions. Some plants grow well in a hot and humid environment, while others require open sunlight. Experiment with placing plants in different places. Sooner or later you will find the best option. Basil, for example, loves the open sun and heat, and the coriander is unpretentious and can grow anywhere.

When selecting pots or containers, the characteristics of plants should be taken into account. But do not forget that the dishes for plants should fit well into the interior and serve as its decoration. In the stores for gardeners you can find a huge number of a variety of pots. But you can do this yourself. Very creative as flower pots look like old cups, jugs or cans. We just need to remember that in the bottom of the dishes it is necessary to drill a hole for the exit of excess moisture after irrigation.

Plant plants

Now it is worth considering the choice of soil, fertilizer, drainage and water for irrigation. Soil should be rich in nutrients, and in structure it should be loose.

When planting plants, sign where it is planted.

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