Names and photos of indoor palms

Palm trees are beautiful exotic plants that create a unique charm in the interior of any room. Despite the fact that the palms, mostly residents of tropical latitudes, with proper care, they grow beautifully in the conditions of ordinary apartments. We present you the names and photos of the most popular indoor palm trees, which are easy to take care of.


Brachea is a frequent visitor in homes and apartments. And all thanks to its rapid growth, beautiful fan-shaped leaves of a saturated green color and unpretentiousness in the care. Brachea grows well on sandy-clayey, not too moist soil and likes frequent, but not abundant watering. This palm tree is ready to withstand low temperatures( up to -8 in winter), but is afraid of bright sunlight.


Butia - a capricious palm tree and long growing. It does not accept any drying, no stagnation of water in the ground, no lack of sunlight, and it also requires regular spraying and loves moist air. However, the patient owners of the boutique are rewarded with their beauty - an elegantly curved crown of pinnate leaves on a sturdy gray trunk.

Washington DC

Washington is a large beautiful palm tree with a luxurious crown in the form of a huge fan. This plant will decorate a large hall or a spacious office. However, this kind of indoor palms requires special care. Washington loves the sun and bright light, and even fresh moist air and heat. In summer, it feels most comfortable at + 20-25 ° C, and in winter at 12-15 degrees. Too often and abundantly water it is not necessary - in the summer there is enough watering per week, and in winter even less.

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Gioforba is a relatively small but very beautiful palm tree with cirrus-shaped fan-shaped leaves and a smooth, thickened trunk. For the comfort of this plant, high enough air humidity, good lighting, stable heat, protection of leaves from direct sunlight and daily spraying with clean water with a low content of lime is necessary.


Hamedoraea is one of the most popular types of indoor palms. And all thanks to trouble-free care, unpretentiousness and easy breeding. For the peculiarities of the structure of the stems and the similarity with bamboo, it is also called "bamboo" or "reed palm".At home, several types of hamidorei are well established: elegant, monochrome, oblong and high.


Cariota - a low palm, adapted to the home conditions. It has a rather original appearance - a slender brown trunk and double, unusual shapes of leaves hanging down. Once a year, this palm tree blooms. Its inflorescences are located downwards along the trunk. Such an unusual plant will decorate any room or office, it is enough to create the necessary conditions for the karyote: medium or high humidity, good lighting, protection from direct sunlight and soil with a high content of humus.


Livistona is a fan-shaped palm with juicy light green leaves on a thin smooth gray-green trunk. This kind of palm trees has long won an honorable place in the interior of apartments and houses. However, for good growth livistony certain conditions are necessary: ​​abundant watering, good illumination, high humidity and air temperature( within + 20 ° C), spraying and wiping leaves.

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Rapis - a low bush-shaped palm with a thin, dense fiber-covered trunkand fan-shaped dark green leaves, dissected into 7-8 lobes. This palm grows slowly, but as an indoor plant is just perfect. Rapis unlike other palms easily tolerates a lack of light and moisture in the air.


Hameopsy - unpretentious in care and a slowly growing palm tree. Its trunk is covered with brown fibers, and dense leaves have thorns. Under ideal conditions, it can reach a height of 5 m. Hamerops grows well in loose soil, likes regular, but not abundant watering, sunlight and periodic transplantation.


Hoveya( kentia) - a bright representative of pinnate palms with a ring-shaped scars trunk. Especially popular is this kadochnoe plant thanks to unpretentious care and beauty. The best conditions for govei are: abundant watering every 4-5 days, fertilizing once a month, temperature from 16 to 22 ° C and bright sunlight.

Date palm

Date palm is a beautiful and original tree-like plant of the palm family. Its trunk is covered with remnants of leaf petioles, and the top is decorated with a dense plush crown of juicy-green pinnate leaves. To make this tropical beauty feel good in your home, it is necessary for the plant to provide plenty of water in the summer and regularly sprinkle the crown.

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Ропалостилис - popular pinnate palm tree with closely overlapping each other and compactly located leaves. Features of the appearance of this palm - the edge of leafy brown petioles and the bottom of the leaves, and the original shape of a young stem resembling a small leg with a heel-heel.


Sabal is a relatively low palm with fan-shaped, greyish-green leaves spread on the petioles at the base. The trunk of the palm is covered with the remains of these petioles. The natural climatic conditions of Sabala are the subtropics of the United States, and at home for its comfortable content should adhere to the general recommendations for palms.


Trachcarapus is a beautiful ornamental palm tree with a slender, covered petioles, coarse fiber trunk and fan-shaped dark green leaves with a bluish bloom below. The trachycarpus is characterized by the presence of fragrant yellow flowers, which are collected in large inflorescences. This palm can grow in the open ground, withstanding the temperature in winter - up to 5-7 ° C.

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