Melioration of dark hair: varieties and performance

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Many girls try to update their image periodically. One of the fairly simple and fast ways to change the image is considered melirovanie on dark hair. Thanks to this procedure, you can quickly brush up your hair, without changing the color of the curls. Now there are quite a lot of interesting variants of this staining.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Today, highlighting is very popular among women of fashion. It does not surprise anyone, because it allows you to change the image in a short time and has many undeniable advantages:

  1. About half the curls are not dyed. This means that they will not be adversely affected by peroxide and coloring compounds.
  2. With the help of melirovaniya you can successfully mask the gray hair.
  3. Thanks to this procedure, you can make curls more lush and bulky in appearance.
  4. Hair melting helps to give the face skin a more fresh shade. Thanks to this, every woman can look much younger.
  5. This procedure allows you to save on hairdressing services. Traditional staining requires a monthly update, while melted hair requires a much lesser correction. The specific terms depend directly on the growth rate of the strands.
  6. If the results are not too satisfying, you can always go back to the original color.

Thus melirovanie also has some disadvantages:

  1. The procedure requires quite a lot of time. It usually takes several hours to color the hair using this technology.
  2. If you systematically paint strands in a dark color or pre-made a wave, highlighting should be postponed for about a month. If we ignore this rule, we can get a very unexpected result.
  3. Make a beautiful highlight, not having the necessary skills, it is quite difficult. It is important to consider that the services of a professional are quite expensive.

Types of highlights

Previously it was thought that only such owners of light strands could afford such a color. However, today melioration is very successfully done on dark-blond or even black hair.

There are several basic varieties of this staining technology. Stylists offer such highlights:

  • Californian;
  • is Venetian;
  • American;
  • coloring in the form of an ombre;
  • balage;
  • booking;
  • masikontrast.

California highlights

It is very popular with famous women of fashion. This is an actual type of staining, which consists in applying on the strands of several tones of a light dye. By using this technology, you can achieve a spectacular transition of the shades and make the strands more voluminous in appearance.

The light Californian highlight is very similar to the ombre, as it is performed by transitions rather than feathers. Many professionals are trying to achieve clarification of the tips - this solution looks very natural, because it reminds sunburns that have sunburned.

American highlighting

It is considered a prototype of Californian. However, to implement this technology, a foil is used, which is used to wrap colored strands. This kind of coloring is excellent for curly and dense hair. Since it is easy to wrap individual strands in foil, you can achieve an excellent effect of a rare coloring. Due to this technology it will be possible to get interesting accents in the hairstyle.

Nowadays, brown or dark melioration is often done, which in appearance is more like a bronzing. To get a good result, several tones are selected for coloring, which are close to the natural color of the curls. Due to this, you can make your hair shiny and give your hair extra volume.


Another interesting solution is the Venetian highlighting. It can be done on dark colored hair or on natural strands. Thanks to the application of this technique, it is possible to emphasize the beauty of ringlets without causing them much harm.

To perform the Venetian melioration from the roots, it is necessary to retreat no more than 3 cm. Due to this technique, it is possible to obtain a surprisingly natural result. The color scale is chosen depending on the primary tone of the hair. The ideal solution will be a black or chocolate palette. As the deviation from the roots, the tone should become lighter. In some cases, the ends of the curls and completely painted in white.


Dark dyed hair is often performed by an ombre. It serves as a real decoration for curly locks and fits perfectly with straight hair. The technique involves applying several tones of paint to the strands. In this case, the master retreats from the roots at least 10 cm. Then makes a smooth transition to other tones.

Ombre is divided into several types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • asymmetric.

Of course, is the most natural result obtained when performing a horizontal highlight.

If you want to get a more interesting and original image, you can choose the asymmetric application of the dye or choose a bright dye to suit your own style.


Girls who want to achieve the most natural result, choose the procedure of bronzing. It consists in applying various shades of dark paint. As a rule, masters use colors that are close in color.


Fashion designers, who want to look more vivid and unusual, should choose a technology called "mazhikontrast".It implies a contrasting combination of light and dark curls.

For the implementation of this technique, use stable colorants and intensive brighteners. It is important to consider that beginners can not cope with this method. Therefore, you should definitely contact an experienced master who conducted many similar procedures.

Features of the choice of paint for highlighting

There are no special secrets in the choice of compositions for performing highlights. To implement this technology apply the same tools as for traditional staining. Nevertheless, there are important features:

  • When choosing a paint, it is recommended to give preference to compositions for professional staining.
  • These agents need to separately choose an oxidizer that has the required intensity of exposure. The darker the initial shade of hair, the stronger the oxidant is chosen. Only such a tool can brighten the curls to the required state.
  • If the task is to obtain the most natural result with the effect of burnt strands, one part of the dye must be diluted with a weak oxidant, and the other with a stronger one.
  • Holders of red, light brown or chestnut hair should choose a highlight that is painted with the same color, but a few tones lighter. Due to this method, you can get a more natural result.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the dyes, which can be combined with each other for different color solutions. In any case, it is desirable that the product is chosen by a professional who can take into account the hair color, their structure and thickness. All these factors have a serious impact on the final result.

Secrets of choosing the color gamut

Most often, the technicians use technology, in which the dark curls brighten immediately into several shades.

However, progress does not stand still, and today there are new varieties of melioration, which involve painting in a variety of colors. That's why women of fashion choose both natural color solutions, and very extravagant shades. In this issue everything depends on personal preferences and general style.

  • Classical highlighting is the coloring of dark strands in natural light tones. In this case, you can choose warm enough shades. A great option will be wheat, golden, ocherous. No less spectacular will look cool colors, for example, light-nut or beige. Thanks to this choice, you can become a blonde without causing special harm to your locks.
  • If wants to get a more natural result, you can pick up cognac, copper, chestnut, caramel colors. Thanks to this decision, it will be possible to obtain a surprisingly stylish and attractive result.
  • Owners of very dark hair should pay attention to chocolate, bronze or blueberry tones.
  • An interesting solution will be red curls - this option is suitable for courageous and confident girls.
  • Bright and extravagant girls can use more original solutions for performing highlights: blue, pink, green strands. Thanks to this, you can easily stand out against the background of others and create an outrageous image. However, it is important to understand that this hairstyle does not always look appropriate. Therefore, professionals advise using a flushing gel to create it. Thanks to this it will be possible to easily return to the natural color of the hair.

Frequent and rare highlights of

Depending on the degree of saturation, highlighting has several varieties. So, a rare and fine coloration is suitable in case you decide to use bright enough color solutions. Thanks to this procedure, you can arrange interesting accents on the curls.

If you decide to choose a dark or light tint for performing a highlight, the difference between the initial and final result will not be particularly visible. In such cases, stylists recommend choosing frequent highlights. This option is perfect for those owners of dark strands that want to turn into blondes. Due to frequent and fine coloring, you can achieve the desired result without causing great damage to the hair.

Ways to perform the highlighting of

If you want to perform highlighting on long dark hair, you can choose one of the most common methods:

  1. Using a special cap. In this device there are holes, through which hooks are pulled out with curls. After this, the selected strands are stained.
  2. The classical method. In this case, foil is used to perform the procedure. The hair is divided into strands, which are then treated with a dye. After that, the colored curls are wrapped with foil and leave it until the colorant is completely fixed.
  3. Using a comb. Thanks to the application of this method, it is possible to obtain a very clear result. During staining, a special substance is applied to the comb with which the strands are worked.
  4. Hands. This method is ideal for owners of curly hair. In this case, the dye is applied by hand in any order.
  5. In a circle. For the implementation of this technology, foil is used, but the principle differs somewhat from the classical one. In this case, the hair is not divided into strands. A foil is made of foil, in the center of which a hole is made. Then the strands need to be straightened, spread out around the edges and treated with paint. The result is a very unusual hairstyle. This type of melioration is ideal for owners of short or medium hair.

Melting of hair on foil - video

Melting at home

Some girls prefer to make highlights themselves. If you do not have the necessary skills, you need to start with the simplest technique - using a comb.

Before starting the procedure, you should determine the thickness of the curls and choose colors that will perfectly blend with the shade of your hair. To do it yourself, it's worth following this procedure:

  1. Prepare a clarifier according to the instructions that are attached to it.
  2. Lay the hair to give it a beautiful shape. It is not recommended to wash ringlets or wet them with water.
  3. In the prepared composition, you should lower the plastic or wooden comb. It is best to use a device with sparse teeth. After this, you can carefully comb the hair along the entire length.
  4. Leave the paint on the strands for the time specified in the instructions, after which it is good to wash the hair with shampoo and balm.
  5. If you want to get the most natural result, experts recommend using a shampoo or balm with a toning effect.

Hair Care Secrets

To keep the staining results as long as possible, you need to learn how to properly care for your hair. For this, the following recommendations are recommended:

  1. Select the means that are designed to care for colored strands.
  2. If you have done the procedure in the summer, preserve the saturated color will help such a method: you need to wash your hair with shampoo, then treat them with an indelible conditioner that contains an ultraviolet filter.
  3. If you regularly visit the pool, you need to consider that this causes serious damage to the hair. To minimize the negative impact of chlorine, before bathing it is recommended to rinse the hair with spring water.
  4. Each week, it is necessary to apply moisturizing masks to the curls. In addition, it is recommended to use regular serums on a regular basis.

To whom the melting of dark strands of

is not suitable. Although melting is considered to be a simple enough and practically harmless procedure, it is not possible to do it all.

First of all, its use is contraindicated for those girls who have recently made a perm. In this case, the hair is heavily stressed and needs special care. If at this moment to make melirovanie, the hair will become thinner and brittle.

Also, this procedure should be discarded if you performed traditional staining less than a month ago. This is due to the fact that the paint sufficiently weakens the curls.

How to make highlights correctly - video

Highlighting allows you to refresh the image, to give darker hair a more interesting shade and make them surprisingly bulky. To ensure that this procedure does not bring harm to your locks, it is very important to provide them with proper care.


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