Ducan's diet

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The diet, invented by the famous French dietician Pierre Ducant, is becoming more popular and popular. And it's not surprising. This diet is simple and not hungry, diverse, and while yielding good results.

Principles of the Ducane Diet

The Ducant Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet. It is the restriction, or rather, the almost complete elimination of sweets from the diet for a long time, allows you to achieve a serious and stable weight loss.

The diet is long, it must be observed for several months. And many devotees of Dukan's technique consider it not a diet at all, but a food system, to adhere to the principles of which it is necessary throughout life.

Pierre Ducane's diet consists of four stages, or phases. During the short first phase, called "Attack", there is an intensive weight loss. The second phase, "Cruise", or "Alternating", lasts from two to six months and ends when you reach the optimal weight for yourself. The goal of the third phase, called "Consolidation", is to consolidate the achieved result. During this phase, you can return to your diet many of the usual products. And, at last, the fourth stage of Dukan's diet, "Stabilization," can be observed throughout life. If you follow the simple rules of this phase, your weight will remain stable for many months and years, even if you sometimes pamper yourself with all sorts of harmful sweets.

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In addition to strictly following the rules of each phase, throughout the diet, daily:

  • drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water;
  • is oat bran( their quantity is different at different stages);
  • to walk in the fresh air( at least 20 minutes in the first phase and 30 - in the second and third);
  • do, as a minimum, an easy physical exercise.

In case of a breakdown, violation of the rules at any stage of the diet, it is necessary to return to the "Attack" phase for 4 days, and also to limit the use of salt as much as possible. On the contrary, on the contrary, on these days we need to drink more, 2 liters a day, sleep more than usual, and walk for at least an hour every day.

Pros and Cons of Ducane Diet

The undoubted advantages of the Ducane diet include its simplicity. To sustain this diet is easy, because the total amount of food you eat is not limited even at the hardest, the first stage of the diet. To adhere to the principles of nutrition, laid in this diet, you can almost in any conditions - at home, at work, on vacation. Finally, this diet often helps to lose weight even to those on whom other diets, even the most stringent ones, no longer produce any effect.

But there are, of course, this diet and flaws. Because of the severe restriction of carbohydrates in the "Attack" phase, signs of hypoglycemia may appear: weakness, fatigue, bad breath. There may be a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, which, however, is easily compensated by the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes. Finally, Dukan's diet will be difficult for those who do not like to cook: after all, the vast majority of semi-finished products sold in stores, dishes served in canteens, cafes and restaurants, and especially all fast food, to put it mildly, do not fully comply with the rules of thisdiet, as, indeed, the rules of most other diets, and in general the principles of healthy eating.

And just below - details of each phase of the Ducane diet.

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