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The pursuit of a slender figure is exactly the kind of sport where the process is not important, but the result. In an effort to get rid of hated kilograms in problem areas, not all women are ready to engage in grueling exercises and sit down on severe diets.

And then the most incredible ways to find chiseled forms - folk herbs and overseas berries, useful oils and medicines, are going into business. .. One of such proven home techniques is food soda for weight loss.

Useful properties of baking soda

Baking soda is a modest white powder that can be found in the kitchen of any landlady: it is added to the sumptuous Sunday pancakes and occasionally rinses their throats for a cold.

Useful properties of her long appreciated the supporters of home medicine - a list of diseases in which soda is quite successfully helps, strikes with its diversity.

The simplest chemical composition( sodium + carbonic acid) creates an alkaline environment and allows you to achieve amazing results. So, soda:

  • acts as an expectorant and treats problems with the throat - cough, bronchitis, sore throat;
  • helps with women's problems - thrush;
  • alleviates even a strong toothache, resolves fluxes;
  • solves heart problems - lowers blood pressure, eliminates arrhythmia, removes "cardiac" edema;
  • relieves itching and redness when allergic to insects, treats skin diseases, including fungus;
  • soda baths facilitate the condition with arthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis;
  • removes toxins and other dangerous substances from the body;
  • significantly helps with poisoning, removing the main symptoms( vomiting, fever, intense perspiration, diarrhea);
  • is guaranteed to relieve heartburn.

This list can be continued: the soda powder is actively used to destroy the harmful odor from the mouth, like a prescription for beautiful and clean skin, for teeth whitening, etc.

Interestingly: for a human body soda medicines are not only useful, but also safe. Specific contraindications for soda-medicine are not revealed.

The main thing - do not get involved in such treatment during the exacerbation of chronic sores( for example, ulcers or pancreatitis) and do not drink soda solution with glasses.

How to drink baking soda for weight loss

The benefits of soda powder have been known since ancient times. But the interest of the society and the number of disputes about what miraculous properties conceals a modest soda and how it helps to lose weight, increased dramatically in 2014, after the transfer to one of the central channels of programs with Anna Chapman( from the cycle "Secretspeace ").

View the video with A. Chapman on soda for weight loss:

The program has sung ode to a magic powder, known allegedly since the days of Ancient Egypt, proclaimed its useful qualities for health and the ability to return a slender figure in a matter of days. At the same time, the facilitators emphasized that "culinary sodium" is a unique substance, it can be used both externally, in the form of effervescent baths, and inside.

However, soda - not some green coffee, fat burning pineapple and even Goji berries - you need to use it very carefully.

How to take soda powder inwards and how many days to drink so as not to harm the body?

Observe several rules of

  1. Consult your therapist. Short-term treatment and weight loss course - things are different, and it can easily happen that you have strict contraindications to the soda diet.
  2. Do not swallow the powder on a dry one. Use only a soda solution - so you can actually lose a few pounds, and the body will get minimal harm.
  3. Do not drink effervescent medication before or immediately after a meal, you need to stand at least an hour. Gastric environment should be neutral, otherwise alkali, hitting the acid medium, will cause irritation and even pain.
  4. Start small.
    When soda diet, you must observe the proportions: first by 1/5 teaspoon per glass a day, gradually you can go to the spoon with a slide 1-2 times a day.
  5. Listen to yourself. Many reviews claim that a soda solution for weight loss can be drunk for weeks, but to begin with, enough and 5-7 days. And this is if the body reacts adequately. At the slightest unpleasant sensations stop the sodium diet.

Food soda for weight loss: recipes for ingestion

Specialists explain the useful properties of soda to achieve harmony with the chemical composition of the product.

Once in the body, the soda powder decomposes into carbon dioxide and sodium. The first starts a powerful process of burning fat, sodium also helps to remove unnecessary water from the body( and with it - toxins and other mucks), remove swelling from the limbs and face, activate metabolism.

The main thing - soda slows down the process of digestion, why the appetite falls and the number of high-calorie snacks is rapidly declining.

Special programs, talking about the usefulness of soda solutions for weight loss, refer to doctors of antiquity, in particular Avicenna, who offered ingestion of soda together with black pepper.

Whether the Persian doctor used such a unique method, is not known for certain, but today's dieticians offer the following soda recipes for gaining coveted harmony.

Drinks with slimming soda

1. Classic soda drink for weight loss.

The recipe is incredibly simple: 1 teaspoon of sodium powder per cup of warm boiled water. We drink it in the morning an hour before a meal, in extreme cases - for half an hour, but not less.

2. Lemon soda for a slender figure.

Squeeze juice from three lemons, dissolve in a liter of cool boiled water, add a teaspoon with a slide of soda. We drink during the day.

Lemon is not only a source of vitamins, minerals, but simply - health, it has excellent diuretic and cleansing properties.

In combination with soda, sour citrus activates digestion, starts the process of burning fat and expels excess fluid from the body. This cocktail is effective for losing weight and getting rid of swelling.

3. Kefir cocktail for weight loss.

A glass of kefir + on a spoonful of ground cinnamon and dried ginger + a little greens of dill and a pinch of salt + a spoonful of soda. If you drink this cocktail at night, it will bring double results: replace the dinner and expel all the excess substances and unnecessary water from the body during the night hours.

Recipe for a bath with dietary soda for weight loss

If the opinion of doctors and ordinary people about the soda solution for weight loss is very controversial, then the soda bath has gained a lot more fans. The effect of such spa treatments on the body is very diverse:

  • metabolism comes back to normal;
  • is activated by lymph flow;
  • soda powder splits fats and removes dangerous substances from the blood;
  • bath relieves stress and removes nervous "zhor."
Doctor's opinion about a soda bath for weight loss:

Soda bath rules

  1. Before the procedure, it does not hurt to scrub the scrub or make a coffee wrap - the effect will be much stronger.
  2. One and a half hours before and after a soda bath you can not eat anything. After an effervescent spa procedure, you can drink a cup of herbal tea.
  3. Temperature - not less than 37-38 degrees, and it should be maintained all the time while taking a bath.
  4. To lie in a bath it is not necessary, it is better to sit so that the water reaches the breast - this reduces the burden on the heart.
  5. The procedure starts from 5 minutes, if there is no dizziness and other troubles, we increase the time. The maximum duration is 25 minutes.
  6. After an effervescent bath you do not need to wipe yourself - just wrap yourself in a towel or in a thick robe and lie down for about 10 minutes.
  7. The course - 10 soda baths every other day, then you need to take a month's break.

The main recipes for a soda bath

  1. Classic: a batch of baking soda for a conventional bath of 200 liters.

  2. With salt: 500 g of sea salt( normal or with additives) + a packet of soda powder.
  3. With oils: salt + soda + 5-6 drops of essential oil. Suitable are those mixtures whose properties help activate fat burning: citrus, rosemary, juniper, cinnamon, fennel, ginger and geranium.

Contraindications when using baking soda for weight loss

Sodium food powder is a powerful, and therefore quite aggressive. The benefits and harm of weight loss sodas have long been contested, and there are contraindications in which soda - both outside and inside - is strictly prohibited:

  • Ulcer, gastritis and other exacerbations of digestive diseases.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Open wounds on the body.
  • Tumors of any kind( including uterine fibroids).
  • Hypertension( for soda baths).
  • Diabetes mellitus.

Possible harm from baking soda during weight loss

Despite the fact that soda as a medicine and kitchen assistant is used for a long time and effectively, the opinions for and against its ability to remove excess weight sharply divided.

Comments of doctors are often negative, first of all it concerns the use of soda solution inside.

One of the most famous doctors of the country Elena Malysheva is firmly convinced: if you drink a soda cocktail, you can cause irreparable harm to health, since the powder destroys the walls of the intestine and provokes chronic sores.

Supporters of the soda diet rest on the fact that soda perfectly cleanses the fat from the dishes, and therefore, and with the hypodermic fats will perfectly cope. But doctors assure: not only that the fat subcutaneous and the one that remains in the pans - different things, so also household( calcined) and baking soda - not the same product.

The fat burning properties of soda powder is a myth, and only the healthy diet, a lot of fiber in the diet and regular sports can adjust the metabolism - these are the experts' opinions.

Regular use of sodium bicarbonate for weight loss can cause frightening consequences:

  • Persistent nausea and heartburn;
  • Suppuration of open inflammation and wounds;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Gastritis, internal bleeding and ulcer;
  • Dizziness, pressure problems and fainting - from hot tubs.

Reviews of food soda for weight loss

Reviews of those who lose weight about baking soda are also quite contradictory. An interesting feature: the absolute majority of messages on forums, websites about beauty and blogs tell only about soda baths and assure - harm such procedures can not cause at all.

  • "Took a bath with soda for two weeks, lost 5 kg. After each procedure, part of the lost weight was returned, but not so much. "
  • "Soda baths are something incredible! The skin becomes unrealistically tender, cellulite is smoothed, and even stretch marks become less noticeable - the difference before and after is obvious. "

Negative feedback basically assures that the promised loss of 1.5-2 kg after each bath is a liquid, and such rapid dehydration only harms the body.

But all forumchinki converge in one: even if you lose more than 2-3 kg after the course of soda treatments and will not succeed, the skin will necessarily get better - fresh, supple and very tender.

  • "The liquid leaves instantly - after each bath I lose 2 kg steadily. It helps a lot after a sleepless night or a party - the face immediately freshens and returns to normal shape. "
On how the effect of using soda inside, forums in general do not say - reviews on the network persistently convince that it is dangerous and simply stupid.

But the television programs hold the opposite view: the heroes of pseudoscientific programs convince that drinking soda for health and losing weight is an excellent choice, and they say that in a month or two of such experiments they could lose up to 15 kg.

If you are a sensible opponent of experiments on your own health, but want to feel the magic properties of sodium powder, choose soda baths. They will help to relax after a hard day and will give you a healthy shining skin and a wonderful mood.

Soda for weight loss is a very controversial product, and it must be applied with extreme caution.

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