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Many women do not risk often turn to a bright manicure, because they consider it too defiant and screaming. A gradient on the nails is a great way to make the design not only bright, but also extremely stylish. How do you create a similar design, and what additional tools can it take? We tell!

Types of gradient manicure

First we will try to understand what a gradient is. In fact, this is the transition of one color to another, and in manicure it means a stepwise flow of colors. That is, this design option implies the use of several shades at once, which neatly pass into each other, creating a whimsical effect. What kinds of similar design exist:

  1. Vertical gradient. Layers of varnish are applied by vertical lines. It is very popular because of its brightness.
  2. A little more restrained seems to be a horizontal version of the design.
  3. Recently, the spread has received a gradient using at once three close colors( for example, violet, blue and blue).
  4. Contrast variant of design, in which the girl tries to combine absolutely distant shades( for example, red and black or yellow and purple).
  5. Gradient can be created and gradually, coloring each nail into a new, lighter or darker varnish color( for example, you can harmoniously switch from wine to light red).
When designing a nail, the gradient should look harmonious, so a woman needs to think in advance about the color palette.

If a lady dreams of creating a restrained version of manicure, then she should think about the combination of pastel shades from light gray to beige and pale pink. Similar options look great both for vertical and horizontal transitions.

If the girl has the courage, she can create a bright manicure with a combination of completely unrelated flowers. For example, red and black look great with each other, and if a woman succeeds in blurring the border of the transition from one shade to another, the result will not disappoint.

The main feature of gradient staining is that it is a very bright design, which does not require additional decorations. This is why it is worth noting rhinestones and large images. The only thing that can decorate such a design is tiny, barely noticeable drawings that will give it the ultimate individuality.

Ways to create a gradient manicure

At first glance at a similar design, the lady has a completely logical question, how to create such beauty. There are several ways, and here are the best ones:

  • is easiest to create such a transition using a sponge;
  • can also achieve an excellent result, blurring the border between colors with a thin brush;
  • a regular make-up sponge can also be used for manicure purposes.

Of course, it is necessary to work carefully when creating such a design, otherwise the manicure will be spoiled, and the entire surface around the nail will be polluted.

The easiest way to work with a regular sponge is a small size:

  1. The first thing to do is to lay a foundation on the nail, getting rid of the burrs and cuticles.
  2. Next, it is necessary to cover the sponge with two selected varnishes. The transition from one color to another should be barely noticeable, neat, so that the effect of the gradient is felt.
  3. The sponge should be applied to the nail with light movements, spreading the varnishes until the desired color transition effect is obtained.
  4. After that, it remains only to wipe off the leftover varnish from the skin around the nail plate and apply a layer of clear varnish to the nail itself.
This technique allows you to create a virtuosic manicure in just 15-20 minutes, which seems amazingly complicated to ignorant people.
Sponge work is similar to using a sponge, but in the first case you need an auxiliary material for rolling movements.

Gradient on nails with gel-varnish can be created using a brush using the brush:

  1. To do this, apply two nails to the nail, for example dark green and light green and start mixing them in the area of ​​the joint with a thin brush.
  2. A woman will have a lot to tinker with such a design, especially making sure that the merging of the two shades on different nails looked harmonious on all the plates.

If the girl decides to use the technique, in which the gradient is created by the gradual transition of color from one nail to another, then she needs to refer to the standard technique of working with gel-varnish. Very impressive looks such a manicure in the transition from a saturated pink to a pale pink or white, and also with harmonious work only with pastel tones( for example, a combination of beige, gray and light brown).

Gradient manicure with a sponge - video

Wedding gradient manicure

How to make a gradient that will not only look spectacular, but also fit into the wedding image? The question is not easy. The thing is that the wedding design of nails is usually performed in a moderate, pastel range, while the gradient itself implies a riot of colors. What are the options for such staining of marigolds remain for girls with fantasy?

  1. The gradient at the fingernails like the imitation of the French manicure will look great.
  2. Gradient horizontal painting in pastel colors is an acceptable option for the wedding ceremony.
  3. Very interesting in the wedding image looks gradient nail art with a transition from black to white, which adds to all the onion of originality.

Of course, if a girl is afraid to look ridiculous, she should look to the French manicure, in which only tips are painted in this technique. Such a design is created very simply, and for this purpose it is necessary to use the same sponge mentioned above:

  1. It should be first applied with two strips of varnishes of different colors, lightly touching the painted surface to the top of the plate.
  2. If the color lacquer goes beyond the "hole", it should immediately be wiped.
  3. Such original design can be easily supplemented with rhinestones, after all, it's still about the festive image, which means that a variety of decorative delights will not be superfluous.

You can also prefer a classic gradient, in which two different colors are combined.

If a lady chooses a bold variant with a harmonious transition from black to white, then it is better to choose vertical staining. Blur the border can be using a brush or a sponge.

To make the design look even more interesting, on the black side of the nail you can draw a butterfly, and on white designate the contours of the wedding dress. As a result, you will get a wedding gradient manicure, even with imitation of the bride and groom's drawing!

Original gradient options. How to perform them

Because of the extreme popularity of the technique itself, a gradient manicure is more and more common, while the masters show a fair amount of imagination in terms of technique. What are the original versions of this design can be called?

  1. Popularity is gaining a gradient manicure, in which the varnish does not change into a different shade, but in bright glitter, creating a more original, iridescent effect.
  2. You can also buy ready-made stickers that mimic the effect of the gradient on the nails, making the design simple in performance, but not devoid of individuality.
  3. You can also create a gradient manicure from special pellets( this technique is also called a caviar manicure), because with the help of granules of different colors and shades, you can create the same color transition.

These options are not as common as the standard technique, but they also have their own fans. For example, many ladies prefer a gradient technique with sparkles:

  1. To do this, choose a shade of varnish, close to the color of the sparkles themselves( for example, the varnish can be white, and the shining coating - silvery).
  2. The most part of the space on the nail is required to occupy the lacquer, but the sequins should be applied only to the tip of the nail. As a result, the lady will receive a very creative version of the decor, which is unlikely to be found on the handles of other women.
Manicure with special pellets is good because it looks bulky. The pellets themselves look like small eggs, and in specialized stores you can find a variety of shades of such decorative material.
Applying the granules vertically or horizontally. Competently smoothing the border between the two colors, the girl will be able to get a very bright effect.

Gradient manicure enjoys such mass popularity precisely due to its brightness and color abundance. The unusual effect, recreated on the nails, always looks creative, and there are several ways to create it. That's why the lady should not be afraid of experiments, because they depend on the uniqueness of each of her new onions.

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