How to prepare red mushrooms for the winter

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Fans of mushrooms are appreciated not only for their unique taste, but also for their great health benefits. They are named because of the bright red color, which mushrooms have due to the high content of beta-carotene in them. He, in turn, transforms into the body in vitamin A and has a beneficial effect on vision.

In these bright mushrooms, which you can not confuse with any others, there are the most valuable vitamins of group B and ascorbic acid, which increases the immunity. Redheads are extremely useful also because they contain fiber, saccharides and valuable trace elements: iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. All these components are necessary for the proper functioning of the body as a whole, the state of skin, nails and hair depends on their content. And these mushrooms are very tasty! That is why it is customary to harvest red-tailed moths for the winter.


  1. Benefits of gingerbread and preforms from them
  2. Methods of harvesting the gingerbread for the winter
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    • Freezing
    • How to dry the roasted ones
    • Preserving
    • Caviar with carrots and onions
    • Salted redheads
    • Pickled redheads

Benefits of gingerbread and billets from them

In these amazing giftsnature contains a natural antibiotic called lactrioviolin, which is used in the treatment of lung diseases and even tuberculosis. In red, as in other mushrooms, a sufficient number of proteins, they can easily replace the meat in the diet, which will be especially welcomed by vegetarians and fasting.

Redheads are quite caloric and surpass on the energy value chicken meat, eggs, herring and even beef. However, the benefits of these fungi are much greater than the probability of slightly replenishing. Red-haired are also included in the list of the main products of vegetarians, saturating their body with proteins and amino acids.

Is this not an excuse to include in the diet of redheads that can bring so much benefit, as well as prepare them for the winter.

Methods of harvesting the redheads for the winter


Redheads are perfectly stored in the freezer. They are enough to boil a little, then throw it back in a colander to water the glass, cut into pieces and spread out into packages.

How to dry the roasted

Like almost any other mushroom, the gingerbread is dried. Drying mushrooms is the best way to preserve all useful substances in them. The undoubted advantage of this method of harvesting is that the mushrooms are stored for a long time and retain all their nutritional properties. Prepare this way mushrooms can be a natural way, hanging them to dry in a dry, well-ventilated place.

You can speed up this process with the oven. To dry the mushrooms in the oven you need a baking sheet, which is covered with baking paper. Mushrooms are washed, allowed to dry, cut into pieces and spread on a baking tray. And then put it to dry. Modern ovens are equipped with excellent ventilation, if you do not have it, slightly open the door.

At the very beginning of the process it is better to set a low temperature, about 50gr. C.If you start to dry mushrooms at high temperature, they can lose their appearance, become dark. After a half or two hours, increase the temperature to 70-80gr. C and leave the mushrooms for another couple of hours. Then the degree should be lowered to the initial level and dried mushrooms for another two hours. This, of course, on average, it all depends on how good your oven is and how large pieces of mushrooms you dry. Yes, do not forget to turn the mushrooms sometimes.

How do you know that mushrooms are ready? Break the bonnet if the inside of the fungus's flesh is still wet, continue the process, if absolutely dry - the work is completed.

You can prepare gifts of nature by the way, and with the help of an electric dryer, the design of which is specially designed in such a way that the process takes a minimum of time. Each stage of the dryer must be filled with mushrooms, set the optimal temperature - about 55gr. S, and forget about the mushrooms of the clock at 6. No control drying of mushrooms in the electric dryer does not require.

Preservation of

There are other ways of harvesting redheads. They are salted, marinated and mushroomed. Among the redheads, there are often quite large specimens, so mushroom pickers easily collect several buckets of these excellent gifts of nature in one forest trip. Fleshy red mushrooms are especially good at cooking caviar. Here is a simple recipe.

Caviar with carrots and onions

Even the beginning hostess can prepare the mushroom caviar, there is nothing complicated in this. Time will not take much, but the result will be exceptional. In winter, mushroom eggs can be smeared on bread and eat as a sandwich, you can use it as a garnish, but you can use it as a filling for meals.

What you need:

  • rozhiki - 400-500 gr;
  • onion - 2 -3 pieces;
  • carrots - 3 pieces;
  • vegetable oil.

How to cook:

  1. Pre-roasted boil until half-ready for about twenty minutes.
  2. Chop onion and carrots cut into large pieces, let in the frying pan, and then we pass all the ingredients through the meat grinder.
  3. Put the mass in a saucepan, add butter and stew for 15-20 minutes. Do not forget about salt and pepper.
  4. Caviar is ready!

Salted rozhki

The best snack for a feast is difficult to imagine. Put on the table salted rozhiki, and the guests will simply be delighted with these crispy, unusually tasty mushrooms!

What you need:

  • bucket of redheads;
  • 500 gr.salt of coarse grinding;
  • 15-20 nails;
  • 100 gr.leaves of black currant;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • 15 peas of sweet pepper;
  • 10-15 leaves of bay leaf.


  1. We sort the mushrooms, soak them for two hours, and then we send them to a large pan.
  2. Fill with water and cook for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. We divide the boiled mushrooms into a colander and cool it.
  4. Then put the mushrooms in layers prepared, add salt, add all the spices.
  5. We put the oppression from above and remove it for a month and a half in a cold place, for example, in a cellar where the temperature does not rise above +7 degrees Celsius.
  6. The brine should be brownish in color, but in no case black.
  7. Mushrooms are usually salted for a long time, so it's better to wait two to three months, and then take a sample.

Marinated mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms differ from salted with their spicy, bright taste. Classic is considered a hot way to pickle red. Prepared them for this recipe, in the winter they will not tear them home from them! Boiled potatoes and mushrooms - which can be more delicious than this simple, but healthy food.

What is needed:

  • 1 kg of mushrooms;
  • 1 tbsp.salts;
  • a pinch of citric acid, you can use vinegar;
  • 150 ml of water.


  1. First we prepare marinade for our mushrooms. To do this, it is necessary to boil water and add salt and citric acid to it.
  2. Banks carefully washing, rinse and sterilize.
  3. In boiling marinade we lower the mushrooms and cook for about thirty minutes.
  4. After that, we spread the snack on the cans, pour the marinade and cover with lids.

All ingenious is simple. Harvesting mushrooms is also an easy task. However, rozhik, harvested in different ways, will be your faithful help in winter and spring, during vitamin deficiency, when the body needs to be supported by vitamins.

From dried mushrooms throughout the winter, you can cook wonderful soups, frozen rozhik used in cooking roasts, casseroles, fry potatoes with them. Salted and pickled gingerbreads will prove to be a garnish, as well as a self-sufficient snack.

Take the time to do all these wonderful preparations. After all, it's one thing - bought a jar in the store, and quite another - if you got it from your own cellar or refrigerator. First, you know exactly what is prepared from, and secondly - how prepared. Bon Appetit!

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