Diet "match"

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Vegetarianism is finding more and more supporters every day. However, not everyone is able to abandon meat and fish products overnight. Moreover, if before that person did not deny himself anything.

For those who decided to lose weight and at the same time try themselves in the role of a vegetarian, a diet called "Match" was created. This is a food system, in the menu of which there are enough nourishing and varied dishes. Ideal variant of non-strict vegetarian diet for those who like to eat well.

This name was given to the diet due to its effectiveness. Fats just melt away, excess weight goes away in just one week. And a diet similar to this, prescribed and those who are treated for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, more than a week to adhere to such a diet can not.

Terms and Principles

The first rule of the diet: within seven days you can not eat meat and fish products. As an exception - broth from the chicken or ear. The basic diet of slimming should consist of plant food and cereals.

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The second rule: hunger can be quenched with complex carbohydrates, i.e.bran. Wash them with kefir or any other unsweetened drink.

The third rule: every day to do exercises or simply to conduct active activities. This rule not only multiplies the chances of quickly losing weight, but also helps to adjust your body to a healthy lifestyle.

As mentioned above - the duration of the "match" diet should not exceed seven days. During this period, you can achieve good results in terms of weight loss( minus three kilograms) and improve health.

Diet menu "Matches"

Breakfast - oatmeal with bran( any other porridge, except for semolina).The dish can be prepared with milk or with the addition of vegetable oil. For sweets in porridge you can cut fruits: pear, apple, grapes. Sugar can not be used! The forbidden fruit also includes bananas and avocados.

Lunch - vegetable soup based on chicken broth( can be replaced with fish).The composition of the dish can include virtually any vegetables: carrots, beets, cabbage, broccoli, onions, potatoes, etc. During lunch you can eat a piece of rye bread and one apple.

Dinner is a vegetable salad. Admissible products: nuts, prunes, apples, honey, carrots, beets, Peking cabbage. In the evening you can drink a glass of kefir or fruit juice.

During the day, you can make small snacks( grapefruit, pear, low-fat yogurt).Drink herbal teas, unsweet compote, kefir.

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